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Some Spanish Recipes

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Some Spanish Recipes. 3. Desserts. 1. Starters. 2. Main Courses. 1. STARTERS. Potatoes Omelette Bread with ripe tomato Green Salad Baked Vegetables. TORTILLA DE PATATAS Potatoes Omelette. INGREDIENTS: 3 eggs 2 potatoes olive oil salt. UTENSILS: a plate, a spoon,

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some spanish recipes
Some Spanish Recipes
  • 3. Desserts

1. Starters

2. Main Courses

1 starters
  • Potatoes Omelette
  • Bread with ripe tomato
  • Green Salad
  • Baked Vegetables
tortilla de patatas potatoes omelette

3 eggs

2 potatoes

olive oil


  • a plate, a spoon,
  • a whisk, a pan,
  • a bowl.
  • Whisk the eggs together. Cut the potatoes into pieces (dices) and wash them. Put the potatoes in a pan and fry them with olive oil and some salt until they become soft and a bit brown.
  • Put the fried potatoes into the whisked eggs and mix them together.
  • Pour the mixture in a pan with oil and fry the mixture until it is golden brown from both sides.
  • (Use a plate to turn over the omelette).
pan con tomate bread with ripe tomato

2 slices of bread

1 ripe tomato

some olive oil

salty ham


a plate

a knife


  • 1st - Cut the tomato in the middle, so you have two halves.
  • 2nd - Rub one half of the tomato on one of the sides of each slice.
  • 3rd - Pour some olive oil on the slices of the bread.
  • 4th - Put a slice of salty ham on each slice of bread.
  • And now, eat it !!!!!!!!!

Where does this ham come from?

Here’s the answer, look at the picture below

It belongs to a pig’s leg.

That sort of glass container is called “porró” and it is used to keep wine, specially red wine.

People drink straight from it , wine comes out through a small hole in one of the “porró” glass arms

ensalada verde green salad

lettuce onions olives

tomatoes red pepper tuna fish

carrots cheese some corn

dressing salad: olive oil, vinegar and


  • a knife, a fork, a plate, a tin opener.
  • 1- Wash all the vegetables in water . Soak the lettuce for some minutes (15’), then cut each leaf into small pieces. Grate the carrots, cut the onions and the red pepper into very thin slices and the tomatoes into sections.
  • 2- Place the vegetables in a plate , add the corn, tuna fish, olives and some slices of cheese.
  • 3- Everyone at table will dress their salad with olive oil, vinegar and salt , depending on their tastes.
escalivada baked vegetables
ESCALIVADABaked Vegetables

2 red peppers olive oil

1 onion salt

1 eggplant

some black olives


1 dish a roasting pan

1 knife a plate


1- Grease all the vegetables with olive oil and then put them in a roasting pan.

2- Put the roasting pan in an oven which has been already heated.

3- Let cook the vegetables till their skin turns into a dark colour, it blackens (turn them

over from time to time).

4- Finally , peel the vegetables and cut them into smaller pieces. Put the pieces on a dish, add

some black olives and pour some olive oil and salt. Before eating it you have to wait till

the vegetables cool down.

2 main courses
  • Mixed Paella
  • Rabbit in Sauce
  • Sausages with Dried Beans.
  • Hake and clams
paella mixta mixed paella

6 shrimps 1 red pepper a casserole dish

150 g. clams 100g. peas spoons and knives

6 mussels 2 onions some plates

some squid rings 400g. rice a pan

cuttlefish crushed tomatoes

a quarter of chicken salt and olive oil

100 g. stewing meat saffron


1- After cleaning the cuttlefish, cut it into small pieces. Put some olive oil in a pan and fry it together with the squid rings, add some salt. Then fry the shrimps both sides, add some salt. Keep this shellfish in a plate.

2- Cut the chicken and the stewing meat into small pieces, add some salt and fry them (use new olive oil). When it is golden brown take the whole out, keep the oil and fry the onions in it until they get a golden colour (onions should be chopped ). Afterwards add the crushed tomatoes and let it fry together for some minutes in the casserole dish.

3- Right away, put the shellfish, all meat , a red pepper (into small pieces) , the peas, the rice and the saffron in the casserole. Stir them together. Let it warm on the burner for 5’ . Add boiling water (about a litre), stir it very carefully and let it boil (lively) about 20’. Eat it after 5 or 10 minutes!!


Conejo en Salsa

Rabbit in Sauce

  • Ingredients: Utensils:

a rabbit in quarters a casserole dish

almonds a spoon

tomatoes a knife

onions and garlic a pan

a little of brandy

olive oil, salt and pepper

  • How to proceed:
  • Fry the rabbit in a pan with olive oil till it is really golden brown. Chop the onions and garlic and fry them in the same oil as the rabbit . Add the tomato sauce, salt, a bit of black pepper powder, the chopped almonds and the brandy. Pour two glasses of water and then put the fried rabbit in this sauce. Let it boil for a quarter. You can serve the rabbit with chips.
mongetes amb botifarra dried beans with sausages

4 sausages: 2 black (made with pig’s blood)

2 white (just pig’s meat)

half a Kg. dried beans

olive oil


  • a bowl , a pan, spoons , a plate, a pot
  • 1- Put the dried beans in a bowl filled with cold water , add some salt and leave it all night long.
  • 2- Pour some olive oil in a frying pan and then fry the sausages, turn them over from time to time.
  • 3- Drain the beans and pour them into a pot filled with boiling water. Let them boil till you believe they are ready to eat, 30’-40’ aprox.
  • 4- Finally drain them. Put the beans in a plate and the sausages around the beans. Pour on the beans the oil where you fried the sausages. Better to eat it hot!!
llu amb clo ses hake and clams
Lluç amb cloïsesHake and clams
  • Ingredients: . Utensils:

slices of hake plates, spoons, forks

some clams a frying pan, a casserole dish.

baked pepper

onions and garlic

Martini, broth

olive oil, salt


  • Cover the slices of hake with flour. Fry them in a pan with olive oil. When they are golden brown, put them aside. Steam the clams and keep them. Chop up the onions and garlic and fry it, then add some Martini and salt. Pour some broth into it to make the sauce.
  • Finally put the fried hake, the clams and the baked pepper in this sauce. Let it boil slowly for 10’.
3 desserts
  • Fruits Salad
  • Cheese and honey
  • “Panellets”
  • “Turrones”
  • Catalan Cream
macedonia fruits salad

1 banana 1 glass of orange juice

1 pear 1 kiwi

1 peach 10 strawberries

2 slices of pineapple a little of sweet sherry

10 cherries in syrup a bit of cherries syrup

1 apple 1 full soup-spoon of sugar


a knife , a bowl, a plate, a spoon.


1- Peel all the fruits and then cut them into small pieces. Wash the strawberries and cut

them into small pieces.

2- Open a cherries jar and put some cherries in a bowl with the other fruits and the


3- Pour over a little of sweet sherry, a bit of cherries syrup, a glass of orange juice and a

soup-spoon of sugar. Carefully, stir the mixture.

4- Finally leave the fruits salad in the fridge for some hours and then it is ready to eat.

mel i met cheese and honey
“MEL I METÓ”Cheese and honey
  • Ingredients:

1’5 l. goat milk 1 glass of water

special herbs honey

  • Utensils:
  • a glass a piece of cloth with a nice pattern
  • a plate a colander a bowl

How to proceed:

Put some herbs in a bowl which is full with water. Boil the goat milk for 5 or 6 minutes, then let it aside for a while. Put the softened herbs into the hot milk and let the milk thicken. Spread a piece of cloth inside the colander and pour the thickened milk in it.

Let all the water, from the milk, fall out the colander. Wrap the thickened milk (now already cheese) with the cloth and after half an hour you can put it in a plate and eat it.

You can eat this cheese with honey or sugar. People usually eat it with honey

panellets all saint s day cakes
“PANELLETS” “All Saint’s day” cakes
  • Ingredients:

1/2 kg. sugar 400g. almonds

100g. boiled potatoes vanilla powder

1egg yolk

  • Utensils:
  • a mixing bowl a spoon a whisk a roasting pan

How to proceed:

Chop the almonds up and put them in a bowl, add the sugar, the boiled potatoes, one spoon of vanilla power, and the egg yolk. Stir repeatedly the mixture till it gets homogeneous. Take some of the mixture and make small balls. Decorate them as in the picture with dried fruits, almonds, pine seeds , chocolate, cherries.... . Put them in a roasting pan and let them cook in the oven at high temperature for 10’-15’.

turrones a christmas dessert
  • Ingredients:
  • Usually almonds, sugar, eggs, and honey .

There are many kinds of “turrones” depending on the ingredients:

Chocolate, yolk, fruits, almonds, nuts, coffee, ...

People do not prepare them at home they buy ”turrones” at the pastry shops or at the supermarkets.

crema catalana catalan cream
  • Ingredients:
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 full spoons of sugar
  • 1/2 l. of milk
  • a small branch of cinnamon
  • some a lemon






1- Whisk the eggs together and keep them. Put the milk in a pot and heat it. Add a piece of cinnamon branch and let it boil inside the milk for some minutes, then take it out.

3-Add the sugar and stir it until it dissolves in the hot milk. Very slowly pour the whisked eggs into the milk and stir the new mixture continuously till it starts boiling again.

3- After boiling for 3 minutes, pour the cream into small bowls. Finally let them cool down and then put the filled bowls into the fridge. After some hours it is ready to eat.