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Organized Spiritual UFO Groups PowerPoint Presentation
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Organized Spiritual UFO Groups

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Organized Spiritual UFO Groups - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spiritual healing vital people should focus energies on this goal ... Still picture from film

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Organized Spiritual UFO Groups

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organized spiritual ufo groups

Organized Spiritual UFO Groups

Usually quite small

Often organized like classrooms

Most visible element of UFO movement

Extraterrestrials venerated (not worshipped)

Most groups also believe in “bad” extraterrestrials

the aetherius society
The Aetherius Society
  • Founded by George King in 1955
  • Interested in Spiritualism, Theosophy & Yoga
  • “Prepare yourself, you are to become the voice of the Interplanetary parliament” 1954
  • “Primary Terrestrial Channel” of “Cosmic Intelligences” - extraterrestrials

Dr. George King (1919-1997)

the message of master aetherius
The Message of Master Aetherius
  • Master Aetherius from Venus contacts King in 1954
  • King’s task: spread word of Cosmic Masters
  • Other contacts included Master Jesus, Great White Brotherhood, Mars Sector 6, Mars Sector 8, Jupiter Sector 92 – all from our solar system
  • Beings on other planets in our solar system are at higher spiritual level – different astral plane

George King channeling Cosmic Masters in the Transmission Room

the message of master aetherius4
The Message of Master Aetherius
  • Spiritual healing vital – people should focus energies on this goal
  • Service of others vital spiritual task
  • Visiting “space people” friendly
  • Atomic experiments very dangerous
  • Spiritual nature of other inhabitants of our solar system – they are more advanced than us; they are working to prevent our self-annihilation
  • Spiritual nature of our planet earth – she is divine; much more spiritually advanced than we

Aetherius Society Members on Holy Mountain

the message of master jesus
The Message of Master Jesus
  • 1958 channeled message from master Jesus (from Venus)
  • Published as The Twelve Blessings (1960) – extensions of Sermon on the Mount
  • We are divine
  • We are part on oneness of the Universe
  • We are part of cosmic spiritual brotherhood
  • Prayer energies can help bring about spiritual evolution
the message of master jesus6
The Message of Master Jesus
  • Evil aliens attempting to take over earth by capitalizing on our negative energies
  • In league with Black Magicians, embodiment of forces of evil, who live on lower astral planes
  • Humans easy prey, because of all our bad karma
  • Only intervention by Cosmic Masters has saved us from destruction
satellite no 3
Satellite No. 3
  • Cosmic Masters send us “Spiritual Pushes” of energy to replenish Earth’s depleted supply
  • Aetherius Society stores energy in Spiritual Energy Radiators
  • Anyone engaged in spiritual work can draw on this energy
  • Satellite No. 3 comes 4 times a year: April18-May 23; July 5-August 5; Sept. 3-Oct. 9; Nove4-Dec. 10
spiritual operations
Spiritual Operations
  • Operation Starlight – using Satellite No. 3’s energy to “charge” 9 sacred mountains
  • Operation Sunbeam – stored spiritual energy released to help Earth evolve & to repay karmic debt to Earth
  • Operation Karmalight – George King battled alongside Cosmic Masters to prevent our enslavement by evil forces

Dr. George King storing prayer energy in Spiritual Battery

aetherius society worldview
Aetherius Society Worldview
  • Dualistic – good vs. evil emphasis
  • Higher astral planes home to Master Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, etc.
  • Lower astral planes home of evil entities from outer space
  • Higher and lower beings battle over karmic fate of worlds – currently battling over humans & earth
  • Hierarchical
  • Universe organized on spiritual hierarchy – beings of bad intent on lower levels; beings of good intent on higher levels
  • Spiritual goal of all entities is to climb the ranks, and ultimately reunite with oneness of God

Up the Spiritual Ladder

  • Evolutionary & monistic
  • Our spiritual goal is to evolve towards union with God
  • God is all that exists
  • Karma is law by which spiritual evolution happens
  • Reincarnation is mechanism of karma
  • Both Evolution and Devolution are possible – we must focus on spiritual path, or risk devolution

Aetherius Society member projecting prayer power in service to planet earth

  • Nature based
  • Earth is a goddess – much more highly spiritually advanced than we are
  • She has been delaying her own spiritual evolution to protect us
  • Karmic law requires her to grow, however, so she has chosen to evolve slowly, rather than all at once (to do otherwise would kill us)
  • She began this spiritual evolution on July 8, 1964
  • Since that time, her vibrations have been increasing – spiritually aware people can sense this

Spiritual Earth

  • Millenial
  • New Age prophesied in 1958
  • Lord of Karma – new Cosmic Avatar – will come and issue in New Age
  • Lord of Karma will come in space ship, with great psychic powers
  • Once he arrives, those not spiritually evolved will slowly be incarnated on other, less advanced planets
  • Everyone else will prepare for spiritual evolution to next astral plane

Still picture from film “The Day the Earth Stood Still” – the Lord of Karma will come in space ship and will wear a silver space suit

organization and practice
Organization and Practice
  • Organized like a classroom, focused on teachings of Cosmic Masters as channeled through George King
  • Leadership now done by committee, since King died in 1997
  • Students of Aetherius Society gain Temple Degrees, as they complete courses of study
  • Main spiritual practice – accumulating prayer power to be stored in Spiritual Batteries, and released in times of trouble.

Spiritual Battery