How To Cook With Wood
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How To Cook With Wood Fired Pizza Oven - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wood fired pizza ovens are used extensively, now a day. Hardwoods like Jarrah and Whitegum are ideal for usage in these ovens due to their density. For a new user, operating these ovens can be a complex process. The entire procedure for cooking pizza in these ovens has been discussed briefly.

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How To Cook With Wood

Fired Pizza Oven

Choosing Wood

Hardwoods like jarrah and

whitegum are a good option

because of their density. Avoid

laminated woods, painted

woods, chemically treated

woods, etc. Dryness is another

function you can look at.

Creating the Fire

Build your fire using 7-9 sticks of

dry kindling, a couple of fire

lighters and two pieces of

medium sized wood. Once the

fire is established more medium-

sized wood a can be added and

you can wait for 20 minutes.

Getting Ready to Cook

Use your oven rake for

allowing cold air into the oven

which helps to maintain even

cooking temperatures. It also

enhances visibility and before

placing the food in the oven,

previous ash residue must be

completely removed.

Testing the Temperature

There are various methods

for testing the temperature of

the cooking surface before

starting cooking like using

temperature gauge, throw-in

a pinch of flour and counting

how long it takes to smoke


Maintaining Heat While Cooking

Keep a live flame going all the

time. Add wood to the fire

every 15 – 30 minutes. A

perfect, browned, crispy base,

melted top will appear in few


Cooking with Retained Heat

Once you have finished preparing

the pizza you can also use the

oven for baking breads and slow

roasting. Remove the hot coals

and close the oven door.

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