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Unit3 Under the sea Reading PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit3 Under the sea Reading

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Unit3 Under the sea Reading - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The first anecdote describes a hunting experience about how the killer whales helped the whalers to hunt a whale. ... The killers started racing between our boat and the whale ...

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Unit3 Under the sea Reading

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    1. Unit3 Under the sea Reading

    2. Warming up Have you seen plants and animals that live under the sea? Where did you see them?

    3. On a snorkeling trip • On the internet • At an aquarium • On TM nature programmes • On a boat tour • In films • In books

    4. Enjoy some pictures under the sea sea star 海星

    5. coral 珊瑚

    6. jellyfish 水母

    7. dolphin 海豚

    8. gull 海鸥

    9. turtle 海龟

    10. seal 海豹

    11. anemone anemone fish

    12. Butterfly fish

    13. shark

    14. killer whales king of the sea,biggest carnivore(食肉动物) of the sea,killing all kinds of animals in the sea,even the huge blue whale,like tiger on land,working in a team. baleen whales

    15. What is happening in the picture ? • baleen whale

    16. Pre-reading Clancy A whaler Anecdotes At the beginning for the 20th century Australia The killer whale help people to kill baleen whale.

    17. Reading

    18. Fast Reading: Get the main ideas of the two anecdotes. The first anecdote describes a hunting experience about how the killer whales helped the whalers to hunt a whale. The second one tells about how a killer whale protected and saved James, a whaler.

    19. Scanning Scan the text, and fill in the blanks with names mentioned in the text.

    20. Clancy 1. ___________was 16 years of age when he went to work at the whaling station. 2.__________ordered Clancy to go to the boat as there was a whale out there in the bay. 3. _________was swimming by the boat showing the whalers the way. 4._________told Clancy that they would return the next day to bring in the body of the whale. 5._________was carried by the waves further and further away from the whalers. 6. __________knew that Old Tom would protect James. George Old Tom Jack James Red

    21. Skimming Skim the text and put the following sentences into a right order.

    22. ( ) George started beating the water with his oar ( ) Clancy jumped into the boat with the whalers. ( ) Clancy arrived at the whaling station ( ) The killers started racing between our boat and the whale ( ) Clancy heard a huge noise coming from the bay ( ) Clancy was sorting out his accommodation ( ) Clancy ran down to the shore ( ) The man in the bow of the boat aimed the harpoon at the whale 6 5 1 7 3 2 4 8

    23. Careful reading Read the passage carefully and answer the questions on P21 in pairs.

    24. 1. What evidence was there that Old Tom was helping out the whalers? 2. What other animals did the author compare the killer whales with? Old Tom let the whalers know that there was a baleen whale nearby; he showed them the way to the whale Work as a team Dogs.

    25. 3. “The killers started racing between our boat and the whale just like a pack of excited dogs.” why do you think the killer whales behave like this? Because they knew that, together with the whalers, they would soon kill the baleen whale and get a good feed.

    26. 4. Why did George think that the killer whales worked as a team? Because he could see that some of the killers were throwing themselves on top of the whale’s blow hole while others were preventing it from swimming out to sea.

    27. 5. Why do you think the whalers allowed the killer whales to drag the whale under the water to feed on its lips and tongue? 6. Why did the whalers return home without the whale’s body? Because they knew the Killer Whales would leave the rest of the body to them. Because the body would not float to the surface until about 24 hours later.

    28. 7.How do you think Red felt about the killer whales? 8. How did Old Tom help James? Why do you think he did this? Red felt good about the Killer Whales. He appreciated the working relationship that the whalers had with the Killer Whales. Old Tom prevented James from drowning. Old Tom wanted to help his human friends.

    29. Discussion Discuss the relationship between Old Tom and the whalers. What other animals do you know help out humans in hunting?