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  1. Aeroplanes And their problems

  2. MILLIONS… • Did you know… • More than 10 million people in Europe use aeroplanes and airports every single day. Have you ever thought of the effect this has on the world?

  3. Did You Ever Think… Last time you went on holiday to a warm tropical sunny beach I bet you thought YEY! What a lovely time I’m going to have. Not NOOO! Can you imagine how much pollution is going to be put into the air to get me there? It is sad but that is what you should have thought. It doesn't sound important when you hear it for the millionth time but it is desperately important since we and all other animals are going to die if we don’t stop it. Aeroplanes are one of the greatest inventions of all time but they are also one of the worst as that is one of the main sources of pollution. This is what this project is all about.

  4. Displays • Have you ever seen a synchronised aeroplane display? If you have you will know how lovely it looks; if you haven’t you will probably think I am talking martian. Well a synchronised flying display is when several aeroplanes fly together, their vapour trails making a pattern. Sometimes that pattern is coloured to add to the effect. This is very bad for the atmosphere!

  5. AIRPORTS • You may think for all the aeroplane’s problems surely there can’t be a problem with Airports but sadly there is. Airports are huge nearly the biggest buildings there are and they take up a vast amount of space, destroying thousands of animals habitats and that’s only the beginning. Once you add the car parks, it’s destroying millions of animals habitats and once you add all the roads joining up to it, it’s gazillions worse. I’m sorry if you want that in technical terms; we don’t know but you get the picture, not all aeroplane problems are caused in the air!

  6. Bad Goods Next time you go shopping with your Mum and you pick up a pair of jeans, I bet you never thought to look at the label saying where it was made. If you did you would find almost ninety eight percent of food, furniture and clothing is made in foreign countries like China. This is VERY bad for the environment (China is a very long way away!) as some of the goods are flown in to England – others are brought to us in cargo ships. You get the message; look for a pair of jeans made in England !

  7. You can make a difference? • Why did any one put a question mark after that? Of course you can make a difference. Next time… • Persuade your parents to take you to Scotland instead of Miami; you and your parents will be surprised at all the fun you will have. • Try to find a pair of jeans that are made in England; if not wait a while or find them in a charity shop.

  8. By Sophie and Charlotte Stella Bye for now!!

  9. p.s Listen to our advice