economy and the environment l.
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improve the environment. They plan to make a place to build the ... When I see pictures of the Industry in other countries I think that our Industry ...

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economy and the environment

Economy and the Environment

By: Milton Negron Jr.

US Foreign Policy

MLC, Bloomfield, CT, USA


  • Environment vs. Economy
    • How does it apply today?
    • What parts of the world does this argument hold true, where does it not?
developed countries
Developed Countries
  • Tougher Environmental Laws
  • International Pressure
  • Be the Example
korean response via washington
Korean Response via Washington
  • “Economy has a good effect in our country. The government use money toimprove the environment. They plan to make a place to build theincinerator for garbage. In that way, we will have more land to live. Itdoes solve the problem of to much garbage. Also, they use money to solveto pollution of rivers. In fact, our government helped the river inKaohsiung revive.”
developing countries
Developing Countries
  • Need Help from Developed Countries
  • International pressure will reduce pollution
brazil s response
Brazil’s Response
  • “The industries have mostly bad effects on the environment, because the industries pollute the air and don't obey the law, and justice doesn’t obligate these industries to pay a fine. And they are deforesting the Amazon Forest to make agriculture and cattle raising.”
germany s response
Germany’s Response
  • “I think, the Industry is always dirty but how do you want to make chemical products or something like that without pollution? That’s nearly impossible I think, but what shall we do? We need these products and maybe without them we would live like in the stone age. When I see pictures of the Industry in other countries I think that our Industry is assimilable clean. We hope that solar-energy will make Industry more clean…”
what the us should do
What the US Should Do
  • Promote Stricter Environmental Laws
  • Give Support to Developing Countries