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This report answers the Management Concepts Assignment for the case study of BHP Billiton. In this assignment report mission, vision, strategy of company has been described. It is a well-known Anglo-Australian MNC of metals, mining, and ogpetroleum

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Management concepts assignment

Management Concepts Assignment



  • Introduction

  • Part 1: About the Company

  • Part 2: External Environmental Factor

  • Part 3: CSR and Ethics of BHP

  • Part 4: Organizational Culture


  •  BHP Billiton is a well-known Anglo-Australian MNC of metals, mining, and petroleum. It has the headquarter in Melbourne. By visualizing the 2013 revenue estimates, it can be said that the company is the largest mining organization across the world and also in Australia.  The company was established in 2001 via the merger process of Australian Broken Hill Proprietary Company Ltd (BHP) along with Anglo-Dutch Billiton Plc. The BHP Billiton Ltd. has been registered and it has similar financial share into the organization Bhpbilliton, 2016. It has listed in ASX and as measured by market capitalization, it is the largest organization in Australia. It has many other branches and corporate offices across the world which is shown in location part.

Part 1 about the company
Part 1: About the Company

  • Purpose of the organization

    The company is a largest international resources company. The main purpose of the company is to create the long-run values of shareholders via the acquisition, discovery, marketing, and development of natural resources.

  • Mission

    The company’s portfolio diversification lasts to be the organization’s defined attribute.

  • Strategy

    The corporate business strategy of the organization is followed by operating and owning assets expanded by geography, commodity and market. 

  • Profit and Non-profit Orientation

    The most important aspect of the company is nothing but the society. The company belongs to the community in which it is operating and striving to give an active and positive participation.

Management concept assignment help

  • Global Locations

    In the UK, the production unit of oil and gas can be seen along with the corporate office. The location of the corporate office is the North Sea and the Irish Sea in the United Kingdom. The location of the corporate office is Neat House Place, London, UK. Next location can be seen in Algeria.

Part 2 external environmental factor
Part 2: External Environmental Factor

Demographic Factors


&Government Policies

The competition implies to the companies of a similar number of competitive commodity brands, capitalizations and size in this natural resource company. 

Another important factor is government policies which can affect the business process. The policies of government refer to some legal aspects and laws that will guild the land.

  • Generally, the demography helps to understand people, such as sex, age, marital status, family size, occupation etc. These factors cannot be controllable but an accurate forecast of those factors move a long way to allowing the company in forecasting future pattern and the products consumption.

Part 3 csr and ethics of bhp
Part 3: CSR and Ethics of BHP

  • CSR

    CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility basically refers to a practice of business which includes the participation in the beneficial incentives of the society.

  • Ethics

    Business ethics is commonly known as corporate ethics which is basically a state of professional ethics or applied ethics that evaluates the raised ethical norms and moral problems in a corporate circumstance.

Part 4 organizational culture
Part 4: Organizational Culture

  • Personal insight

    From the personal insight quiz, I got my score 26. It implies that I prefer the flexible, humanistic, informal and innovative culture. I felt that the self-assessment is really accurate as it gives the appropriate result in which I will be comfortable Personal Insight, 2012.

  • Personal insight and culture of BHP

    It is discussed that the mixture of formal and informal culture has been followed by the BHP Billiton. The company has celebrated different festivals, has arranged cultural programs and events. In Chile, the company aimed to enhance the access of the community to high-quality cultural activities as well as to foster decentralization culturally through innovation in the project related tasks.

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