fill your wholesale rda needs at fill your n.
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Fill Your Wholesale RDA Needs At Kingdom Vapor PowerPoint Presentation
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Fill Your Wholesale RDA Needs At Kingdom Vapor

Fill Your Wholesale RDA Needs At Kingdom Vapor

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Fill Your Wholesale RDA Needs At Kingdom Vapor

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  1. Fill Your Wholesale RDA Needs At Fill Your Wholesale RDA Needs At Kingdom Vapor Kingdom Vapor

  2. The regular demands of business, trying though they may be, are relatively static, but being in the vape business, capable owners and managers know they need to juggle the changes involved in technology, new releases and market responses to such, as well as new regulations that come and go. One of the trends in the market is for customers to do their own rebuilds, using rebuildable atomizers (RBAs) and rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs). There are a number of reasons why vapers would want to do their own builds, but overall doing their own builds removes them from the standard resistance limitations of the manufacturer’s coils, enables customization of their experience, and ultimately allows them to control the potency and size of their clouds and hits. It’s only one of a number of trends that requires successful vape shop owners to partner with capable and helpful wholesalers to fulfill their needs. That’s why when you find a reliable wholesaler with a customer friendly pricing strategy that is just as invested in the business as you are, it pays to stick with them. Kingdom Vapor is not only reliable, but a helpful asset to its customers as well, serving as an advocate to their hobby as well as a consultative resource.

  3. Finding a wholesaler from which you can consistently source the most in demand Wholesale RDAs and rebuildable components is a must as well, as die hard vapers as well as those who are constantly in pursuit of massive clouds and stronger hits rebuild their own atomizers. Luckily, Kingdom Vapor is here to help you source the most popular RDAs and the components that your customers will need to do their own builds.RDAs like the popular and highly rated Vandy Vape Pulse 24 RDA which offers directional airflow for increased coil cooling potential and has a 7 mm deep juice well for extra capacity to prevent over-dripping. You’ll also find RDAs like the Vandy Vape Phobia, also with innovative adjustable airflow design that can flow underneath and along the sides of the coils. You’ll be able to find RDAs from brands like Vaperz Cloudand their Asgard 30 mm, which offers 2 stage airflow that allows the user to build pressure before cooling the coils which in turn produces a cooler cloud.

  4. Additionally, this RDA features a 6 mm deep juice well for the extra capacity to produce the clouds that vapers crave. Trusting Kingdom Vapor to provide you with your wholesale RDA needs means you’ll also find customer favorite RDAs from brands like Geekvape, Augvape, Hellvape, Wotofo, Plan B Supply Company and more. Best of all, when you come to Kingdom Vapor, you’ll be able to find all of the accessories you need to complete your rebuilds. You’ll find resistance wire by the spool from Vandy Vape,Demon Killer,UD Kanthal and other Nickel wire.You’ll find pre built coils from Demon Killer and you’ll even find cotton wicking from Cotn available by the ten pack. Kingdom Vapor will set you up on your way to building your own coils for stronger, more flavorful hits and billowing clouds. Of course, Kingdom Vapor also has the most popular tanks, coils, glass, and drip tips that your customers will also need to complete their RDAs, so Kingdom Vapor truly is a one stop shop that will enable you to keep well supplied in the most highly sought after products.

  5. But Kingdom Vapor isn’t just an RDA specialist. When Kingdom Vapor you will also have access to all the devices and accessories you will need for your shop to run smoothly. On top of their stock in RDAs, Kingdom Vapor sells popular mods and kits that vapers both new and seasoned turn to for their cloud chasing pleasure. You’ll also find all the accessories your customers need,such as batteries,and of course the e liquids that make the cloud chasing possible. Kingdom Vapor carries a full line not only of popular, tried and true blends, but they are constantly adding new additions to their line of e liquids.So delay no longer,head to you partner with

  6. Kingdom Vapor Wholesale Add: 226 South 5th Ave, Clarion, PA 16214 Phone: (814)297-8240 Email: Website: