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In this DE Program, students enroll in designated community college courses. ... Taking DE courses can shorten the time required to earn a college degree. ...

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Dual Enrollment

Thomas Nelson Community College


Did you know l.jpg
Did you know?

  • A typical worker will likely change jobs 10 to 12 times over the course of a career.

  • Computer-related jobs will grow faster than any other occupation through 2010.

  • By 2010, the number of jobs requiring a Bachelor’s degree will grow by 22.5 % and those requiring an Associate’s degree by 32%.

  • The cost associated with higher education is projected to increase 10% to 11% per year.

    Source: Office of Employment Projections/Bureau of Labor Statistics

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What is Dual Enrollment ?

  • In-SchoolDual Enrollment(DE) is a program offered by TNCC in partnership with local school divisions.

  • In this DE Program, students enroll in designated community college courses.

  • Students earn college and high school credit for completion of DE courses.

Student eligibility tuition l.jpg
Student eligibility & tuition

  • Dual Enrollment is designed for high school juniors and seniors who meet course prerequisites and placement testing requirements. Exceptions may be made for freshmen and sophomores who demonstrate readiness for college level work and who are individually approved by the TNCC president.

  • Tuition for In-SchoolDual Enrollment courses is low ($15.00 per credit hour). Some school divisions cover DE tuition for their students.

How dual enrollment works l.jpg
How Dual Enrollment works

  • Students take In-SchoolDE courses in their home high schools.

  • DE courses are taught by high school teachers.

  • Taking In-SchoolDE courses does not require students to leave their high school or disrupt their regular high school schedule.

What dual enrollment offers l.jpg
What Dual Enrollment offers . . .

  • DE offers unique course offerings, particularly for those going into technical fields.

  • DE credits may lead to an Associate’s degree or be accepted by a four-year college or university.

  • DE allows students to get a head start on earning college credit.

  • Even if students are not planning on college, DE can give them an advantage in the work force.

How in school dual enrollment benefits students l.jpg
How In-School Dual Enrollment benefits students. . .

  • For each DE course completed, students earn both high school and college credit.

  • Students are exposed to the rigor of college-level work in their own high school.

  • Taking DE courses can shorten the time required to earn a college degree.

  • DE courses with an earned grade of “C” or higher typically transfer to most four-year colleges.

  • DE saves time, high tuition costs – and provides student access to TNCC campus resources.

Sample high school college courses l.jpg
Sample high school & college courses

How do students apply l.jpg
How do students apply?

  • Check with their high school guidance counselor for a list of the specific DE courses that are offered in their high school.

  • Application:Apply to TNCC online.

  • Placement Test:Take the college placement test.

  • Registration: Complete the Dual EnrollmentPermission Form, including parent/guardian signature.

  • Submit the completed DE Permission Form and the tuition check (if applicable) to their high school DE teacher by the registration deadline.

Things to remember l.jpg
Things to remember . . .

  • An In-School DE course is a TNCC-approved course taken in the home high school and taught by a TNCC-approved high school teacher. Upon completion of the course, students earn college credit and are eligible to receive a TNCC transcript reflecting the grade earned in the course.

  • In-School DE is offered in Hampton, Newport News, Poquoson, Williamsburg-James City County, and York County schools as well as at New Horizons Governor’s School, New Horizons Career-Technical Program, Denbigh Baptist Christian School, and Hampton Christian High School.

For more information l.jpg
For more information . . .

Contact . . .

  • High School Guidance Counselors


  • Thomas Nelson Community College

    Dr. Crystal B. Taylor

    Director of Outreach & Recruitment

    757-825-2905; [email protected]

    Kris Rarig

    Dual Enrollment Coordinator

    757-825-2801; [email protected]

    Dr. Kate Richmond

    Dual Enrollment Coordinator

    757-825-2860; [email protected]