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Navi Mumbai Property PowerPoint Presentation
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Navi Mumbai Property

Navi Mumbai Property

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Navi Mumbai Property

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  1. Navi Mumbai Property

  2. As Mumbai grows and expands it may gradually begin to resemble cities of a similar status in other parts of the globe such as New York, London or Rome. The three cities named were once as poorly planned, cluttered and perhaps even as filthy some time in their past as Mumbai may be considered today by those who visit it from these very cities. More than a century ago much of the sewage in the city of London was simply dumped into the river Thames leading to the city being constantly engulfed in a perpetual stink; however over time civic sense among its residents and the science of urban planning helped the city transform itself into a neat, modern and beautiful metropolis of which the current citizens are rightfully proud.

  3. Over time it would be overly fatalistic on our part as Indians not to expect a similar transformation to occur in many if not all of our cities as well. Many parts of the country are already embarking on similar steps and though the gains made have been very modest at best, the very fact that average citizens are expressing a conscious desire (and in some cases acting on the same) for cleaner cities presents a tectonic shift in the national consciousness and a casting off of a tendency resembling a fait accompli.

  4. Many parts of the country have relatively cleaner regions, Mumbai is no exception. Navi Mumbai a suburb of Mumbai has cleaner neighborhoods than those in many parts of downtown Mumbai presenting the locality as an attractive destination to live and work at. Koperkhairane is a neighborhood of Navi Mumbai which offers the allure of clean urban living which though not a rival to the suburbs of London has the potential to be so in the future. Navi Mumbai property is certainly not inexpensive yet considering the region is a part of the larger Mumbai region and as well as one which has over the past few years decoupled its identity from a position of strength (to some extent) from the city of Mumbai bodes well for the suburb. With a stronger independent identity prices in most parts of this suburb have risen over the past few years with the value of property at Koperkhairane having appreciated by nearly 13 percent. Although few new projects in Mumbai are expected to be launched at Koperkhairane, there are nearly 130 developments already standing at the locality and many of these are relatively new and modern high rise apartment buildings with homes that offer a high standard of living to its occupants.

  5. To an eager buyer interested in 2 BHK flats in Mumbai it may be difficult to pass up an offer on a 2 bedroom 1,400 square foot flat at Koperkhairane which could be theirs for just under 1.1 cores. More spacious 3 BHK flats in Mumbai at Koperkhairane could cost as much as 1.75 crores to 2.1 crores depending upon the size of the flat.

  6. What is most remarkable about most such developments all across the county is just how well they are maintained by those who reside in them. Once you enter such a development you may be forgiven to think for a second you have been transported to parts of Singapore or Japan, many such developments have no litter on the roads inside, and moreover the road signs within such developments are adhered to by the residents and are located perfectly and are functionally visible. The lawns are well tended and the roads have correct bright markers dividing the left side from the right and speedbumps are painted such that the paint glows at night and no drivers are taken by surprise. All that is needed now is to externalize what already exists inside such enclaves to the rest of the country.