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Anthony Perkins Director Business Systems Insurance Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Anthony Perkins Director Business Systems Insurance Services

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Anthony Perkins Director Business Systems Insurance Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Switzerland, Hong Kong SAR, Monaco, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Singapore and the Channel Islands. HSBC ... Middle East, United Kingdom. Pensions/ Actuarial Consultancy. Bermuda, ...

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Anthony Perkins


Business Systems – Insurance Services

HSBC Technology & Services

the hsbc group
The HSBC Group
  • Who we are The HSBC Group is one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world, with well established businesses in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa.
  • Head office HSBC Holdings plc is incorporated in England, with its head office in London.
  • International brand The establishment in 1999 of HSBC as a uniform, international brand name ensured that the Group’s corporate symbol has become an increasingly familiar sight across the world. HSBC differentiates its brand from those of its competitors by describing the unique characteristics which distinguish HSBC, summarized by the words ‘The world’s local bank’.
  • Assets US$1,502 billion, an increase of US$222 billion, or 17 per cent,
    • since 31 December 2004
  • Profit (pre-tax) US$20.9666 billion, an increase of US$2.023 billion, or 11 per cent, over 2004.
  • Capital strength Tier 1 capital ratio: 9.0% & Total capital ratio: 12.8%
  • International reach Over 9,700 offices worldwide.
  • Staff More than 260,000 employees in 77 countries and territories.
  • Customers More than 110 million worldwide, with a total e-customer base of
          • over 20 million.
hsbc technology facts
HSBC Technology Facts
  • HTS – HSBC Technology Services
    • Centers of Excellence
    • Domain Owners
  • HSBC is a major user of advanced technology
  • 20,000+ IT staff all over the world
  • $3.8 billion USD annual technology spend in 2005
  • HSBC maintains its own private telecommunications network – one of the world’s largest – to deliver IT services to customers and staff globally
  • HSBC’s web sites attracted more than 600 million visits in the first 6 months of 2005
  • e-Channel includes Internet, PC banking & Telephone Banking versus fixed and mobile phones
technology challenges opportunities of a global organization
Technology Challenges/Opportunitiesof a Global Organization
  • Challenges in integrating a woven web of diverse architecturally different legacy/point systems
    • use of “Group” systems
    • R2 standards and reuse strategy
    • control and standards over architectural diversification
    • Global standards across diverse markets and products (e.g. HUB)
    • wide array of compliance and regulatory rules
    • cultural differences, e.g. Sharia Islamic law
  • Focus on Global standards & Integration sometimes overshadows business needs
  • Reuse strategy lowers development cost, hasten delivery times and facilitate global integration
  • Global initiatives on common regulatory requirements, e.g. Basel II, Anti Money Laundering, Anti Terrorist, and SOX
insurance in hsbc
Insurance in HSBC
  • Globally, HSBC offers a wide array of Personal & Commercial Insurance Products:
    • P&C
    • Life
    • Health
    • Accident
    • Income Protection
    • Credit
    • Education
    • Travel
    • Office Insurance
    • Golfer’s Insurance
    • Helper (Domestic Helper) Insurance
    • Etc.

HSBC Group Insurance – Global Presence

Business Type

Countries and territories

Life Insurance Underwriting

Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Ireland,

Malta, Mexico, Singapore, United Kingdom,

United States

Life Re-insurance Underwriting

Cayman Islands, Ireland, Singapore, United States

Non-Life Underwriting

Argentina, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Macao,

Mexico, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States

Non-Life Re-insurance Underwriting

Guernsey, Ireland, United States


Saudi Arabia, Malaysia

Medical Insurance Underwriting

Hong Kong

Insurance Broking

Bermuda, Cyprus, Hong Kong, India, Korea,

Middle East, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan,

United Kingdom

Pensions/ Actuarial Consultancy

Middle East, United Kingdom

Pensions Administration

Argentina, Brazil, Hong Kong, Isle of Man, Mexico,

United Kingdom


Australia, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Czech Republic,

Egypt, France, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia,

Malaysia, Malta, New Zealand, Pakistan, Panama,

Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland,

Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States,


Captive Insurance


Captive Management

Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Guernsey


HSBC Group Insurance – Global Business


Asia Pacific

North America

South America










Attributable Profit






US$ m

US$ m

US$ m

US$ m

US$ m

Policies - Personal






Policies Commercial





In 2005, Insurance accounted for 11.15% of HSBC Group's Attributable Profit


Insurance in HSBC, North American Strategy

  • Execute flawlessly on the cornerstone of our business
  • Rebuild a sustainable business model around e-commerce, telesales
  • Build a reinsurance business complementary to other HSBC customer groups
  • Continuous improvement in everything we do – faster, better, cheaper
  • Develop/enhance product solutions for all Bank customer groups
  • Create a nationwide agency sales force offering a wide variety of insurance

Insurance in HSBC, North American Distribution Channels

  • Bank Branches
    • Personal Financial Services
    • Commercial Banking
  • Consumer Lending
  • Credit Card Services
  • Auto Finance
  • Mortgage Services
  • Securities Brokerage
  • Private Banking
  • Direct – Internet
  • Retail Services
  • Taxpayer Financial Services
  • Agency

HTS (HSBC Technology Services) Challenges

  • Varied customer segments –
    • different affordability levels,
    • different objectives/needs
    • diversified insurance product basket for different customer segment/needs
  • Relationship based selling across a wide spectrum of businesses - cross selling to all product lines customers
  • Multi-channel desktop (underway)
  • Optimization & cost efficiency of back office
  • Global Data Warehouse to support customer demographics and propensity analytics (data driven approach to selling)
  • Differentiated Customer experience
  • IPortal initiative – componentization and reuse of common functionality
  • Personalization through any channel
  • Self service selling – KIOSK
  • Carrier Integration
  • Online applications for Life Insurance

Our Insurance Agency Distribution Strategy

  • Leverage on 48 million Household customers
  • Direct-to-consumer distribution channel
  • Broad range of Life & Health insurance products
  • Needs-based, consultative selling strategy
  • Establish joint marketing partnership with a best in class, well recognized, trusted top manufacturer and national distributor
    • HSBC card carrying agents
    • HSBC branded product brochures

Why E-Z Data

  • Comprehensive Agency Management System
  • Support Life insurance
  • Robust commission module
  • Case Management
  • CRM & Marketing functions
  • Built-in Reporting functionality
  • Architecture
  • Shared environment model – quick implementation for a pilot

HSBC and E-Z Data Implementation– Fast Forward

  • Appointment Manager supporting appointment scheduling through self service KIOSK
  • Robust Commission requirements to support different commission models from different business lines
  • Smart Integrator to ease integration with other Bank Systems.
  • EZ-Data, a potential component in the IPortal
  • Varied EZ-Data implementation to support different lines of businesses
  • Facilitate carrier integration
  • Enforce compliance requirements


  • Leverage on business partners:
    • Similar culture
    • Results-driven orientation
    • Robust technology that fits your architecture
  • E-Z Data and AIG, partners we feel positive about