voice over ip voip on a shoe string l.
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Voice Over IP VoIP

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(VoIP)Voice Over IP. What is it? Way of utilizing the internet for ... Software that allows you make free calls over the internet to anyone else who also has ...

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voice over ip voip on a shoe string

Voice Over IP (VoIP) “On A Shoe String “

Tim Shelton

Landau Uniforms


voip voice over ip
(VoIP)Voice Over IP
  • What is it?

Way of utilizing the internet for telephone conversations

  • Why is it beneficial?

Lower cost and convenience - Significantly less expensive than typical telephone long distance packages.

One high speed internet connection can serve for multiple phone lines

voip using
VoIP Using
  • Skype
    • Software that allows you make free calls over the internet to anyone else who also has the service. It's free and easy to download and use, and it works with most computers. Skype offers free global telephony and unlimited voice calls.
    • Most popular VoIP application (171 million users)
    • It was reported that nine million concurrent Skype users were online on January 29, 2007.
skype features
Skype Features
  • Standard features:
    • Talking free to other Skype users
    • Conference call with up to nine total Skype users
    • Video calls on Skype
    • File transfers
    • Chat (instant messaging)
    • Secure Communication using encryption
  • Optional features:
    • SkypeOut - Make phone calls to landlines
    • SkypeIn – Receive phone calls from landlines
    • Skype Voicemail
    • And more…
using skype
Using Skype
  • Skype as a telephone
    • Skype can be used as a conventional telephone (great for international calling)
    • Particularly useful on laptops for the traveller
    • Sense of presence – know if recipient is online (can switch off)
    • Instant messaging
  • Additional features:
    • Integration with Web browser (sharing browsing)
    • Video Skype
    • Skype Me icons on Web pages
the down side
The Down Side
  • Skype is proprietary (can't talk to other VoIP applications)
  • Do I want people to see when I'm online?
  • Firewalls might have to be configured to allow Skype traffic
  • How reliable is it? No service level guarantees.
  • Sometimes gets resistance from IT department
how do i start taking advantage of skype
How Do I Start Taking Advantage Of Skype?

2 Easy Steps

1. Download Skype software from www.skype.com

2. Purchase a Skype phone or headset