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From a dreamland to Great Britain and other English speaking countries ... The main character Chris wanders a fantasy land on Ice-cream Island ...

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Wow!, Key English and In TouchHelen TalalaevTEA Kirjastusphone: 616 1010mobile: 56 499 330email: [email protected]/coolenglish

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Wow!, KeyEnglish& InTouch

  • Combine native English expertise and Estonian perspective

  • Cover forms 3-12

  • Based on current pedagogical trends

  • Co-work of Estonian, British and Finnish experts

  • Fully localised to suit an Estonian learner and teacher

  • Enable differentiation and individualisation

  • Focus on the specific difficulties of speakers of Estonian in learning English

  • Follow the principles of the Common European Framework for Languages and the European Language Portfolio

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Wow!, KeyEnglish& InTouch

Main principles

  • Differentiation and individualisation:

    • 2 workbooks

    • texts with different levels of difficulty

    • tasks for more advanced learners

    • supportive material for weaker students

  • English speaking countries, Europe and Estonia

  • Thorough teacher’s guides

  • Up-to-date illustrations and photos

  • Interactive multimedia solutions

  • Support both the learner and the teacher

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  • A cheerful textbook-colouring book about a bear family

  • Creates a positive attitude in a child towards learning English

  • Optional material

  • For forms 1-2

  • Also for kindergarten or children’s language courses

  • A lovely bear family invites the child to its home and school, to birthdays and skiing, to the forest and by the sea!

  • The colouring book enables the learner

    • to use his/her imagination

    • to develop hand movement and


W ow for f orms 3 6 ene jundas tiiu pikpoom paul westlake et al l.jpg
Wow!for forms 3-6Ene Jundas, Tiiu Pikpoom, Paul Westlake et al

  • Wow! world is a rewarding experience for both the teacher and the learner!

  • Colourful and imaginative

  • From a dreamland to Great Britain and other English speaking countries

    Wow! 3

    The main character Chris wanders a fantasy land on Ice-cream Island

  • He makes many new friends there, e.g. Plum, Lime, Chocolate and Mr Cool

  • English is learnt in the company of imaginative characters in playful situations, full of songs, rhymes and games

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Wow! structure

Teacher’s Guide and CD



Student’s CD-ROM & CD

Additional material

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Student’s CD and


  • CD with listening material for individual work

    • all texts from the study book

    • all words (listen and repeat)

  • CD-ROM with playful interactive material for individual work

    • vocabulary exercises

    • pronunciation exercises

    • grammar exercises

    • crosswords

  • Slide18 l.jpg

    • A complete outline of how to organise and manage each lesson

    • Each chapter of the textbook is presented in the teacher’s guide in a smaller size which thus helps the teacher to organise her work

    • A play “The Three Billy Goats”, many games, fun activities, crosswords and other exciting assignments

    • Transcripts, lyrics

    • Convenient A4 format

    W ow 3 a dditional material l.jpg
    W lessonow! 3: additional material

    • Collection of tests

      • a variety of tests making use of pictures, listening material and self-assessment

    • Keys to both workbooks

      Already published:

      Wow! 3. Ice-cream Island

      Wow! 4. The Dream Team

    Coming soon:

    In 2010

    Wow! 5. The Famous Four

    In 2011

    Wow! 6. Top Secret