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Building At-Large Framework in Asia-Pacific. Now launching effort to form many At-Large Structures, engage users in Asia-Pacific countries. ...

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ICANN At Large




Aug 24

AP* Retreat

Izumi Aizu

Asia Network Research

New icann new role for users l.jpg
New” ICANN = New Role for Users

  • ICANN coordinates global Internet's systems of unique identifiers, including systems of domain names/numeric addresses used to reach all computers on the Internet; also coordinates related policy development.

  • Recent re-organization increased role of individual user community (“At-Large”) to help guide ICANN’s activities and decisions along with other Internet stakeholders – domain name registration companies, Internet service providers, etc.

Structure for individual user at large involvement l.jpg
Structure for Individual User (At-Large) Involvement

  • ICANN created Interim At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) few months ago and called for framework of local, regional, global groups to promote structured involvement and informed participation of world’s “At-Large” community. 




At-Large Structures

Regional At-Large


At-Large Advisory


Alac activities so far l.jpg
ALAC activities so far

  • Started in Feb 2003 with 10 initial members, 2 from each ICANN region

    • Participated in ICANN Rio and Montreal Meetings

  • Sending “liaisons” or nominating members to other groups:

    • ICANN Board, Whois TaskForce (DNSO)

    • ICANN NomCom

  • 5 New members added in June

  • Proposed “Roadmap” to create ALS/ALO – adopted by ICANN Board in Montreal

  • Tasked to regional Out-reach

  • Monthly Conf Calls

At large participation and representation l.jpg
At-Large Participation and Representation

  • Structured to make sure voice of different sectors of the Internet community will be heard and that their representation can be effectively taken into account.

  • Groups in Asia that involve (or want to involve) individuals in Internet issues can apply to be At-Large Structures (ALS) and have a voice in ICANN activities and decisions – helping to selection ICANN Board members, advising on new domain names, etc.

Creating at large structures in asia pacific l.jpg
Creating At-Large Structures in Asia-Pacific

  • Determine your group’s eligibility or form a new group that meets ALS criteria (commit to supporting individual Internet users' informed participation in ICANN, have a majority of participants from Asia-Pacific countries, etc.).

  • Complete ALS form available at http://alac.icann.org.

  • Submit form to als@alac.icann.org.

  • ALAC reviews form, designates eligible group as ALS.

Ap at large structures can benefit ap users l.jpg
AP At-Large Structures Can Benefit AP Users

  • Through websites, on-line discussion lists, email announcements, conferences, etc. ICANN At-Large groups will have the information and tools users need to be involved.

  • Direct user involvement provided by Asia At-Large Structures will help ensure that ICANN takes actions that reflect individual Internet users' needs in Asia-Pacific.

Issues affecting asia pacific internet users l.jpg
Issues Affecting Asia-Pacific Internet Users

  • Implementing internationalized domain names

  • Introducing new gTLDs (.com, .org, +)

  • Privacy of personal information used in domain name registrations (WHOIS database)

  • Mapping telephone numbers to domain name system (ENUM)

  • IP Address allocation/IPv6 promotion?

  • Internet Security

  • Spam Mails, virus…

  • Other…

Possible approach in japan l.jpg
Possible Approach (in Japan)

  • Find “experts” who could asses and represent Individual Internet Users well:

    • Economist, Lawyer, Journalist, Researcher, Consumer Union, Activist, etc.

  • Ensure “public interest”

  • Support by Business and Government needed

    • To create an ALS in Japan

    • Re-organize Japan ICANN Forum?

  • More discussion needed

Kilnam chon s proposal l.jpg
Kilnam Chon’s proposal:

  • Forget this one, take things upside-down?

  • Form end-user organization, coordinated by APNG,

  • None of AP* organizations is addressing the End-users, most important component of Internet activities

  • If we come up with national end-user organizations, or associations, then some segment of end-users – will make up regional federation

  • Then ICANN AtLarge could be one of the issues for this organization

  • Talk to Daum, covers 60% of users in Korea?

Toru takahashi l.jpg
Toru Takahashi

  • Approach we used in Japan to recommend Mr. Kato

    • We went to Keidanren, Business Org, to recruit Kato-san for ICANN activity

    • We need more and more new groups and individuals for AtLarge

Paul wilson apnic l.jpg
Paul Wilson (APNIC)

  • Personal, not RIR Viewpoint:

    • RIR – not supporting ALO formation, directly

    • Apologize, Inability to formally support this, but play Devil’s advocate role to Kilnam’s approach –

    • Ability to find unifying cause – for consumers can be quite difficult

    • Consumers are diverse, taking some advocacy roles – target them for outreach?

    • If you cannot raise/receive their interests, that is an indication..

At large contacts l.jpg
At-Large Contacts

  • Website: http://alac.icann.org

  • ALS questions/forms: als@alac.icann.org

  • Asia-Pacific contacts:

    • Hong Xue, Hong Kong <hongxue@hku.hk>

    • Izumi Aizu, Japan <izumi@anr.org>

    • Toshifumi Matsumoto, Japan <Tommy.Matsumoto@ap.att.com>

  • Email: Committee@alac.icann.org