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Program Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Program Management

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Program Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Facilitate monofilament line recycling by establishing a fishing line recycling network. ... Freshwater Fish Habitats. Line Spools. Toys. Other hard plastics. Cleanup ...

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program management
Program Management
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Coordinating a Task Force
  • Identifying Resource Needs
  • Establishing a Recycling Network
  • Organizing Cleanup Events
  • Volunteer Management
  • Advertising
  • Program Evaluation
mrrp program goals
MRRP Program Goals
  • Raise public awareness about the destruction caused by monofilament line left in the environment.
  • Involve the community and its residents in accomplishing the objectives of the project through active participation.
  • Reduce the amount of monofilament line in the natural habitat.
  • Facilitate monofilament line recycling by establishing a fishing line recycling network.
goal facilitate monofilament line recycling by establishing a fishing line recycling network
Goal: Facilitate monofilament line recycling by establishing a fishing line recycling network.

Objective: Install 35 outdoor recycling bins at boat ramps in Brevard County by May, 2003.

Strategy: Work with High School Sr. Wood Shop class to construct 35 bins by November.

Task: Contact Wood Shop teachers.


Coordinating a Task Force

It is important that task force members are utilized for their talents and rewarded for their efforts!

Select members based on interest and expertise

Appoint a Chairperson and Secretary to keep minutes

Clearly understand the role the task force will play in program development and implementation.

Conduct at least quarterly meetings and designate a completion time.

identify resource needs
Identify Resource Needs
  • A project plan/ task force will help you to identify and meet resource needs.
  • The extent and types of resources will depend on program.
  • Personnel time, bin making materials, printed materials, volunteers, presentation equipment, advertising, incentive gifts, and computers.

Monofilament Line Recovery and Recycling Project

Personnel Expenses


Percent of time on project

Funds Requested

Special Project Coordinator





Cost each

Recycling bins (includes stickers)




Display Kiosk


Written Media Production

Printing Costs


We recycle stickers



MRRP Stickers






Brochure 1



Brochure 2





Clean Up Project



Volunteer Cleanup Supplies (gloves, bags, line cutters)




Volunteer Toolkits






mrrp components
MRRP Components
  • Recycling network
  • Recovering line through cleanup events
  • Education campaign
mono recycling cast your line here network
Mono- Recycling“Cast Your Line Here Network”
  • Raises awareness
  • Provides mechanism for program by-in and changed behavior
  • Reduces amount of monofilament in the landfill
  • Recycles plastic
outdoor recycling bins
Outdoor Recycling Bins
  • Boat ramps and fishing piers
  • Sewer grade PVC parts
  • Sponsors/ volunteers check
  • Near garbage cans
indoor recycling bins
Indoor Recycling Bins

Berkley Pure Fishing

Tackle Shops and marinas

Prepaid mailing boxes


Tackle Boxes

  • Freshwater Fish Habitats
  • Line Spools
  • Toys
  • Other hard plastics
cleanup event coordination
Cleanup Event Coordination

Shoreline or underwater


Shoreline Cleanup

  • Prevent injury
  • Collaborate with existing event
  • Provide tools
  • Post safety precautions
  • Don’t disturb bird nesting colonies!
underwater cleanup
Underwater Cleanup
  • Hazardous! Use professional level divers!
  • Sharp knife/wire cutters
  • Support persons on surface
  • Confined location such as pier/bridge
volunteer coordination
Volunteer Coordination
  • Assist with program tasks and extends education and advocacy.
  • MRRP goal
  • Recycling network, cleanups, presentations, etc.
volunteer recruitment
Volunteer Recruitment
  • Sign-up sheets at festivals and events
  • Distributing targeted flyers
  • Sign-up sheets at group presentations
  • Advertising in newspaper/radio
  • Mailings to previous contacts
  • Telephone & personal contact with known

community members

press releases
Press Releases

Appeal to the public love of wildlife by including descriptions and images of entangled dolphins, manatees, and turtles.

Don’t fall in love with your press release story angle.

Write your own quotes so that they are clear and and spelled correctly.

Make it a public interest story - Include a local character or school group.

Clearly explain what the program hopes to achieve and what you need from the public. Include contact information and a website address.

media relations
Media Relations
  • Contact outdoor, sports, fishing columnists directly.
  • Develop good relationships - become a good source of information
  • Develop your own media list.
  • Send an acknowledgement of appreciation to the boss of the journalist that writes a particularly good story.
  • Send an emotional photograph and caption to one of the newspaper’s photographers for a short “snapshot” of coverage.
program evaluation
Program Evaluation

Compare outcomes against measurable components of each defined goal and objective.

measuring success
Measuring Success
  • Goal: Raise public awareness about the destruction caused by monofilament line left in the environment.
  • Pre- and Post- surveys determined change in awareness and behavior of target audience.
  • Goal: Facilitate monofilament line recycling by establishing a fishing line recycling network.
  • Measure amount of line collected in network.
designing the survey
Designing the Survey
  • Clarify the survey’s purpose
  • Make the survey short and put the easier questions (like demographic information) at the end of the survey.
  • Pilot test the survey
  • Go to a variety of locations to interview different demographic audiences.
  • Website survey/mail outs
measuring line collection
Measuring Line Collection
  • Measuring the amount of line collected in the outdoor recycling bins.
  • Measuring the total amount of line collected through the recycling network.
  • Measuring the amount of line collected during cleanup events.
  • The size of the recycling network.