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How to choose a web service provider? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to choose a web service provider?

How to choose a web service provider?

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How to choose a web service provider?

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  1. How To Choose A Web Service Provider?

  2. Services that are available on the web for the web called web services. • These services either directly or indirectly affect our life therefore we should be familiar with such service providers. • With increasing demand of being online that start with taking a cup of coffee or tea and end with sending Good Night message to hubby or sweet heart created a new problem of finding a good web service provider. • Web services include wide range of services and due to this numerous people are providing such services.

  3. When a customer goes to search a service provider he or she must think about QQS (Quality, Quantity and Satisfaction). • Satisfaction comes with either quality or quantity, in some cases with both. • In today’s competitive and emerging scenario, each service provider commits to offer quality and quantity together. • But in reality it is not true. In case of services, the big problem is that there is no physical evidence that a service is good, bad or worst. • It can be judged by satisfaction level that varies person to person. • Therefore searching good web service providers and pick the best one is brain storming task for some people.

  4. Past work is the first parameter that helps to choose a good services provider. • You can demand to show past work or projects from companies before taking their services. • It will help you to judge the quality of work and services. • It also helps you to know that these services are matching with your real requirements or not. • There is a long list of cheap web development companies which promises to offer web services like Graphics and Web Design, Magento Development, Joomla Development, Core PHP Development, E-commerce Website Development, Search Engine Optimization etc at affordable prices. • These companies may be right choice for small to mid size business entrepreneurs. • You should always remember that past work is a golden key in all cases and circumstances. First Parameter: Past Work

  5. Second most effective parameter is Feedback. • Some emerging companies in website development India market are sharing feedback of their past clients. • It is a good trend and builds faith in new customers. • Some companies just share name of clients and feedback but did not share their contact details. • It creates doubt that these feedbacks are real or fake. • A small number of companies are transparent and publish all details about their clients along with feedback. • These companies are reliable and trustworthy. • They don’t hide anything about their work and projects. • We should prefer to these companies for our web service requirements. Second Parameter: Feedback

  6. Third parameter is Address. • Mostly people don’t care about it but it is an important factor for trust. • Google also gives importance to address to check reliability of the website and services. • Most of the companies just have contact us form, no physical address on website. • It is wrong. If a new customer wants to check physically existence of company then he or she only can it by physical address. • You should prefer to companies which have their physical address that should include house/building/lane no. colony name, city, state, country name etc. • Contact address may include mobile/cell number, phone number. • These days sharing complete address is getting popularity in web development India market. • It is good for both new customers and companies. Third Parameter: Address

  7. “There are number of bundles of web service providers but pick the best one is hard task for everyone. Past work, Feedback and Address are some parameters that help to choose good service provider for our requirements.”

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