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Marketing 10101010101

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Marketing 10101010101. MarComm in the digital age. My favorite subject. This first section delves into what I’ve long considered to be my favorite subject. Me. Agenda. Not embarrass self Search Engine Optimization Email Using Customer Data/Lead Capture Free and Paid Advertising.

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Marketing 10101010101

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marketing 10101010101

Marketing 10101010101

MarComm in the digital age

my favorite subject
My favorite subject
  • This first section delves into what I’ve long considered to be my favorite subject.
  • Not embarrass self
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email
  • Using Customer Data/Lead Capture
  • Free and Paid Advertising
search engine optimization
Search Engine Optimization
  • What is it?
    • Simply, getting your site listed for key queries in Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, etc.
  • Why do we care?
    • The world is searching. More than 50% of Americans search every time they use the internet
    • 47%+ of internet users use search to find entertainment websites
    • SEO is “free”
seo continued
SEO - continued
  • The algos
    • What are the engines looking for? RELEVANCY AND POPULARITY
    • How do they determine that?


    • Do I like to emphasize using caps?


seo continued8
SEO - continued
  • Best practice SEO (tried and true). Getting right:
    • Meta
    • Content
    • Linking
    • Site structure
    • Alt tags
seo continued9
SEO - continued
  • Step One: see next page please
seo continued11
SEO - continued
  • Meta tags
    • Title – key value and selling proposition
    • Description
    • Keywords
      • Specificity important: “los angeles improv” vs. “shows”
      • KWs that people actually type + misspellings
seo continued12
SEO - continued
  • Great meta
seo continued13
SEO - continued
  • How meta is displayed to the user
seo continued14
SEO - continued
  • Content
    • Write for people, not for engines
    • Ok, write a little bit for engines
      • Populate with keywords, but naturally
      • Watch spam!
        • At ComedySportz LA, we feature some of the best, funniest comedy shows in Los Angeles. Thousands of people come to our comedy shows every year. In fact, this year, among all the comedy shows in Los Angeles, our comedy shows have been the best received by the comedy show critics. By the way, did we mention that we do comedy shows? If not, comedy shows comedy shows comedy shows. If so, on behalf of the comedy shows team, we hope you’ll come and see one of our comedy shows. Sincerely, Kahm “Eddie” Shoze
seo break
SEO Break
  • Here is a picture of a salmon jumping into a bear’s mouth. Just look at that!
seo continued16
SEO - continued
  • Linking
    • Internal links
      • Keyword rich: instead of “to see the rules of ComedySportz, click here”, you’d say “here’s helpful information on ComedySportz rules”
    • External links
      • This means everything! It’s web-votes!
      • Keyword rich for terms you want to be ranked on
      • You’ve got a goldmine of votes: students and their webpages! Other ComedySportz Sites. Other partner sites. Other theatre sites. Your own sites.
        • Reco: focus on 3 and go crazy!
seo continued17
SEO - continued
  • Structure
    • Don’t go too deep. Keep the site fairly “flat”
    • Two clicks from “root”

Home Page



About Us




High School

Main Stage

seo continued18
SEO - continued
  • Alt tags

Instead of Image1.jpg  bearsalmon.jpg

Alt tags have lost some of their importance, but they still play a part. Everything has to work in concert. Preferably, a Van Halen concert.

seo continued19
SEO - continued
  • Make it all work together
    • The content should be reflective of the title should be reflective of the meta should be reflective of the linking should be reflective of the alt tags, etc.
    • Quick exercise: Los Angeles kid birthday ideas
      • Title, kws, meta description, paragraph of content, link to more information
seo continued20
SEO - continued
  • Google local
    • Ummm
    • Free and easy:
seo continued21
SEO - continued
  • Free tools to play around with:

Oh I’m sorry, you in the back…did you have a question? Uh huh. I’m glad you asked. Yes, I am a nerd. Next question?

  • Subject line
  • Content
  • Deliverability
  • Offers
  • Opt out preference center
email continued
Email - continued
  • Subject line: short, extremely interesting
    • Make sure CsZ or something recognizable is in the from line
    • Deliver on the subject line
    • Test two subject lines on 20% of the list, blast the winner to the other 80%
    • Measure everything – opens, clicks, sales
email continued24
Email - continued
  • Content
    • What’s the goal?
      • Sell tickets? Keep email short. Focused. Get them to the site with something really compelling.
      • Keep people informed? Allows for more content, but not too much more.
      • Keep them engaged? Send them links to ‘approved’ videos, new shows coming up, hilarious photos involving hilarity and photos.
      • 80/20 email?
email continued25
Email - continued
  • Deliverability
    • Test time of day
    • Day of week
    • Weekends used to be a no-no. Now some newsletters have the most success here
email break
Email break

Whale highway! A friggin whale highway! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

email continued27
Email - continued
  • Offers
    • Recommended in every ‘sales’ email
      • 2 for 1s
      • Discounts
      • Enter to win
      • Prank a friend
      • First to see new short video
      • First 10 get x$ off
email continued28
Email - continued
  • Preference center
    • Give options when somebody wants to unsubscribe. Try to keep them!
      • Monthly newsletter – has the video of the month
      • Ticket offers – occasional emails with offers to get discounted tickets
      • The New Show – alerts whenever CsZ launches a new show
      • Classes
      • Group emails
customer data
Customer Data
  • The better the segmentation, the better the response:
    • OC vs. LA
    • Students vs. Visitors
    • Out-of-towners vs. in-towners
    • Age
    • Part of group or single
    • Frequent/one-time

Lots of work, unfortunately. But very often pays off.

how to capture leads
How to capture leads
  • Use everything in your power
    • Compelling content to make email recipient want to forward to a friend
    • Sign ups all over the website
    • Sign ups at theatre
      • Birthdays
      • Classes info
      • Register to win something demo-appropriate
      • When tickets are ordered
      • Group email confirmations
    • MySpace link to sign up
    • Youtube link to sign up
    • Reco: don’t make sign-ups a requirement for showing video
  • Note: there is one SuperBowl slot left for purchase this weekend! No more than $2.3 million. I’m just saying…
advertising continued
Advertising - continued
  • Paid advertising
    • Please, please, please master paid search
      • Go for obvious terms – la improv, los angeles improv, la comedy, la comedy clubs, etc
      • Obvious terms, geo-targeted – improv, improvisation, comedy shows, etc.
      • And non-obvious terms – birthday party ideas, bachelorette party ideas, corporate entertainment based on the groups that you’ve had experience with
      • Test and track everything: placement, creative, landing pages, offers, etc.
    • Online streaming radio
    • Online Yellow Pages
advertising continued35
Advertising - continued
  • Free advertising
    • ComedySportz Content – there’s a market
      • Radio shows
      • PR (use your stars)
      • Internet shows
    • YouTube
      • Control how people interact with ComedySportz to the best of your ability
      • Create a powerful ComedySportz page
      • Optimize
advertising continued37
Advertising - continued
  • Optimizing YouTube page
  • Use relevant tags to describe the video
  • Use as many relevant tags as possible
  • Think long tail searches when it comes to tags
  • Use adjectives
  • Add category descriptive tags
  • Most important tags should also match title and description of movie
  • Don't use "and" "or" etc. words as tags
  • From, 2007
advertising continued38
Advertising - continued
  • Free advertising – continued
    • Sensible partnerships with like-theatres, groups you work with (we’ll put out your fliers if you put out our fliers), local restaurant ads in programs/collateral for an ad in their menu, etc
    • Consider doing the postcard printing for student shows: control the look/feel and combat entropy. You heard me.
    • Viral brainstorms
      • Don’t ask me. I haven’t figured this out either. But my AskANinja friends don’t have dayjobs any longer.
    • PRWeb – not free, but close
too overwhelming
Too overwhelming?
  • Three things you must do:
    • Get site into HTML
    • Optimize the email process
    • Figure out paid search
last idea
Last idea
  • Thought of this at 2:09 am, so this could be a horrible idea for revenue generation
    • Birthday improv videos:
      • 1 minute long
      • Name and email address
      • What he/she does and something interesting about that person
      • Hard core pitch for CsZ at end of snippet

I love the word ‘snippet’

  • Don’t Make Me Think
  • Wizard of Ads
  • Bourbon