Vintage fly reel restoration
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Nostalgia - opportunity to fish with older (and sometimes better) technology ... Online Fly Fishing Forums. What am I looking For? Frame is not cracked, bent, or warped ...

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Vintage fly reel restoration l.jpg

Vintage Fly Reel Restoration

Presented By Paul Ricker

Algonkin Fly Fishers

February 19, 2009

Why buy a vintage reel l.jpg
Why buy a Vintage Reel?

  • Affordable alternative to modern reels

  • Restoration of long forgotten gear hidden in basement

  • Nostalgia - opportunity to fish with older (and sometimes better) technology

  • Backup reel to complement current gear

Acquiring a reel l.jpg
Acquiring a Reel

  • Garage / Yard Sale

  • Antique Stores

  • EBay

  • Online Fly Fishing Forums

What am i looking for l.jpg
What am I looking For?

  • Frame is not cracked, bent, or warped

  • Spindle is straight and not worn

  • No missing parts (Latch Cover, Drag Knob, handle, etc.)

  • Limited corrosion (Paint and finish wear is acceptable)

Desirable reels 1 l.jpg
Desirable Reels (1)

  • Under $50

    • Pflueger Medalist, or Gem

    • Heddon-Daisy 300 series

    • Martin MG series, or 67 series

    • Ocean 35, or 76

    • Miesselbach Rainbow or Airex

Desirable reels 2 l.jpg
Desirable Reels (2)

  • $50-100

    • J. W. Young Condex, Pridex, or Beaudex

  • $100-300+

    • Hardy Perfect, St. John, St. George, Marquis, or Lightweight

    • Scientific Anglers System series

    • Orvis CFO or Battenkill (*English Made)

Cleaning maintaining your reel l.jpg
Cleaning & Maintaining Your Reel

  • Take the reel down as far as you feel comfortable.

  • Wipe everything down with paper towels or q-tips

Slide16 l.jpg

  • Vinegar-water bath. This is generally four parts warm water to one part vinegar.

    • 30 to 45 minutes for painted reels, or rubber side plates and handles

    • 1 hour for lead finished alloy fly reels

    • 2 hours for plated brass

    • 3 hours for bare brass or German silver

      (Take a soft tooth brush to the debris every 10-15 minutes)

Slide17 l.jpg

Slide18 l.jpg

  • Lube and reassemble to one part vinegar.

    • Use Quantum Hot Sauce

      • Hot Sauce Grease on drag gears, and on worn and wobbly spindles.

      • Hot Sauce Lube (light oil) on spindles/bushings, handle spindles, pawl stanchions, bearings, drag blocks and threads.

My reel experience l.jpg
My Reel Experience to one part vinegar.

Pflueger medalist tips l.jpg
Pflueger Medalist Tips to one part vinegar.

  • Pre-1966 reels are most desirable

    • Circle Trade mark on latch cover

    • Stamped Made in Akron O USA or Patented on reel frame

    • No Letters after model number stamp

    • 6 Rivets around spool latch cover

  • Reel foot seat may not fit all reel seats

    • Replacement feet and parts available from

  • Use blue Loctite on frame screws

Upgraded pflueger medalist l.jpg
Upgraded Pflueger Medalist to one part vinegar.

The end l.jpg
The End to one part vinegar.