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Privacy and Security:

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Privacy and Security: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Everyday Computing: Understand the transformation of everyday life as computing is ...

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Privacy and Security:

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privacy and security putting people first

Privacy and Security:Putting People First

Elizabeth Mynatt

College of Computing & GVU Center

Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta GA USA

vantage point
Associate ProfessorCollege of ComputingAssociate DirectorGVU CenterGeorgia TechVantage point

Everyday Computing: Understand the transformation of everyday life as computing is ubiquitously integrated into informal, daily activities and routines

Ubiquitous Computing(Xerox PARC, 1995-1998)

GT “Aware Home”

putting people first
Putting People First
  • How to make informed (proactive) choices about sharing information?
  • How to learn how other people protect their information?
  • How to share information with an intended audience?(e.g. friends, my family and their friends)
  • Much more than usability–What is the framework for social communication?
people are social creatures
People are Social Creatures
  • Communication
  • Processes
    • Social navigation
    • Legitimate peripheral participation
    • Social translucence
  • Structures
    • Relationships
    • Social networks
social navigation
Social Navigation

A crowd draws a crowd

social navigation acumen
Social Navigation: Acumen

“What cookies should I block?”

critics mavens reviewers
Critics, mavens & reviewers
  • Gladwell, The Tipping Point
  • Feick and Price, “The Market Maven: A Diffuser of Marketplace Information,” Journal of Marketing, Jan ‘87
sharing information digital family portrait
Sharing Information: Digital Family Portrait

Maintain awareness over distance

Augment common household object

Support “peace of mind”

social networks
Social Networks
  • Clusters
  • Jumps
  • Boundaries
  • Weight
  • Connectors
saori social sharing
Saori: Social Sharing

“Pictures for family friends but not internet weirdos”

“Trusted colleagues in human computer interaction”

  • Information sharing based shape & properties of social network
  • Structured broadcast
  • Constrained person-to-person
  • Benefits vs. burden
social translucence
Social Translucence
  • “I know that you know that I know”
  • Privacy Mirrors
    • Reflection of whatpeople can see
    • Inform informationdisclosure overtime
privacy paradox
Privacy Paradox
  • Sharing information to help ensure privacy and security
  • Acumen: web browsing
  • Digital family portrait: monitoring
  • Saori: social networks
  • Privacy mirror: information access
putting people first15
Putting People First
  • Usability is just the first step
  • Making decisions is a social process
  • Over time, people learn how to make mature decisions from other people
  • Sharing information is about relationships
  • Integration with social activity is paramount
  • Computing should support all of this…
thank you
Thank you
  • For your time and attention
  • Additional thanks and credit to:
    • The Everyday Computing Lab, especially Jeremy Goecks
    • The Aware Home Research Initiative
    • Cybertrust colleagues at Georgia Tech
  • More information at