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kislay pandey increasing property disputes ration in india n.
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Kislay Pandey-Property Dispute Lawyer PowerPoint Presentation
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Kislay Pandey-Property Dispute Lawyer

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Kislay Pandey-Property Dispute Lawyer
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Kislay Pandey-Property Dispute Lawyer

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  1. KislayPandey-Increasing Property Disputes Ration in India. In legal terminology, property matters or property disputes can be defined as the ownership dispute between two people over the tangible or real property. If we see the types of properties then it is divided into five categories. Real Property (Land and any improvements on that land), Personal Property (physical possessions belong to a person), Private property (properties owned by legal persons or business entities), Public property (owned by government institutions) and intellectual property (rights over artistic creations). In case of any disputes of any types of property issues, you can take legal assistance of property matters advocate. In today’s era, property owning is very important. It is one of the most lucrative and tempting investment quotient, especially in India. People have almost stopped investing in traditional ways and finding new options of investment for their hard-earned money. Out of the above mentioned five property types, real property ranks at number one due to its excellent ROI (Return on Investment) and still considered as the most suitable investment options in India.

  2. KislayPandey-Increasing Property Disputes Ration in India. According to a research, most property dispute cases belong to family property ownership, land ownership and intellectual property ownership. The property disputes have increased like never before in India and that’s where property disputes advocate plays a very important role. Mr. KislayPandey, a very well-known and talented Property Matters Advocate of Court of India, said that it is very important to be a whistle-blower in case you smell any misconduct or violation of your property rights as it is a very sensitive issue and one can lose if he does not reciprocate timely and appropriately. One must understand that your property is your respect you have earned after years of hard-work and dedication and you should not be a careless freak about it. Protect it like your own child, in fact, more than your child. One of the most influential and common reasons of property dispute is the greed. As one said truly that greed is a great leveller and can destroy lives of not only the person, but of many. Number of property matters cases belong to family property disputes or family inheritance disputes. What is the best proof of it than this? Forcefully land acquisition, copyright violation over intellectual properties and illegal property possession are the main root causes of property disputes.

  3. KislayPandey-Increasing Property Disputes Ration in India. As soon as you find or smell any violation or misdeed or foul play, don’t wait. Just go out and complain before it is too late. Finding a right property disputes advocate is the only thing that can save your property. Do not treat it as a family matter and ignore it. Remember your family members are not considering it. It will be ridiculous from your side if you take it lightly as your property is your future.