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Bluegrass Music

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Musical Instruments. Bluegrass Culture. A local bluegrass band ... instruments are used in bluegrass music? A Brief History of Bluegrass Music. Bluegrass ...

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Bluegrass Music

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bluegrass music

Bluegrass Music

By Amanda Dugan

table of contents
Table of Contents
  • Learning outcomes
  • A brief history of bluegrass music
  • Musical Instruments
  • Bluegrass Culture
  • A local bluegrass band
  • Resources
learning outcomes
Learning Outcomes
  • Where did bluegrass music come from?
  • What makes makes bluegrass culture unique?
  • What instruments are used in bluegrass music?
a brief history of bluegrass music
A Brief History of Bluegrass Music

Bluegrass music started in the Appalachian

Mountains in the 1950’s. It came from

mountain music which was around a long

time before that. Bill Monroe, a mandolin

player, is considered the father of bluegrass

music. He started a band called The Bluegrass

Boys, named after the bluegrass state,


musical instruments used in bluegrass music
Musical Instruments Used in Bluegrass Music






bluegrass culture
Bluegrass Culture

The culture surrounding bluegrass music is

fun and friendly! People from around the

country gather at festivals to enjoy music and

friendship. Dancing, homemade crafts, and

good food are common in bluegrass culture.

Bluegrass “stars” are often found talking to

fans and playing together in informal jams.

green mountain grass

A local bluegrass band from Urbana, Green Mountain

Grass plays both traditional and original bluegrass. Visit their website at