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Mursic, Pvsher, Cardiac, Zano in West Hollywood

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Mursic, Pvsher, Cardiac, Zano in West Hollywood - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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\nMursic, the musical band was created in Diego in the year 2003 in San with writer and front man Anthony Montemarano (who is incharge of vocals, keys).

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Mursic, Pvsher, Cardiac, Zano in West Hollywood

Mursic, the musical band was created in Diego in the year 2003 in San with writer and front man

Anthony Montemarano (who is incharge of vocals, keys). The line-up is complete with Ezra

Brodersen (bass), Clay Hackett (drums, percussion)&Brian RUMSEY – the guitar player. The group at

present lives in Los Angeles and San Diego. In the month of May they released an album ''Spawned

from a Nightmare'' and an EP ''Search for Surreal''. The album was taped over the past 4 years with

many players and devices by Anthony and Brian. The music is orchestral advanced metal that

integrates the classical metal style with modern rock and alternate music. Their songs are

multifaceted and very liberal with ample of research and atmosphere with effects from bands like

Faith No More and The Mars Volta.

Jonny Sculls has already made a label for himself, acting out the circuit of the world renowned

Sunset Strip for the past period. He has sung for several popular local rock. Though, during the last

year Jonny Sculls has been fairly busy on his own project. His latest band Pvsher (basically

pronounced as "Pusher") is a rock band with a sound reminiscent of Muse, Nine Inch Nails&A Perfect

Circle. Any admirer of music beholding to listen to the perfect blend of rock and electronic music is

sure to turn into a fan of Pvsher.

Cardiac is more than a band, it is an imaginative project devoted to linking spirits, spreading hope

and providing a much required shoulder to cry

on, a concerned ear, a pal to those who need it

most. The music is a special bulletin

emphasizing the trouble in dealing with despair

and loss; fighting with drug use and

irresponsibility; and eventually, overcoming

those problems in an understanding of purpose.

The band comprises of experienced musicians

who, along with prosperity of talent and

experience, all own a inclination to reach out and benefit those who need it. The enactment pools

raw emotion and gentle movements. There is elegant coordination and yet severe force in the tunes

and beats.

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