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The Immigrant Institute.

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The Immigrant Institute

¤ The Immigrant Institute is a non- governmental organization that functions as the National research and documentation center for Immigrants and Refugees in Sweden. ¤ In addition, the Immigrant Institute also functions as a secretariat for other immigrant organizations. ¤ The Institute was founded in 1973 in Stockholm and relocated to Borås in 1975.

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The Library

The library at the Immigrant Institute contains an extensiveamount of resources concerning immigration, with a focus on Sweden as an immigrant country.

The Collection of Works by Immigrated AuthorsThere are approximately 800 fictional writers represented in a collection of more than four thousand works. The Collection of Immigration MagazinesThe Periodicals department contains over 1,000 different magazines and papers.

Media clipThe Immigrant Institute’s archives contain approximately 50,000 media clips pertaining to immigrant and refugee issues.

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The Archives

The archives contains immigrant organization information, press releases, information from the Swedish local and national authorities and other material about or created by Immigrants.

Archives on Immigrated Cultural Workers

The special section on immigrated cultural workers represents about 2000 persons. The section contains media clips, inquires, short biographies, etc and the numbers continue to grow. A few writers have donated their collection of letters and manuscripts to the Institute to be held in the archive, including the Bolay and Allwood Collections.

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The Museum

ExhibitsThe Institute has three permanent exhibits. One exhibit illustrating the history of the Walloons in Sweden, the other presenting some cultural workers and the third displays the contribution and history of Immigrants in Borås from 1621 until now. The Institute has successfully arranged exhibitions of immigrant artists throughout the years.

Immigrant ArtThere are about 50 Immigrant artists represented by their own works. Some of these works are on display at our facility.

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Book storeThe Immigrant Publishing House presents here books and other products that we distribute: More than 27 languages, from arabic to urdu from 40 publishers


All the events organized by immigrant organizations or on migration, conferences, seminars, exhibits, meetings

Intercultural CommunicationThe goal of the journal is to promote research but also education and training in the area of intercultural communication

Magazine Invandrarrapport

The Immigrant Institute’s journal on migration

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Organizations cooperating with the Immigrant Institute:

The National Federation of Immigrants in SwedenIRF was founded in 1973. Both private persons and immigrant associations of different nationalities can be members.IRF is built on the solidarity among the different immigration groups.

International Artists in Sweden

IKIS was founded the 30th of April 1 1978.

IKIS participate in the permanent exibition of immigrated cultural workers at the House of Immigrants in Borås as well as the construction of an artists archive managed by the Immigrant Institute.

The Federation of Immigrant Authors in SwedenSVIFF was founded in 1974. It is a non-political organization and represents all immigrated authors´ common interest in Sweden. A special collection of the works of immigrant authors is located in the library at the Immigrant Institute.

Sites in immi se l.jpg

Asylum and refugeesA site with all the information available about asylum in Sweden as well as links to other countriesRacismInformation on racism, debate, organisations against racismEmigration and immigrationLinks to pages providing information about emigration and immigration, statistics and reports

Sites in immi se9 l.jpg
Sites in

IMER ResearchAll the research on migration and racism in Sweden and in the Nordic countries, dissertations, conferences

Culture and literature

Cultural net on organisations, authors, artists. More than 1000 immigrant authors and 200 artists

Community information to immigrants

Community information to immigrants, Swedish learning, education, internet and so on

Political participation of the immigrants

Political parties, immigrants in parliament and communities, political participation, elections

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Sites in

Laws on migration

Here all the laws concerning immigranst as well as proposals, reports to the parliament

The Mass media and immigrantsDaily links to articles about immigrants, refugees and racism in the Swedish mass media

Associations and authorities in SwedenList of all kinds of organisations at the national and the local level

Europe - and immigrantsLinks about activities in the European context