let s explore russia l.
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Russia is west of Europe, south of the North Pole, and North of the Pacific ... I like stuffed animals. Comparing Tyler and Olia. She likes sour cream ...

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let s explore russia

Let’s Explore Russia

By Henry Andrew And Tyler

geography of russia
Geography of Russia
  • Russia is west of Europe, south of the North Pole, and North of the Pacific Ocean and east of the Siberian Sea.
  • Forest and farmland cover much of Russia.
  • Russia has some mountains.
  • In the north of Russia is the ice covered ground known as tundra
things to see and do
Things to see and do

The tsar bell

It’s the biggest bell in the world it has a crack in it too.

the red square
The Red Square

The Red square is located in the largest city of Russia it’s called Moscow.

an important statue
An Important Statue

Alexander Nevsky battled the Germans and Alexander Nevsky won the war they fought the war on a frozen lake in 1242 and the Germans tried to capture the town of pskov. Now there is a statue that brings back memories.

food of russia
Food of Russia

They eat bliney and sour cream and tea too. They also drink cola and eat corn and canned food too.

children of russia
Children of Russia

Olia is eight years old and lives with her family in Moscow, the capital of Russia. She goes to a dance school. Olia’s father works at a bank there and her mother works at home. She has one sister too.

comparing olia and andrew
Olia likes to go to church

She likes to drink tea

She is 8 years old

She likes stuffed animals

I like to go to church

I like to drink tea

I am seven years old

I like stuffed animals

Comparing Olia and Andrew
comparing tyler and olia
She likes sour cream

Olia’s father works in a bank

She goes to school on an underground train

Olia lives in an apartment

I like sour cream

My father works in a post office

I go to school in a car

I live in a regular house

Comparing Tyler and Olia
comparing olia and henry
She has one sister

She eats bliney which looks like a tortilla

She lives in Moscow

She has blue eyes

She has brownish hair

I have two sisters

I eat macaroni and cheese

I live in Forest Grove

I have green eyes

I have orange hair

Comparing Olia and Henry