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Broadcast Television

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Virtually anywhere electricity is available, there are tv sets ... Orbit Television (relationship with Al Jazeera?) TV & Public Diplomacy

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Broadcast Television

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broadcast television

Broadcast Television

Whither thou goest?

broadcast tv penetration
Broadcast TV Penetration
  • 2nd most prevalent medium globally
  • Historical roots in broadcast radio
  • Virtually anywhere electricity is available, there are tv sets
challenges opportunities
Challenges & Opportunities
  • Competing ICTs
  • Problems faced by broadcast TV networks in US
  • Survival strategies for US broadcast TV networks
problems faced by tv broadcast networks in us
Problems faced by TV broadcast networks in US
  • Diminishing audiences
  • Falling advertising revenues
  • Reduced overall influence
  • Telecommunications Act of 1996
    • Increased competition
    • TV networks targets for takeover
  • Network-Affiliate tensions
survival strategies for us broadcast tv networks
Survival Strategies for US Broadcast TV Networks
  • Expanding overseas operations
    • Backlash on “cultural imperialism”
  • Extending int’l distribution via Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) networks & Direct to Home (DTH) service in Europe, Asia, Latin America
  • Expanding programming
  • Entering new markets
    • E.g. CIS, Eastern Europe
  • Seeking partners
    • Cable-Broadcast alliances
direct to home dth broadcasting
Direct to Home (DTH) Broadcasting
  • Access limits
  • Control issues
  • Why international audiences tune in
government satellite tv
Government Satellite TV
  • Preceded by int’l radio broadcasting
    • Purposes: instrument of foreign policy; mirror of society; symbolic presence; coercer & intimidator educator; entertainer; seller of goods & services
  • Begun in 1980s
    • UK: BBC World Service (protested/banned in China & Saudi Arabia)
    • US: US Information Agency WorldNet; Merged with Voice of America Radio/TV in 1998
commercial satellite tv
Commercial Satellite TV
  • US: CNN
  • UK: Independent Television News (ITN)
  • Sky News
  • Orbit Television (relationship with Al Jazeera?)
tv public diplomacy
TV & Public Diplomacy

“If you can write a nation’s [the world’s?] stories, you needn’t worry about who makes its laws…” George Gerbner

  • Governmental, NGO and Corporate actors all seek to influence public opinion via TV
    • Policies & news framing
    • Paid advertising
    • Events that will ensure media attention
  • Concept of “Soft Power” by Joseph Nye
soft power
Soft Power
  • Herb Schiller: governments frequently benefit from private forms of public diplomacy
  • Joseph Nye: The US can benefit from the “soft power” of its cultural industries, software, and media
terrorism public diplomacy
Terrorism & Public Diplomacy
  • Terrorism can be considered “low-level warfare”
  • Unlikely to achieve military-type objectives
  • But very likely to garner global media attention, thus draw public attention to a cause

-->Terrorist act as media event

questions for discussion
Questions for Discussion:
  • How would WST & ECT theorists assess Al Jazeera?
  • What should the US broadcast and satellite networks do with Al Jazeera materials from groups like Al Qaeda & Chechen separatists?
  • Should the US government be involved in establishing policy on this?
future of int l broadcasting
Future of Int’l Broadcasting

Because of the proliferation of publics, electronic media, & groups with internationally focused causes to publicize

Use of broadcasting likely to increase:

  • For explicit public diplomacy
  • For less overt political purposes
    • E.g. Entertaining, informing, selling goods & advertising
    • Allied Media Corp. & Al Jazeera