i am from l.
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I am from a community of family, all raised as one. From Grandmas to

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i am from

I Am From

By Pam Barger

i am from2
I Am From

I am from dusty roads, corn fields, smilesDays filled with walking the beans, painting the fences,Swimming in the pond, collecting the eggsMaking lunch for men workers, to the fields we must goPutting up hay with only girls to help

Evenings filled with family of the day,

mashed potatoes, noodles

"Don't mix the peanut butter and honey",

"Take what you want, but eat what you take."Checking the crops, enjoying, quietSaturdays: Hee Haw, Lawrence Welk, Blue Moon

I am from a community of family,

all raised as one.From Grandmas to “kissing cousins”

Many are gone, memories……

We welcome mistakes, differences, flaws

"Did they yell Pami or Tami?", it’s one of them

A lap settles that! The “baby” is safe.

“Bless it’s little heart”.

I am from creating, teaching, making crafts, running for Ads

“What time are we shopping”,

“Use your elbows girls”

Sleeping on the farm, Singing “We are Family”,

“Form a dance line?” someone yells.

At our age? At our weight???

Lawn mover? Sprinkler? Mike wanted to know.