whose news is it anyway l.
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More people turning to online news sources. Aggregators (Google News, Yahoo News, RSS) ... Online news, user-generated content, emphasis on local news, trying new ...

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whose news is it anyway
Whose news is it anyway?

COM 546: Evolution and trends in digital media technologies

Fall 2005— Sakina S. Hussain

  • Print media landscape is changing with the emergence of new technology, easy to use tools. (online news, aggregators, blogs)
  • Shifting consumer media habits
  • Consumer-producer overlap
  • Audience empowerment
  • Nervous newsrooms?

( Focus on newspapers/news audience)

the new tools
The new tools
  • Technology has allowed news audiences to bypass traditional media gatekeepers
  • More people turning to online news sources
  • Aggregators (Google News, Yahoo News, RSS)
  • Blogs ( easy to use, personal, passionate)

The blog puzzle:Only 4% of online Americans report going to blogs for information and opinions. “The overall number of blog users is so small that it is not possible to draw statistically meaningful conclusions about who uses blogs.” (2003 Pew Internet Survey)

Blog readership increased 58% in 2004. (Pew)

from lecture to conversation
From lecture to conversation
  • “It’s all about decentralization” — Dan Gillmor
  • People love to be heard, engage, interact
  • Why are people looking for other sources of news?
  • Audience empowermentPrivacy issuesQuality versus quantityThe time factor
nervous newsroom
Nervous newsroom?

Speed Bump

  • Are newsrooms adapting? Online news, user-generated content, emphasis on local news, trying new experiments, co-opting blogs
  • Concerns about credibility

Conclusion: More evolution than revolution

  • Only distribution channel has changed
  • Newsrooms need to adapt, get back in touch with readers
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