Deploying and managing microsoft frontpage 98 based web sites on internet information server
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Deploying And Managing Microsoft FrontPage 98-Based Web ... - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Deploying and managing microsoft frontpage 98 based web sites on internet information server l.jpg

Deploying And Managing Microsoft® FrontPage® 98-Based Web Sites On Internet Information Server

Objectives l.jpg

  • Explain extended functionality provided by Server Extensions

  • Provide a clear picture of the Extensions architecture

  • Understand choices for deployment of FrontPage and Extensions

  • Explain how to install, configure, and manage the Extensions on Internet Information Server

  • Outline security mechanism and clear up security misunderstandings

Agenda l.jpg

  • Server Extensions Tasks

  • Server Extensions Architecture

  • Deploying

  • Security

  • Site Management

  • Integration with Internet Information Server technologies

Server extensions tasks l.jpg
Server Extensions Tasks

  • “Impedance match” between client and server

  • Platform-independent protocol for authoring, management, and administrative operations

  • Multiuser and remote authoring

  • Convenient packaging for server-side functionality

  • Not required for 95% Browse-time functionality

Server extensions tasks5 l.jpg
Server Extensions Tasks

  • Authoring and managing

    • Create and save pages

    • File management: move, copy, del

    • Maintain hyperlink integrity

    • Copying and publishing Webs

    • Automatic Navigation Bars and Themes

  • Metadata maintenance

    • Hyperlink map

    • Create date, Created by, custom

Server extensions tasks6 l.jpg
Server Extensions Tasks

  • Administering - Security

    • Users and Permissions

  • Browse-time Web functionality

    • Form Handlers: e-mail, results file

    • Search Form

    • Discussion Web

  • 95% of browse-time functionality does not require Server Extensions!

Frontpage architecture l.jpg






  • Web server

  • IIS

  • PWS

  • Apache

  • Netscape







FrontPage Architecture

Deployment issues l.jpg
Deployment Issues

  • Authoring scenarios

  • Content structure

  • Installation

Web authoring and publishing scenarios l.jpg
Web Authoring And Publishing Scenarios

  • Single author

    • Local authoring

    • Remote publishing to Web server

      • Server Extensions NOT installed: FTP

      • Server Extensions INSTALLED

Local authoring and testing l.jpg
Local Authoring And Testing

  • Extensions on local machine

    • Local authoring and Web management

    • Local testing for browse-time components

    • Optional: Lightweight FrontPage-based personal Web in workgroup

Web authoring local l.jpg

Author and Manage


Web Authoring - Local

Test & Preview


Optional: Workgroup users browse your lightweight personal Web



Personal Web Server



Hard Disk

Local Workstation

Local authoring remote publishing l.jpg
Local Authoring, Remote Publishing

  • Extensions on local machine

    • Local authoring

    • Local FrontPage component testing

  • Publish to remote Web Server

    • Works best with Server Extensions

    • Extensions not required on remote Web Server: Publish via FTP

    • No Browse-time FrontPage components without Extensions

Local authoring remote publishing13 l.jpg
Local Authoring, Remote Publishing

  • Extensions on remote Web server

    • Smart publishing receptor

    • Additional 5% enhanced browse-time functionality

      • Save-results form to file and e-mail

      • Search

      • Hit counter

      • Discussion group

Remote publishing authoring l.jpg

Intranet or WPPWeb Server

Publish via HTTP

Internet Information Server


Hard Disk

Server Machine

Remote Publishing & Authoring




Publish via FTP



Incremental Authoring & Publishing

(NO browse-time functionality)

FULL browse-

time functionality

Personal Web Server


Hard Disk

Local Workstation

Web authoring and publishing scenarios15 l.jpg
Web Authoring And Publishing Scenarios

  • Team authoring

    • Author local, publish to shared server

      • Extensions not required but recommended

    • Author against shared server

      • Extensions on shared server

      • No publishing - live authoring

Team authoring l.jpg
Team Authoring

  • Extensions recommended on shared server

    • Live authoring and management over network or Internet

    • Workgroup functionality: Conflicts, Todo

    • Browse-time FrontPage components

    • Version control with Visual SourceSafe™

  • Extensions on workstation

    • Useful for offline authoring and testing

    • Not required

Shared server model l.jpg

Hard Disk

Optional: Propagate to production server

Server Machine

Shared Server Model

ProductionIntranet or ISPWeb Server

Workstations - FrontPage Clients

Internet Information Server


Authoring or StagingServer (IIS)




Hard Disk

Server Machine

Team authoring18 l.jpg
Team Authoring

  • Options:

    • Staging server - prop to production server

      • Validation

      • Security

    • Version Control - Check-in/Check-out

    • Review process

Deploying content structure l.jpg
Deploying: Content Structure

  • FrontPage-based Web concept

  • Web usage scenarios and storage layout

  • Implementation on Internet Information Server

Frontpage based webs l.jpg
FrontPage-Based Webs

  • All HTML, images, and other files for a Web site

  • Subfolders available

  • Scope of FrontPage:

    • Authoring

    • File and link management

    • Security

    • Publishing

    • FrontPage component functionality

Usage scenarios www l.jpg
Usage Scenarios: WWW

  • Per-user subwebs (a la AOL, GeoCities)


    • Large number hosted on one machine

  • Virtual server per user


    • Usually several to many per machine

  • Dedicated server per organization


Www folder structure l.jpg

C:\InetPub\wwwroot default.htm\scripts signup.asp

Root Web:

\ArcadiaBay default.htm\products product1.htm

Virtual ServerArcadia Bay WWW Presence:

WWW Folder Structure

Hard Drive Storage

Web Structure

\Contoso default.htm

Virtual ServerContoso Pharmaceuticals Web:

Usage scenarios intranet l.jpg
Usage Scenarios: Intranet

  • Server per project/department

    • http://arcadianet

    • Root area maintained by Webmasters

  • Project/Department subwebs

    • arcadianet/HR

    • arcadianet/Finance

    • Subwebs for workgroups divide authoring responsibility and permissions

Intranet folder structure l.jpg
Intranet Folder Structure

Hard Drive Storage

Web Structure

C:\InetPub\wwwroot default.htm companylogo.gif\scripts search.asp

  • Root Web:http://arcadianet/

  • Index of departments

  • Global scripts

C:\InetPub\wwwroot\hr default.htm\policies hrpolicy.doc

Human Resources subweb:




Finance Product Group:


Root webs and subwebs l.jpg
Root Webs And Subwebs

  • Root Webs

    • One per virtual server

  • Subwebs

    • Many subwebs per virtual server

  • No functional difference for user browsing or authoring Web

Root web l.jpg
Root Web

  • One root Web per virtual server

  • Content folder defined by the virtual root

    • C:\InetPub\wwwroot

    • Other arbitrary locations for multihosted servers

  • Access via

Subwebs l.jpg

  • Stored as a sub-folder of root Web content folder

    • Access as http://server/subwebname

C:\InetPub\wwwroot default.htm

Root Web: http://arcadianet

C:\InetPub\wwwroot\sales default.htm\promotions

Arcadia Bay Sales subweb:


Subwebs28 l.jpg

  • Logically excluded from root Web authoring space

  • Nested subwebs: Extensions do not allow

  • Can inherit permissions from root Web

  • Number of subwebs: No hard-coded limit

Deployment installation l.jpg
Deployment: Installation

  • Get the extensions

  • Basic installation

  • Configure servers

  • Upgrade issues

  • Finishing details

Get the extensions l.jpg
Get The Extensions

  • FrontPage client product

    • Client setup installs Extensions locally

  • Windows NT® 4.0 Option Pack, Internet Information Server 4.0

    • Integrated Extensions setup

  • Windows® and UNIX Extensions setup kits


Basic installation l.jpg
Basic Installation

  • Get the FrontPage 98 Server Extensions Resource Kit (SERK)

    • At minimum read Security and Installation sections

  • Run Installer to copy Extensions to HD

  • Create virtual servers

  • Configure each virtual server

Configuring servers with extensions l.jpg
Configuring Servers With Extensions

  • Setup automatically configures single-hosted servers

  • If multihosted, or adding new virtual server, use:

    • FrontPage Server Administrator

    • Remote HTML Administration Forms

  • Create subwebs with FrontPage Explorer

Upgrade issues l.jpg
Upgrade Issues

  • When required

    • New version of extensions for each client version

    • Intermediate patches and updates

  • Compatibility

    • New client with old extensions

    • New extensions with old client

  • Setup automatically upgrades

  • May reparse content

Frontpage 98 server extensions improvements l.jpg
FrontPage 98 Server Extensions Improvements

  • No memory leaks

  • Quicker to install

  • New remote HTML Administration Forms

  • Better scalability and robustness

    • Open Web not a limitation

Frontpage 98 scalability l.jpg
FrontPage 98 Scalability

  • No hard-coded subweb or file limits

    • May hit Internet Information Server limits

  • Possible scalability limits

    • Recalculate hyperlinks - linear scaling

    • Saving change to shared border on many-paged Web (~ 2 pages / second)

  • Break up content into different subwebs

Finishing details l.jpg
Finishing Details

  • Web-specific options in FRONTPG.INI

  • Visual SourceSafe integration for Web

  • E-mail transport

  • Import existing documents

  • HTML Administration Forms

  • Security

Agenda37 l.jpg

  • Server Extensions Tasks

  • Server Extensions Architecture

  • Deploying

  • Security

  • Site Management

  • Integration with Internet Information Server technologies

Security l.jpg

  • FrontPage Security Model

  • Implementation with Internet Information Server

  • Security Management Strategies

    • Custom ACLs

Frontpage security model l.jpg
FrontPage Security Model

  • Uses Web server security system

    • No homegrown FrontPage security mechanism

  • Permissions groups

    • Users: Browse Web content

    • Authors: Manipulate files and directories

    • Administrators: Create new subwebs, change permissions

  • Permissions are cumulative

Frontpage and internet information server security process l.jpg
FrontPage And Internet Information Server Security Process

  • Internet Information Server authenticates user

    • Basic, Windows NT Challenge/Response, DPA

  • Internet Information Server Impersonates Windows NT user account

  • FP sends HTTP request to one of three DLLs:

    • Administer: admin.dll

    • Author: author.dll

    • Browse: shtml.dll

  • Internet Information Server grants/denies access based on ACL of target DLL file

  • FP reads/writes content files based on request

Frontpage acl management l.jpg
FrontPage ACL Management

  • FP manages FP DLL ACLs

    • Maintain admin/author/browse

    • Protect FP configuration info: _vti_*

  • FP manages content ACLs

    • Conservative settings for max security

    • Authors/Administrators get read, write, delete (RWD)

    • Browsers get read (R)

  • See SERK for specific list

Permissions management strategies l.jpg
Permissions Management Strategies

  • Permissions managed by FrontPage

    • FP Admins use Tools | Permissions command

    • FP controls content ACLs

  • Best Practices

    • Separate subwebs  finer control

    • Use Windows NT Groups for easiest maintenance

Permissions management strategies43 l.jpg
Permissions Management Strategies

  • Staging server/Production server

    • FrontPage manages staging server security

    • Production server uses custom settings

  • Manual/Custom management

Custom acls l.jpg
Custom ACLs

  • Use FP one time to add Windows NT groups for Admins/Authors/Browsers

  • Disable FrontPage security

    • FP Tools/Permissions overwrites custom ACLs

    • No FP Administrators

  • Manage ACLs with Windows Shell, cacls.exe

Custom acl cautions l.jpg
Custom ACL Cautions

  • Windows shell replaces ACLs, not merge

  • Use Recursive Replace with care

  • Do not overwrite key ACLs on

    • FrontPage DLLs

    • _vti_* directories

  • Understand Internet Information Server Anonymous account vs. EVERYONE

Custom acl downsides l.jpg
Custom ACL Downsides

  • Can easily get to state where:

    • Security worse than default FrontPage configuration

    • FrontPage doesn’t work

  • Recovery steps:

    • Use Check and Fix command

    • Uninstall Server Extensions, Fix ACLs, then reinstall

Agenda47 l.jpg

  • Server Extensions Tasks

  • Server Extensions Architecture

  • Deploying

  • Security

  • Site Management

  • Integration with Internet Information Server technologies

Frontpage server extensions related tools l.jpg
FrontPage Server Extensions Related Tools

  • FrontPage Server Administrator

    • fpsrvwin.exe

  • Command line server administrator

    • fpsrvadm.exe

  • Remote administration HTML forms

Maintenance of server extensions l.jpg
Maintenance Of Server Extensions

  • “Check & Fix Web” feature in Server Administrator

  • Reinstall Server Extensions to correct corrupted Extensions

  • Enable/disable authoring

  • Files to know

    • frontpg.ini - various FrontPage settings

Recalcing webs l.jpg
Recalcing Webs

  • Recalcing Web reparses each page to repair or rebuild:

    • Link map, WAIS index, Navigation Bars, FrontPage Components, Shared Borders, etc.

  • Normally not necessary, unless working outside of FrontPage

    • File System, FTP

  • Linear scaling, possibly high server load

Agenda51 l.jpg

  • Server Extensions Tasks

  • Server Extensions Architecture

  • Deploying

  • Security

  • Site Management

  • Integration with Internet Information Server technologies

Active server pages l.jpg
Active Server Pages

  • FrontPage 98 Server Extensions don’t corrupt ASP

    • Safe to store ASP documents

  • Opening ASP in Editor may corrupt

    • Partial HTML tags, unclosed HTML tags

  • Workarounds

    • Encapsulate ASP in WebBot® Component meta-tags

    • DTC, WebBot Component wrapper

Other technologies l.jpg
Other Technologies

  • Index Server

    • Possible search engines

      • Index Server if installed

      • Built-in WAIS

    • Builds IDQ files automatically

  • Forms to SMTP e-mail

Version control with microsoft visual sourcesafe l.jpg
Version Control With Microsoft Visual SourceSafe

FrontPage 98

Visual InterDev

FrontPage 97



OLE Automation




VSS repository

Web staging server

The frontpage 98 serk l.jpg
The FrontPage 98 SERK

  • Definitive source for in-depth Server Extensions info for Windows and UNIX

    • Security, Installation, and Administration

    • Troubleshooting, Config Settings, more

  • Where:

    • FrontPage 98 CD in \SERK directory


  • Read Security and Installation sections

Other frontpage resources l.jpg
Other FrontPage Resources

  • Server Extensions Web site


  • FrontPage SDK

    • FrontPage 98 CD in \SDK directory

  • Newsgroups