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SPI, CERISE and PROSPERA Promoting Social Performance from Practitioners’ Perspective: Advancement and next steps. SOCIAL PERFORMANCE TASK FORCE MEETING June 17-18, 2008 - Paris. CERISE and PROSPERA.

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SPI, CERISE and PROSPERAPromoting Social Performance from Practitioners’ Perspective: Advancement and next steps


June 17-18, 2008 - Paris

Cerise and prospera l.jpg

  • Cerise (1998): Network for exchanging and disseminating good practices in MF (French & International partners)

    • Topics: Governance, impact and social performance, rural and agricultural finance

  • ProsperA - PROmotion of Social PERformance, An Alliance of Practitioners: Develops the culture and practices of SP via the capacity-building of MFIs & networks on the basis of the SPI tool, governance & impact assessment

    • Members: 40 members (1/3 networks, 1/3 MFIs, 1/3 support organisations & investors)

Spi social performance indicators a questionnaire to measure sp l.jpg
SPI – Social Performance IndicatorsA questionnaire to measure SP

  • Principles: simplicity, internal info, standardization, external check, designed with and forMFIs

  • Contents: a questionnaire and a companion guide(available on www.cerise-microfinance.org)

  • 4 key dimensions :

    • Outreach

    • Adaptation of products

    • Social capital

    • Social responsibility

Analysis decision tools for prospera l.jpg
Analysis & decision tools for ProsperA

Social Ratings

(External check)

Analysis of governance

Decision making

Preparation of decision





SP assessment


Impact assessment

1 Outreach

  • Adaptation of services

  • Benefits for clients

  • MFI Social Responsibility

At each stage, evaluation takes

into account the 4 key dimensions

1 the new version of spi l.jpg
1 – The New Version of SPI

  • Clarification (format, definitions, examples) for easier appropriation by MFIs, networks, investors and donors

  • Total compatibility with Mix Social Indicators

  • Better balance between economical and socio-political benefits for clients (Dimension 3)

  • New issues in MF: consumer protection, cost of services, environmental responsibility

  • Version 3.0 available now in English

  • Version 3.1 with last Mix SP Indicators in September

2 spi by the mfis social strategy and exchanges with stakeholders l.jpg
2 – SPI by the MFIs: social strategy and exchanges with stakeholders

  • Social strategy: clarification and wide overview

    • Board of directors : social choices discussed

      • Ex: ASC Union Albania

  • Staff, elected members : joint discussions

    • Ex: Niger with Aquadev

  • Exchanges: “common language” for better relationships

    • Clients:focus group on social issues

      • Ex: RFR members (Equador), ASHI, Proximity (Philippines)

  • Investors, donors : visibility on SP, negociations

    • Ex: Foro Lac Fr members (Latin America)

  • 3 spi by the networks transparency and services to the members l.jpg
    3 – SPI by the networks: transparency and services to the members

    • Transparency: SP at national level, by peer group

      • Government : lobbying on positive role, SP agenda

        • Ex: networks of Bolivia, Ecuador, Benin

  • Peers: exchanges of practices, innovations on SP

    • Ex: RFR in Ecuador

  • Services :

    • Economies of scale (use of SPI easier, joint lessons)

      • Ex: Foro Lac Fr

  • Identification of areas of progress

    • Ex: Credit Union members (Amucss), Aquadev Niger

  • 4 spi by the investors promoting sp with mf partners visibility l.jpg
    4 – SPI by the investors: promoting SP with MF partners, visibility

    • Promotion : towards the partner MFIs

      • Process of exchanges in due diligence

        • Ex: Alterfin (Belgium)

  • Joint work, discussion in governance structure

    • Ex: SIDI (France), Oikocredit (Netherlands)

  • Visibility: towards the investor “clients”

    • Reporting, SPI summaries by MFIs

      • Ex: Oikocredit

  • Discussion on choices of indicators

    • Ex: Incofin

  • 5 spi and poverty assessment tools strengthening poverty outreach l.jpg
    5 – SPI and Poverty assessment tools: strengthening poverty outreach

    • Poverty assessment, to verify the results of SPI Dimension 1 on Outreach

      • PPI or PAT for MFIs with poverty outreach

        • Ex: ASC Union Albania (SPI & PAT)

  • Assessment of levels of exclusion, or rural outreach

    • Ex: ADIE France (SPI & index of exclusion)

  • SPI & PPI / PAT as a complete assessment of poverty outreach => links to be strengthened

  • 6 spi and impact l.jpg
    6 – SPI and Impact poverty outreach

    • Research: Verify the links between processes and results

      • Ex: Finrural Bolivia (SPI, impact studies, satisfaction surveys) => validity in particular for Dim 2 and Dim 3

  • Methodology: Simple, Specific and Operational impact analysis

    • Ex: Sanduk Comoros, Crédit Rural de Guinée

  • 7 spi and governance towards improving the practices l.jpg
    7 – SPI and governance: towards improving the practices poverty outreach

    Starting point: Identification of points to be improved and actors to be involved in the process


    Definition, clarification of the objectives in the sub-dimension, decision-making process, information available, capacities of the actors involved, process of control

    The next steps l.jpg
    The next steps synergies

    • Note 1

    • Note 2

    • Staying in touch >


    6 spi and governance towards improving the practices l.jpg
    6 – SPI and governance: towards improving the practices synergies

    • For MFIs to build and reinforce a common vision of stakeholders on MFI mission and SP

    • For Regulators to have a better comprehension MFIs reallity