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Koydol (http://www.koydol.com) offers flooring products to the North American market that are global, eclectic and innovative. The company has an exciting and sophisticated range of aesthetically-pleasing materials and is always on the look-out for new, international trends; often they introduce these finds first. Many of the offerings originate in Europe, Australia and Asia, where Koydol has on-the-ground connections. Koydol carries all categories of wood floors, from hardwood to laminate; a wide variety of ceramic and porcelain tile; many stone options, including marble, travertine, granite and slate; several vinyl products; and a large selection of carpet, including carpet tile and broadloom. a.Phone No.: (202) 449-9525 b.Toll Free Phone No.: (800) 588-0648 c.Fax Number: (202) 449-3847 d.Company email address info@koydol.com