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What do St. Lucian PowerPoint Presentation
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What do St. Lucian

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What do St. Lucian - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What do St. Lucian

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  1. What do St. Lucian’s like to do in their spare time? How does it compare to what you do in your spare time? Click on each shape to find out a little more.

  2. Use the table below to compare what you do in your spare time to what a St. Lucian child does in theirs. Our leisure time activities. Leisure activities in St. Lucia.

  3. Use the diagram below to list the activities that can only be done in St. Lucia, that can only be done in Wales and those that can be done in bothlocalities. St. Lucia Wales Both

  4. Festivals St. Lucians are famous for their many annual festivals throughout the year. The festivals are celebrations of special occasions, patron saints’ birthdays or national holidays. St Lucia is also famous for its annual Jazz festival. Locals and tourists enjoy the week long celebration held at Rodney bay Photo courtesy of Back

  5. Cricket Cricket has always been a popular sport on the Caribbean islands. St Lucia has a new Cricket Stadium close to Rodney Bay. It will play host to the 2007 Cricket World Cup. Back

  6. Beach St Lucia is blessed with many beaches backed by lush vegetation. The local children play on the public beaches after school and at weekends. Back

  7. Television St Lucian children spend a small proportion of their time watching the TV because they tend to live an outdoor lifestyle. During the rainy season it is too wet to play outside, so the children amuse themselves by watching TV. Many homes have satellite dishes. Back

  8. Church The Roman Catholic church plays a big part in the lives of St Lucians. 79% of the population are Catholics. Photo courtesy of Every Sunday the whole family attend Mass. This is a time to wear their best clothes. Back

  9. Coconuts Local boys climb trees for coconuts. They can also make money from tourists by demonstrating their climbing skills. The husk needs to be removed and a hole smashed into the shell to drink the sweet coconut liquid inside. Back