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Top Performers in 2006

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High visibility events that demonstrate technical advances to the public including motorsports campaigns. e.g., Audi R10 first diesel vehicle ...

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Top Performers in 2006

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new technologies
New Technologies

Ed Wall, Program Manager

DOE Vehicle Technologies Program

September 25, 2007

new technologies3
The latest on emerging technologies including:

New light-duty diesel product plans

Vehicle conversion kits

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles

E85 engine optimization

current future ld diesel vehicle availability
2007 Models


Grand Cherokee CRD


E320 BLUETEC Sedan

GL-Class (320/420) CDI


R320 CDI


Touareg V10 TDI

Future Models


Grand Cherokee with new Clean Diesel Engine


2008 Q7 SUV




2009 Dodge


2008 F-Series


2010 4 cyl. engine



2010 Maxima


2008 Jetta TDI

Current & Future LD Diesel Vehicle Availability

Addressing Diesel’s Image Deficit

  • Initiate campaign to educate opinion makers and policymakers about the advances in diesel technology and the benefits that advanced diesels can provide for the economy, the environment, and for consumers.
  • High visibility events that demonstrate technical advances to the public including motorsports campaigns.
    • e.g., Audi R10 first diesel vehicle wins Le Mans and Sebring, (using DOE/Dow DPF).
  • Marketing: Promoting diesel sales through advertising and through promotion of alternative fuel strategies that relate to diesels.
    • Biodiesel projects to address customer interest in renewable fuel capability.
  • Customer experience: The biggest gains in diesel acceptance will come through successful customer experience as more diesel vehicle models appear in the United States in 2008.
  • EPA has a website: to educate and inform the public about diesel vehicles.
e85 engine optimization efforts
E85 Engine Optimization Efforts
  • Today’s FFVs are closer to “ethanol tolerant” than to “ethanol optimized”
  • E85 FFVs have reduced fuel economy using E85 due to lower energy content of the fuel (relative to gasoline)
  • Fuel economy penalty can be reduced due to ethanol’s properties (mainly high octane)
  • DOE recently made seven awards to develop a production-intended, ethanol optimized engine for FFVs
    • Production-intended
    • Projects will run approximately 3 years
    • Each has at least 50% cost share
plug in hybrid electric vehicle
Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
  • Background
    • What is a PHEV? A hybrid vehicle with batteries that can be recharged by connecting a plug to an electrical power source.
    • Benefits include: improved fuel economy, electric utility power operating efficiency, and reduced greenhouse gases
    • Barriers include battery cost and abuse tolerance, battery life, and uncertain consumer behavior
  • DOE Efforts:
    • DOE PHEV R&D Plan published
    • DOE performing test/evaluation of Li-ion batteries and PHEV conversions
    • $28M Li-ion Battery Solicitation issued through USABC
    • 5 Power Electronics and Electric Machines projects selected in FY07
    • Analytic Studies (Vehicle modeling & simulation; National benefits & impacts)
    • DOE continues to coordinate this work with National labs, Federal agencies, electric utilities, and other stakeholders.
  • Industry Status:
    • No OEM vehicles available today
    • No EPA approved plug-in conversions currently available
vehicle conversions
Vehicle Conversions
  • Uncertainty with E85 & Plug-In Hybrid conversions
  • The Department does not support or encourage the use of non-certified conversion kits
    • An AFV needs to be engineered to be an AFV!!!
  • Conversions are much more difficult and complex than most people realize
  • Also, all systems must have EPA certification – and there are no certified FFV or PHEV kits at this time
    • Despite this, pirate kits are now available over the internet
what you can do to help vehicle technologies
What you can do to help Vehicle Technologies
  • We have expanded the range of technologies to be deployed under the Department’s purview
    • Includes the traditional petroleum replacement by alternative fuels
    • Expanded to include the broad range of efficiency-enhancing technologies within the VT portfolio, e.g.,
      • Light-duty diesel: potentially the most effective tool in our arsenal
      • Idle Reduction Technologies for heavy-duty
      • Advanced Hybrids & Plug-In Hybrids, as they become available
      • Combination technologies: Ford Escape FFV Hybrid

UltraLight Electric Transit Bus

  • Challenge: Conventional transit buses use too much fuel and are not environmentally friendly - 81,000 buses use 550 million gallons of fuel/year (2004), capital equipment is $3.7 billion
  • Description: Autokinetics has developed a bus that is 50% lighter but more durable than a conventional bus and is powered by batteries and will achieve a 3X improvement in fuel economy with a 150 mile range
  • Impact: Significantly reduce fuel consumption for transit agencies while improving reliability and life, and reducing emissions and operating costs.
  • IP: Autokinetics holds US patent no. 6,685,254
  • Status: Looking to build 5 buses for on-road testing with a transit agency and FTA Altoona Test certification. Will need full-scale structural test for certification. Eventually will develop and install small diesel engine for a hybrid system to extend range
    • Available for commercial licensing by manufacturer
    • Seeking partner to develop production ready bus

Design and fabricate lightweight frame, all electrical components, and use sodium nickel chloride batteries (high energy density, long cycle life, large % discharge) for power.

50% lighter, stronger, 3X fuel economy, no emissions