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Tutorial 1

Nonfunctional requirements refer to behavioral properties that the system must ... Fantasy Sports. Feed Alerts. FIFA World Cup. Finance. Flickr. Food. G. Games ...

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Tutorial 1

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  1. Tutorial 1 Cap 252 - I. Najwa AlGhamdi

  2. Requirement Specification a statement of what the system must do or characteristics it must have Written from businessperson perspective (“what” of system) Later requirements become more technical (“how” of system) 2

  3. Functional vs. Nonfunctional A functional requirement relates directly to a process the system has to perform or information it needs to contain. Expresses business needs (business requirements) Nonfunctional requirements refer to behavioral properties that the system must have, such as performance, security, usability, etc... 3

  4. Performance Requirements -metrics [1] • There are three classes of performance requirements • response times (processing time ) : how fast the system handle individual requests • The acceptable response time for interactive application is 1-2 second • throughput : how many requests the system can handle • the rate at which incoming requests are completed • measured in operations per a time unit • Factors • Throughput for systems with same kind of operation is easier to calculated than system with different loads. • Throughput is differ with time . ( peak hour, regular hour and off hour) for each load.

  5. Performance Requirements -metrics [1] • concurrency : how many users or threads work simultaneously. • Even if users are connected, but not active, they still hold some resources. All classes are fundamental: good throughput with long response times often is unacceptable .

  6. Qualification Requirements • Subjective Requirements (non measurable ). • Tested By system User. • Example : user interface requirements • To be friendly. • To be simple. • To be easy.

  7. Yahoo !!

  8. Yahoo – Mail !! • System Overview • It is a mail system that enable the user to communicate with each other by sending email messages. • Customer –Users • Regular users that look for personal use. • Business people and companies.

  9. Yahoo – Mail !! • Yahoo mail subsystem main components • Compose a message. • Manage messages. • Manage contacts. • Log in/out.

  10. Yahoo – Mail !! FRs. • Compose a message.

  11. Yahoo – Mail !! FRs. • Compose a message.

  12. Yahoo – Mail !! FRs. • Manage messages

  13. Yahoo – Mail !! FRs. • Compose a message.

  14. Yahoo – Mail !! FRs. • Manage contact

  15. Yahoo – Mail !! FRs. • Login/log out

  16. Yahoo – Mail !! NFRs. • Security Requirements • Unauthorised access to the system and its data is not allowed • Ensure the integrity (التأكد من صحة المعلومات)of the system from accidental or malicious damage

  17. Yahoo – Mail !! NFRs. • Performance Requirements

  18. Yahoo – Mail !! NFRs. • Qualification Requirements

  19. References [1] http://www.testingreflections.com/node/view/4432 [2] :www.balancedscorecard.org/files/regoinal_airline.pdf

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