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Professional Basketball Player PowerPoint Presentation
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Professional Basketball Player

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Professional Basketball Player - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Software/Mechanical Engineer. Professional Basketball Player. 1- Los Angeles (AP), California to Atlanta, Georgia 2- Atlanta, Georgia to Chicago (Co), Illinois 3- Chicago, Illinois to Houston (AP), Texas 4- Houston (AP), Texas to Salt Lake City, Utah

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Presentation Transcript

Software/Mechanical Engineer

Professional Basketball Player

1- Los Angeles (AP), California to Atlanta, Georgia

2- Atlanta, Georgia to Chicago (Co), Illinois

3- Chicago, Illinois to Houston (AP), Texas

4- Houston (AP), Texas to Salt Lake City, Utah

5- Salt Lake City, Utah to Minneapolis, Minnesota

1- Tallahassee, Florida to Barcelona, Spain

2- Barcelona, Spain to Shanghai, China

3- Shanghai, China to Lyon, France

4- Lyon, France to Santiago, Chile

5- Santiago, Chile to Oakland, California


Reporter for CNN

1- La Paz, Bolivia to Sydney Australia

2- Sydney, Australia to Bombay, India

3- Bombay, India to Bangkok, Thailand

4- Bangkok, Thailand to Washington, D.C.

5- Washington, D.C to Brookings, South Dakota

1- Tokyo, Japan to Jerusalem, Israel

2- Jerusalem, Israel to Baghdad, Iraq

3- Baghdad, Iraq to Berlin, Germany

4- Berlin, Germany to Rome, Italy

5- Rome, Italy to Moscow, Russia


Construction Manager

1- Athens, Georgia to St. Jean, Quebec

2- St. Jean, Quebec to Cumberland, Maryland

3- Cumberland, Maryland to Seattle, Washington

4- Seattle, Washington to Brasilia, Brazil

5- Brasilia, Brazil to San Juan, Puerto Rico

1- New Haven, Connecticut to Miami, Florida

2- Miami, Florida to Havana, Cuba

3- Havana, Cuba to Paris, France

4- Paris, France to Mexico City, Mexico

5- Mexico City, Mexico to Boise, Idaho



Pop Singer/Hip Hop Star

1- Charlotte, NC to Hilo, Hawaii

2- Hilo, Hawaii to Greenville, Illinois

3- Greenville, Illinois to Newark, New Jersey

4- Newark, New Jersey to Lyon, France

5- Lyon, France to Hong Kong, Hong Kong

1- Syracuse, N.Y. to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

2- Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to Greenville, N.C.

3- Greenville, N.C. to El Paso, Texas

4- El Paso, Texas to Colorado Springs, Colorado

5- Colorado Springs, Colorado to Long Beach, CA

Traveling Evangelist

1- Nairobi, Kenya to Cape Town, South Africa

2- Cape Town, South Africa to Bangkok, Thailand

3- Bangkok, Thailand to Amman, Jordan

4- Amman, Jordan to Panama City, Panama

5- Panama City, Panama to Moscow, Russia


1- Yuma, Arizona to Bogotá, Columbia

2- Bogotá, Columbia to Mosul, Iraq

3- Mosul, Iraq to Abidjan, Ivory Coast

4- Abidjan, Ivory Coast to Kiev, Russia

5- Kiev, Russia to Madrid, Spain