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Education Programs that CSI CEN has Verified Meet the Highest Industry Standards ... A Registered Provider Program that encompasses the ENTIRE building industry ...

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  • Education
  • Network (CEN)



What Does CEN Offer

Construction Professionals

  • Education Programs that CSI CEN has Verified Meet the Highest Industry Standards
  • Web-based Searching by Topic, Occupation and Provider
  • CSI CEU’s and HSW Continuing Education Credits Accepted by many Licensing, Certification and Accreditation Agencies
  • Easy-to-use Management System for Tracking Personal Transcripts

What Does CEN Offer


  • Reach Thousands of Construction Professionals with your Program
  • User-friendly Program Submission and Tools That Cut Costs by Reducing Administrative Work
  • Achieve Universally Recognized Quality Standards
  • Offer Continuing Education Credits for Licensure and Certification Renewals
csi cen 2009 provider types
CSI CEN 2009 Provider Types


An organization, association, manufacturer or service provider that conducts educational programs for credit, nationally and/or internationally.



An organization, manufacturer or service provider that conductseducational programs for credit, within one designated region (as defined by CSI).

NOTE: Regional providers are subject to random compliance audits with regards to regional restrictions.


Academia /Government/Non-Profit

An accredited school, university or college, government or nonprofit association that conducts educational programs for credit.


csi cen 2009 provider types6
CSI CEN 2009 Provider Types

AEC DesignFirm / GC

A medium to large sized design firm, with its own training

unit, that conducts educational programs for credit to their

employees only.


Affiliate Divisions of governmental or chapters of non-profit organizations sponsored by a related CSI CEN Registered Provider that conduct educational programs for credit.

IMPORTANT: Please review the information provided in the CSI CEN Registered Provider Manual to confirm your eligibility.

Provided as a professional courtesy

csi cen7

A Registered Provider Program that encompasses the ENTIRE building industry

Those who require continuing education credit:

91,000 Architects/Specifiers

893,000 Engineers/Specifiers

25,000 Landscape Architects

65,000 Interior Designers

710,000 Contractors

Plus other professionals, such as product reps, owners and facility managers

Reach approximately 1.75 million professionals

through one program!

state licensing
State Licensing

CSI CEN is Aggressively Working with State Architect and Engineering Boards to Pre-approve HSW Courses Registered with CSI CEN for Continuing Education Requirements

CSI CEN has been approved by…

The Oklahoma Board of Architects, Landscape Architects, and Interior Designers

Ohio Architects Board

North Carolina Board of Architecture

Florida Board of Architecture and Interior Design

benefits to csi chapters
Benefits to CSI Chapters
  • Grow your Chapter Education Programs with a National Searchable Database
    • Others can see and register for your chapter education programs.
    • Use any speaker and/or search for programs in your area to bring to your chapter meetings.
  • Offer Solutions to Members and Non-members
  • Reduce Administration Time with User-friendly Program Submission and Completion Certificate Tools
  • Dedicated Technical and Support Services Available by Phone, E-mail and/or Web

We welcome you to join the only

provider program that reaches

the entire building industry!

Questions? Please contact:

Jeff Iwankow at (888) 861-6067

or Erica Smedley Cox at (703) 706-4732


To Apply or Register with CSI CEN