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Window Screens

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Window Screens

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  1. Window Screens

  2. For home decoation window screens are very usefull or helpful. Window screens are used for window covering purpose. It is generally made of plastic wire or other pieces of plastic and stretched in a frame of wood or metal. window screens are dark screens that can reduce the amount of sunlight that shines through your windows. There are many other options of window screens such as blinds, awnings, shutters and more. window screens intercept some of the sun rays as they hit your windows, reducing the amount of light and heat coming into your house.

  3. Repairing Of Window Screens Repairing a Torn Screen Badly ripped window screens should be replaced, but most small tears can be easily repaired.

  4. Small Hole Repair ●Use few drops of instant sticking and fll small holes in nylon and fberglass screens. ●Small holes in metal screens can be flled with epoxy. ●Patch kits are often available at home and hardware stores and follow the kit instructions.

  5. Patching a Hole ●To make your own patch for nylon or fberglass screens, cut a patch larger than the hole. ●Apply a thin layer of fast-drying glue along the edges of the patch, and press it in place. ●To avoid sticking fngers to glue, use low-tack painter's tape to hold the screen together as it dries and cut a piece of tape larger than the patch, gently tape it to the patch, and leave until dry. ●To make your own patch for a metal screen, cut a patch from a length of screening. Trim edges of the hole into a neat square opening. ●Make sure the patch is 1/2 inch larger all around than the hole to be repaired bend edges into right angles.

  6. Replacing a Molding-Frame Screen ●The screening is typically held in place with staples, which are hidden by molding. ●The existing molding with a small chisel or screwdriver, and remove the old screening. ●Cut replacement screening with shears to overlap frame by half an inch all the way around, and set in place. ●Use staple gun to fasten screen, working from the middle of opposite sides to the corners, keeping tension even.

  7. Nail the Molding ●Nail the molding back into place with small nails or brads, and countersink. ●Trim excess screening with a utility knife. Fill nail holes with paintable wood fller, and paint.

  8. Replacing a Channel-Frame Screen ●Channel frames come in metal and wood versions. ●Most modern screens are held in place with a somewhat stif plastic string called spline, which comes in various widths and styles. ●Use a small screwdriver to remove the old spline, and take a piece of this with you to the hardware store for comparison. ●At Lakeview Blinds we ofer you great prodcuts for decorating home. Choose the perfect ft of window screen, secuirty doors, blinds, shutters and many other related products. We always ofer you top branded products for home decoration and protection. Visit us today!

  9. Details: LakeviewBlinds Address: Warners Bay, NSW, 2282, Australia Website: http://www.lakeviewblinds.com.au/ Contact No: 02 4954 7190 Email: sales@lakeviewblinds.com.au

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