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LaVerne Council Works to Eliminate Prematurity PowerPoint Presentation
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LaVerne Council Works to Eliminate Prematurity

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LaVerne Council Works to Eliminate Prematurity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LaVerne Council Works to Eliminate Prematurity.

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LaVerne Council Works to Eliminate Prematurity

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laverne council

LaVerne Council

LaVerne Council Works to Eliminate Prematurity

laverne council2
LaVerne Council

LaVerne Council is a successful businesswoman who has made a big name for herself in the corporate world. She has held important positions in many big organizations and proved herself to be a valuable asset in every company she has worked. She always wanted to work in the corporate world as business has always been her passion. Besides business there is one more passion in the life of LaVerne Council and that is working to eliminate prematurity. Her son Troy was also born prematurely and that is why this cause is very close to her heart. Prematurity or preterm birth refers to the situation when the child is born in less than 37 weeks of gestational period. So, in case of premature birth the child is born before his organs are developed enough to allow him to survive after birth. Due to this reason prematurity is the major cause of infant deaths in the developed countries. LaVerne Council considers it to be a very serious issue and wants more efforts to be made to eliminate prematurity from the face of the earth.

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LaVerne Council

The March of Dimes Foundation is an organization that works for the cause of preventing prematurity, birth defects and infant mortality. LaVerne Council fully supports this organization and has been a volunteer for it for the last many years. She presently serves as the Chairman of the National Board of Trustees for the March Dimes. This organization was initially started to fight against polio and later when polio was eradicated it started working to prevent premature births and birth defects.

laverne council4
LaVerne Council

LaVerne Council has been working very hard to raise funds for this organization to help pregnant women have full term births. The children who are born prematurely have a very high probability to develop many long and short term complications which include disabilities and problems with physical and mental development. Medical science has made some progress in the field of taking care of children who have had preterm births but no progress has been made in the area of preventing or reducing the incidents of prematurity. March of Dimes funds research in this field so that prematurity may be eliminated completely.