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Glamorous Gardner | Girls Dresses PowerPoint Presentation
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Glamorous Gardner | Girls Dresses

Glamorous Gardner | Girls Dresses

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Glamorous Gardner | Girls Dresses

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  1. Glamorous Gardner • Fashion isn't just something which exists in dresses. Fashion is in the sky, on the street. • Fashion is everything we see around. Fashion is created of trends that spring and disappear along time. • Fashion is all about appearance, and designers always rummage around for inspiration to kindle their creativity. • And we believe nature is a perfect way to do so!

  2. Glamorous Gardner Attractive colors, shapes, textures, and patterns are all around in nature! • Inspiring oneself from nature offers a fresh perspective on fashion. • Fashion is an artwork in itself. • Observing nature enables a designer to include new elements into their designs. • There is an abundance of culture to be discovered from nature. • The awe consider nature is bound to inspire the creativity of designing - encompassing personality, color and variety. • Kid Studio’s creativity is to blend traditional heritage with urban influence. And we draw our inspiration from nature. • We emphasize on wearable and practical kids clothing.

  3. Glamorous Gardner Nature is a perfect way to recharge one's soul and ease the mind! • This provides a fresh perspective on design. The foremost important a part of getting natures inspiration isn't just to look at it, but to pay more attention and incorporate the weather into the planning aspect. • The textures, colors of leaves, grass and water is creatively utilized in fashion designing. • We love the entire idea of getting committed nature. Connecting with nature is great source of inspiration. • Materials made with a concept drawn from nature makes alluring designs. • With nature as your inspiration, possibilities and ideas are absolutely endless. Be it a color, pattern, texture or anything.

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  5. Glamorous Gardner • Green flag for delivery in non-containment zones! • We are glad to inform you that we have resumed the delivery of all our orders in non-containment zones. • Get yours delivered as early as possible with Kid Studio’s- Junior’s Jackpot offer. • Buy 2 Get 2 free on all outfits exclusively on Kid Studio. Shop now!

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