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Chemistry: more than just white coats PowerPoint Presentation
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Chemistry: more than just white coats

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Chemistry: more than just white coats - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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process chemist. research and development chemist. pharmaceutical chemist. instrumentation ... synthesizing test compounds, forwarding them to biologists for ...

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What valuable skills can you develop by studying chemistry?










Communication skills


ICT skills

Problem solving

Teamworking skills


Some careers using chemistry

analytical chemist

process chemist

atmospheric chemist

research and development chemist

chemical engineer

pharmaceutical chemist

clinical biochemist

instrumentation technician

cosmetic scientist

materials scientist


nuclear scientist


environmental chemist


forensic chemist

food scientist

formulation chemist

molecular biologist

health and safety adviser


marine chemist

medical laboratory scientist





How else could you use your skills?








Using your skills outside the laboratory


civil servant

science teacher


computer programmer


university lecturer



information scientist



patent attorney


science writer

technical sales executive

computer systems analyst

marketing and sales manager


Career profiles

Lab chemist


Patent attorney


Profiles on the web


In profile

Lab chemist

Research chemists explore and invent new products and processes


One type of lab chemist is a medicinal chemist.

As a medicinal chemist, I use my knowledge of chemistry, biochemistry and physiology to find solutions to health-related problems.

  • My everyday work involves:synthesizing new drugs for treating disease
  • synthesizing test compounds, forwarding them to biologists for screening and using the results to decide on my next step
  • working at the cutting edge of
  • drug discovery.
  • I am sometimes in the office, sometimes in the lab and occasionally at conferences. The work is very varied and no two days are ever the same.

My qualifications

MChem in Medicinal Chemistry.


In profile


Every day is different – a stimulating and demanding career


My work really is never the same two days in a row – every day is unique.

My main tasks include:

•preparing and teaching chemistry lessons

•marking and assessing work

•managing the science department, liaising with the heads of other departments and monitoring standards achieved by staff and students

•supporting teachers and technicians

•administration (and inevitably discipline).

My qualifications

BSc honours degree in Chemistry. PhD in Chemistry.

PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) in Chemistry and Science.


In profile

Patent attorney

As well as technical knowledge, good communication skills are vital


I wanted a career that would draw on my science background and would also make use of my good communication skills.

Working as a patent attorney is challenging and uses all my skills.

I am involved in:

•providing protection for inventions by writing and prosecuting patent applications

•liaising with inventors from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries

•advising clients on their patent strategy.

My qualifications

BSc (double honours) degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry.

PhD in Bio-organic Chemistry.

Postgraduate Certificate in Intellectual Property. Patent Agents’ Practice, advanced level examination. European Qualifying Exams (to become a European Patent Attorney).


In profile

A chemical science qualification is a good training for a career in marketing; employers value the key skills of numeracy, problem solving and communication that are an integral part of all chemistry courses

Marketing project manager


Marketing is about identifying the needs and goals of a customer and producing a product that satisfies those criteria.

My job involves:

•market research, product design and pricing

•promotion and distribution of the final product

•working with people in different countries and coordinating activities across departments.

Every day brings different challenges!

My qualifications

Masters degree in Chemical Engineering. Advanced Certificate in Marketing from the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing). Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from the CIM.


How to find out more

Education Department

Royal Society of Chemistry

Burlington House, Piccadilly

London W1J 0BA.

Tel: 020 7440 3344

Fax: 020 7287 9825

E-mail: with careers information, homework help and games of chemical scientists in all sorts of careers about all aspects of chemistry and the chemical sciences

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