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Increase visibility and awareness of the activities carried out by ... process and challenges. visualArts: painting, sculpture, film, photography, new media ...

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north bound symposia series

NorthBoundSymposia Series

Dr. Maria Angela Ferrario

Research Associate

Academy for Irish Cultural Heritages

north bound

In General

  • What is It?
  • Who is it About?
  • What is For?
  • Topics

#1 Italy

  • Programme
  • Extra Curricula
  • When & Where
north bound what is it
NorthBound:: What is It?

Lives, facts and stories of people who left their countries to live their cultures in Northern Ireland… and vice versa

  • A series of Symposia organised by the Academy
  • Four events over a two-year period (Nov'06–May'08)
  • Focus: both the established and the emerging European cultural landscapes in today’s Northern Ireland.
north bound who is it about
NorthBound:: Who is it About?
  • Each symposium will look into a specific European community in Northern Ireland including:
  • Italy[17 Nov 06]
  • The Baltic Regions[May 07]
  • France & Germany[Nov 07]
  • The Balkans[May 08]
north bound what is for aim
NorthBound:: Whatis For [Aim]

To promote the culture, support the presence & provide networking opportunities to people & communities who, from Europe, have come to Northern Ireland to live, work & study.

north bound what is for obj
NorthBound:: Whatis For [Obj]

• Increase visibility and awarenessof the activities carried out by such communities within N.I, R.O.I and their respective countries

• Strengthen the cultural links between N.I. and their respective countries

• Facilitate the creation of networks that can support cultural, social and economic activities between N.I., R.O.I and their respective countries

north bound topics
NorthBound:: Topics

Topics are broad in scope and they may overlap. Different symposia will cover different topics and each symposium may not cover all the topics

  • mobileSociety: migrations, barriers to mobiliy
  • footPrints: literature, prose, journalism
  • changingWords: Language learning process and challenges
  • visualArts: painting, sculpture, film, photography, new media
  • design&technology: fashion, design, architecture
  • performingArts: theatre, comedy, dance, music, magic
  • livingMemories: history & stories through the eyes of people
  • within&Beyond: mind, spirit, philosophy, religion, rituals
north bound 1 topics
NorthBound#1:: Topics
  • slowBites: food & drink, life style and culinary traditions
  • footPrints: literature, prose, journalism
  • visualArts:painting, sculpture, film, photography, new media
  • livingMemories history & stories through the eyes of people
  • within&Beyond:mind, spirit, philosophy, religion, folklore
north bound 1 programme
NorthBound #1:: Programme

17.11. 06 Morning Programme

17.11.06. Afternoon Programme


Prof Robert Welch Dean of Faculty , University of Ulster

Lunch Break with Madeleine Specials



Dr M.A.Ferrario Associate Researcher and Symposium Coordinator, AICH

Mr Eddie McVeigh Head of EU Commision N.I. NI and Europe, Present Tracks and Future Trends





Mr Leo D’Agostino Honorary Consul in N.I. The Italian Community: its Pasts and Presents

Vox Pops, radio InterviewsfromPeople in Northern Ireland




John Fleming, Director SlowFood

UK – The Cittaslow Network

Silvia Calamati, writer, journalist An Italian Eyewitness



Coffee Break + Q&A

Coffee Break + Q&A- the Disposable Gallery




Dr Roger Logues,Love and War…

A perfect marriage?

Prof. Fabio Mugnaini professor of European Ethnology, Univ. Siena The heirs of a wonderful misery.



Discussion -Symposium closes at 16.00

Mr Liam Campbel Westway Films

From Homeland to Townlands

Introduction and video cuts




north bound 1 extra curricula
NorthBound#1:: Extra Curricula
  • voxPops: Italy and the Italians according to N.I. people (radio piece)
  • disposableGallery: small photographic exhibition of max 50 pieces from Italians in N.I. and their disposable cameras
  • madeleineSpecials: Each speaker (& audience) is asked to send their favourite/forgotten italian recipies. The best memories will be served for lunch….
  • changingWords: anyone for a half-day language workshop to start doing things the Italian way?
north bound 1 when where
NorthBound#1:: When & Where
  • Friday 17th November ’06
  • Great Hall, Magee Campus, Derry

north bound 1 contacts
NorthBound#1:: Contacts

Maria Angela Ferrario

t:: 00-44-28-71-37-5304 (direct)