ktsw fm 89 9 executive committee orientation l.
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KTSW-FM 89.9 Executive Committee Orientation

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KTSW-FM 89.9 Executive Committee Orientation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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KTSW-FM 89.9 Executive Committee Orientation. Summer 2006. Welcome Back!!!. You’ve had your doughnuts… …now let’s get to work!. Mission. Academic laboratory Programming consistent with professional standards Meeting the needs of the community of license. Mission.

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Presentation Transcript
welcome back

Welcome Back!!!

You’ve had your doughnuts…

…now let’s get to work!

  • Academic laboratory
  • Programming consistent with professional standards
  • Meeting the needs of the community of license.
  • Educate the audience about a diverse range of music
  • Specialized programming which informs listeners about issues important to our community.
station image
Station Image
  • University Administration
  • University Faculty
  • Alumni
  • Student Government
  • Community
  • Community Leaders
station image6
Station Image
  • Underwriters
  • Local Newspapers
  • Elected Representatives
  • Commercial Broadcasters in the Area
  • Listeners
general manager
General Manager
  • Budgets and expenditures
  • Supervision of professional staff
  • Supervision and training of student administrators
  • Planning
  • FCC compliance
student administrative staff
Student Administrative Staff
  • Daily operation of KTSW is vested in a student administrative staff, reporting to the student Station Manager
  • Station Manager is a part-time student employee of the University, appointed for a period of one year.
student administrative staff9
Student Administrative Staff
  • The Station Manager selects the remaining student administrative positions.
student administrative staff10
Student Administrative Staff
  • All student administrators are expected to accept their responsibilities as citizens and members of the University community, as well as representatives of KTSW, and to exercise with diligence the trust placed in them and to respect the rights of others.
student administrative staff11
Student Administrative Staff
  • All members of student administrative staff are responsible for monitoring of radio station whenever possible to be aware of what is going over the air
  • Report any potential problems or violations to PD, SM & GM
  • Make note of exemplary performance by any staff member for future recognition
station manager
Station Manager
  • The Station Manager is the chief student administrative officer of KTSW
  • Formal weekly meetings with each individual department head
  • Formal weekly meeting with the General Manager.
station manager13
Station Manager
  • In the absence of the GM, the Station Manager will act on the GM's behalf in consultation with the Director of the SJMC or the Dean of the School of FAC.
  • The Station Manager shall have the authority to suspend or remove staff members from any position.
station manager14
Station Manager
  • Final decisions about station programming based on recommendations from the relevant department heads.
  • Contact with campus constituencies
  • Represent KTSW at public functions where a station presence is needed.
station manager15
Station Manager
  • Direct responsibility for KTSW public service
  • Contact person for tickets to concerts and other events; creates giveaway sheets and other materials for on-air staff
  • Software knowledge
program director
Program Director
  • Responsible for
    • Implementation of KTSW music format
    • Scheduling of programs
    • Training and supervision of on-air staff
  • Expected to remain aware of all programming content on KTSW, and to review that programming on a regular basis
program director17
Program Director
  • Maintains a schedule of airchecks of DJs to improve quality of performance on-air
  • Works closely with promotions, news, music, sports, IPI producers, sales & webmaster to coordinate activities of benefit to the station, student participants and listeners
  • Responsible for staff phone list to be placed in all on-air and production studios, news room
executive committee
Executive Committee
  • The KTSW student management structure will include an Executive Committee to review plans and policies and to make recommendations to the Station Manager.
executive committee members
Executive Committee Members
  • Station Manager
  • Program Director
  • Promotions Director
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Music Director
  • Office Manager
executive committee members20
Executive Committee Members
  • Technical Director
  • Production Director
  • Sales Manager
  • Sports Director
  • Webmaster
  • Graphic Designer
  • News Director

KTSW Organization Chart

General Manager

Station Manager

Sales Director

Technical Director

IS Manager


Office Manager

Account Executives

Assistant TD

Work Study



Sports Director

Production Director

News Director

Music Director

Asst. Programming


Asst. Music


Asst. Sports


Asst. Production


Asst. News





Music Editors

Sports Talent

IPI Director

Program Producers

Board Operators


executive committee meetings
Executive Committee Meetings
  • Mandatory weekly meeting of the Executive Committee with the Station Manager presiding.
  • The General Manager/Faculty Adviser will attend these meetings in an advisory capacity.
  • Time of summer meetings TBD
executive committee meetings23
Executive Committee Meetings
  • Station Manager - moderator
  • Office Manager - recording secretary
  • Station Manager will prepare an agenda of specific items, plus follow-up to old items
executive committee meetings24
Executive Committee Meetings
  • The Station Manager should direct the discussion to encourage participation and discourage any one person from dominating the talks.
  • Limits shall be placed on amount of time allocated to individual speakers.
  • The Station Manager will identify action items, assigning tasks to specific individuals and setting deadlines.
executive committee meetings25
Executive Committee Meetings
  • At the discretion of the Station Manager, assistant department heads may be invited to the executive committee meetings.
  • Minutes of the department head meeting shall be published within two business days of the meeting. The minutes will include a notation of who was present and who was absent.
executive committee minutes
Executive Committee Minutes
  • The minutes will be distributed to all department heads, the Station Manager and the General Manager via electronic copy. The Office Manager will file a paper copy of the department head minutes.
meeting absences
Meeting Absences
  • Two consecutive absences from executive committee meetings shall result in a two-week suspension without pay. Additional absences shall merit dismissal from the staff.
performance of student administrators
Performance of Student Administrators
  • Training at KTSW is an ongoing process. Feedback on achievement of goals and quality of performance comes in many forms, and, in some cases, will come on a daily basis.
evaluation factors
Evaluation Factors
  • Decision-making and execution
  • Ability to work with station staff
  • Identification with the station's goals and objectives
  • Effectiveness in use of resources
  • Ability to plan and organize work
  • Capability of expressing ideas
evaluation factors30
Evaluation Factors
  • Job knowledge
  • Supervisory capability
  • Quality of work
  • Initiative
  • Dependability
  • Cooperativeness
  • Serving as example for staff
community issues
Community Issues
  • KTSW will maintain a formal process for ascertainment of topics important to the campus and local communities.
community issues process
Community Issues Process
  • Each semester/session, the SM, PD, News Director and GM will formulate a list of significant community issues determined to be important to the citizens we serve.
  • Interviews for public affairs programming, PSAs, station appearances and other significant programming may be planned to address these issues.
washington counsel
Washington Counsel
  • KTSW may use the services of a communications law firm in Washington, DC to assist in preparation of filings with the FCC and to provide routine advice to the General Manager on regulator matters affecting station operation.
audience survey
Audience Survey
  • Once per year audience data gathered
  • Student managers will conduct a major review of programming based on this information each summer
ktsw survey spring 2005 2006
KTSW Survey - Spring 2005/2006
  • 1,200 emails sent to TX State students
  • 191 students responded to the survey ’05 survey, 158 in ‘06
    • Which best describes you?
    • · Freshman: 18  (9.8/9.5%)
    • · Sophomore: 34  (18.5/10.8%)
    • · Junior: 53  (28.8/24.7%)
    • · Senior: 78  (42.4/39.9%)
    • · Graduate Student: 1  (0.5/15.2%)
ktsw survey spring 05 06
KTSW Survey - Spring 05/06
  • Average age of respondent: 22.6, 24.4 years
  • 54.4/50.3% female
  • 45.6/49.7% male
  • 28.4/21.5% live on campus; 47/46.2% live off campus in San Marcos; 24.6/32.3% live outside of San Marcos
ktsw survey spring 05 0637
KTSW Survey - Spring 05/06
  • 94/94.9% of respondents listen to the radio
  • 77.2/85.9% of respondents listened primarily to radio in the car
  • Average # of hours listening to radio per week was 8.4/8.2
  • 84.4/86% of listeners listened to radio for music
    • 4.5% Talk shows, 3.8% Sports,

3.2% News

ktsw survey spring 05 0638
KTSW Survey - Spring 05/06
  • The types of music listened to most often were:
    • Alternative (49.7/36.1%)
    • Hip Hop/Rap (36.9/34.8%)
    • Classic Rock (50.3/50%)
    • Country (41.7/31%)
    • Loud Rock/Metal (16/14.6%)
    • Soft Rock (13.4/17.1%)
    • Blues (18.2/30.4%)
    • Classical (14.4/20.9%)
ktsw survey spring 05 0639
KTSW Survey - Spring 05/06
  • Dance (19.8/23.4%)
  • Oldies (30.5/34.8%)
  • R & B/Urban (34.8%)
  • Electronica (15/17.1%)
  • Reggae (24.6/26.6%)
  • Jazz (21.4/21.5%)
  • Americana (23/29.7%)
  • Current Rock (41.2/45.6%)
ktsw survey spring 05 0640
KTSW Survey - Spring 05/06
  • 78/65.2% of respondents were aware of KTSW
  • 58.2/45.2% had listened to KTSW
  • 21.4/19% had listened to KTSW in the past week
  • 31.8/33.1% had listened to KTSW in the past month
ktsw survey spring 05 0641
KTSW Survey - Spring 05/06
  • 9.1/9.5% of respondents listened to KTSW from 6-10 a.m.
  • 10.7/12% listened from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
  • 18.7/22.2% listened from 2-6 p.m.
  • 27.3/21.5% listened from 6-10 p.m.
  • 17.1/10.1% listened from 10 p.m.-2 a.m.
  • 3.2/1.9% listened from 2-6 a.m.
ktsw survey spring 05 0642
KTSW Survey - Spring 05/06
  • 5/17.2% of respondents had listened to TX State sports play-by-play
    • 10.2/15.8% of respondents had listened to football play-by-play
    • 2.1/3.2% of respondents had listened to men’s basketball play-by-play
    • 3.7/3.8% of respondents had listened to baseball and 1.1/2.5% had listened to women’s basketball
ktsw survey spring 05 0643
KTSW Survey - Spring 05/06
  • 20.7/15.3% of respondents had visited the KTSW website
ktsw survey spring 05 0644
KTSW Survey - Spring 05/06
  • Overall feelings about KTSW
    • 5.5/4.6% liked KTSW music very much
    • 15.9/15.3% liked most of KTSW music
    • 23.8/21.4% liked some of KTSW music
    • 10.4/5.3% didn’t like KTSW music at all
    • 44.5/53.4% had no opinion
ktsw survey spring 05 0645
KTSW Survey - Spring 05/06
  • 13% of respondents were aware of KTSW’s news operation
  • 10.8% of respondents had listened to a KTSW newsbreak
  • 61.4% of respondents had seen KTSW around campus during the Fall ’04 and Spring ’05 semesters
ktsw survey spring 05 0646
KTSW Survey - Spring 05/06

Have you ever had difficulty receiving KTSW in San Marcos? (Percentages are based on total respondents.)

  • Frequently 7.6/5.8 %
  • Occasionally 26.2/17.5
  • Never 21.5/20.8%
  • Don't listen 44.8/55.8%
ktsw survey spring 05 0647
KTSW Survey - Spring 05/06
  • Did you see KTSW represented around campus during the Fall, 2005 or Spring 2006 Semesters?
    • Yes 42.7/42.7%
    • No 57.3/57.3 %
ktsw survey spring 05 0648
KTSW Survey - Spring 05/06
  • When do you most often listen to radio news? (Percentages are based on total respondents)
  • 6am - 9am  36.7 %
  • 9am - noon   15.8 %
  • Noon - 3pm   15.8 %
  • 3pm - 6pm 25.9 %
  • 6pm - midnight  19.0 %
  • Midnight - 6am 5.7 %
  • I don't listen to radio news   22.8 %
ktsw survey spring 05 0649
KTSW Survey - Spring 05/06
  • Are you aware of KTSW's news operation?
    • Yes 13.9 %
    • No 86.1 %
  • Have you ever listened to a KTSW newsbreak?
    • Yes 12.8 %
    • No 87.2 %
ktsw survey spring 05 0650
KTSW Survey - Spring 05/06
  • Have you ever listened to Bobcat Radio?
    • Yes 13.9 %
    • No 86.1 %
operating policies
Operating Policies
  • Daily operating policies in a KTSW Student Operations Manual
    • http://www.ktsw.net/manual
  • Student staff members may suggest amendment, revision, addition or elimination of policies and procedures
  • Suggestions should be made in writing to the Station Manager.
operating hours
Operating Hours
  • KTSW operates on 24/7 broadcast schedule, using a combination of live and computer automation
  • No live programming during breaks is authorized without permission of the General Manager.
office hours
Office Hours
  • When school is in session, the KTSW office will be staffed from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.; summer hours are abbreviated according to availability of staff
  • Office Manager will be primary front desk person with help from work study student and other paid staff
work hours
Work Hours
  • Submit your class schedule and outside work schedule to General Manager
  • Include your suggestion for work hours; you are required to work at the office during regular business hours unless approved by the GM
  • GM will review schedules and requests
  • GM will assign work schedules
  • Consult GM if changes needed
work hours55
Work Hours
  • Class schedules, outside work schedules, and suggested KTSW work schedules for Summer I must be turned in by Friday, June 2nd; failure to do so will result in the withholding of approval of your hours until this information is turned in.
office dress code
Office Dress Code
  • Suit & tie, blouses & skirts…. No… not really… but we do need to project an edgy and relaxed but professional image to all who come through the door, whether they be staff members, potential staff members, groups on guided tours, administrators, alumni, or whoever; dress accordingly!
payroll and timesheets
Payroll and Timesheets
  • Student employees are paid twice a month, on the 15th and the last weekday of the month; checks must be picked up at the payroll window on the first floor of the J.C. Kellam building.
  • You can also sign up for direct deposit at the Payroll office, JCK 580
  • Time worked should be reported in 1/4 hour increments -- 2.25 hours, for example.
  • Report only allowed number of hours allowed for your position per week.
payroll and timesheets58
Payroll and Timesheets
  • Indicate start time and stop time for each day worked
  • Enter the hours you work in the SAP system on a weekly basisto allow for time to fix errors
  • Save and release time on the last day of the week you work
  • If the time period ends on a day other than Friday, be sure to enter time through that day!
telephone use
Telephone Use
  • If you must make personal, long-distance calls, use your cell phone, a credit card or call collect
  • Keep a log of all long-distance calls and faxes; failure to log your calls may result in you having to pay for calls
  • Failure to turn and/or keep phone logs may result in the loss of long distance privileges
  • Turn in telephone logs when you release your time on the first day of the month
  • Calls should be made to 800 numbers whenever possible
  • Fax use restricted to business purposes only
telephone numbers
Telephone Numbers
  • All staff must provide home phone numbers and cell phone numbers for internal reference
  • If your phone number(s) change during the semester, please update information with Program Director
  • Home telephone numbers are not to be given out to the public
  • Home telephone numbers are not to be placed on the web
voice mail
Voice Mail
  • Each department head assigned to a telephone should change her voice mail at the beginning of each semester
  • Password for all phones is set as k-t-s-w-8-9-9; do not enter a different password!
  • Check and clear voice mail daily
  • GM has operations manual for voice mails and message functions of office phones
personal work space
Personal Work Space
  • Posters on walls in personal work areas are permitted.
  • Posters with objectionable wording, nudity, and/or questionable depictions are not allowed.
  • Posters are subject to removal at the end of each semester.
  • Do not put stickers on anything.
copier printer use
Copier/Printer Use
  • The copier and printers are to be used for printing and making copies of materials used for station purposes only.
  • Abuse of this policy will result in charges for copies made, suspension and possible dismissal.
printing from your computer
Printing from your computer
  • Before you print emails or other information from your computer, think: “Do I really need a hard copy of this?”
  • Too many unnecessary copies are being made.
  • If you do make copies, be sure to retrieve them from the copier.
  • Make copies on the backside of copies you don’t need
  • Purchase Orders
    • Save paperwork
  • Music and other non-purchase order deliveries
    • Discard paperwork
  • When in doubt, save the paperwork!
use of university equipment
Use of University Equipment
  • KTSW equipment and computer hardware and software are reserved for station business only. Personal use of these resources is prohibited. Violators of this policy are subject to suspension and/or dismissal.
  • Access and use will be limited.
  • Users are expected to follow proper login and logout procedures.
  • Users failing to shutdown applications and follow proper logout procedures will have use suspended.
  • Shut down computers at end of work day.
  • Avoid using the front office or newsroom computers whenever possible.
  • To check your personal email, go to a computer lab or one of the othercomputers in the office
discipline and appeal
Discipline and Appeal
  • Student staff members of KTSW are expected to conform to station and University policies in performance of their duties. Failure to abide by these rules could lead to disciplinary action such as a warning, suspension, permanent suspension of on-air activities or other measures.
discipline and appeal69
Discipline and Appeal
  • Staff members needing guidance should be counseled by their respective department heads.
  • Proper communication of policy in the beginning will avoid unnecessary misunderstandings
discipline and appeal70
Discipline and Appeal
  • All KTSW department heads have the authority to issue a formal warning or to suspend a staff person under their authority for a period of up to two weeks for violation of policies outlined in this manual.
  • All disciplinary action should be documented with a note in the file of the appropriate staff member.
  • Any additional action, including dismissal, must be approved by the Station Manager.
  • All locally-produced spots must begin with written copy following standard format
    • Underwriting
    • PSAs
  • All copy must be filed in office filing cabinet after production; office manager will file in appropriate location
  • All audio cuts must have file numbers assigned by the Business Manager.
  • Everything except music must have a traffic order, including start and stop dates.
  • National PSAs, check stop dates.
  • Office Manager generates monthly report for PSAs and underwriting.
  • All staff members with KTSW email accounts are expected to use those accounts; all others are required to have an active email account through the University.
  • A majority of the communication among the staff is done via e-mail. It is essential that you check your e-mail at least a few times during each day.
  • When possible, written internal communication should be done by email, not paper.
  • Emergencies should not be dealt with via e-mail. Use phones and/or pagers in case of emergency.
station housekeeping
Station Housekeeping
  • Since many visitors come into our station, it is important to keep the facilities, studios and offices neat and attractive. Trashy work areas also demonstrate poor personal habits and a lack of respect for the next person who will be using the area. Please secure your work area before leaving. Return all materials to their proper place. Keep it neat!
  • Any student travel for KTSW is subject to standard University regulations requiring a travel voucher. Travel must be approved in advance by the GM
  • Transmitter trip - 50 miles
  • KTSW staff members are encouraged to document their work for submission in all contests for which they are eligible. Airchecks and recordings of work should be maintained and the best should be identified and submitted to the General Manager for potential use in contests. The Executive Committee will screen submitted works and decided which will be used in contests. KTSW will pay entry fees for all approved contest entries.
  • The news, production and sports directors are required to turn in compilation CDs of the best work of their staff on the first of every month; submissions should include a rundown sheet including name(s) of all staff members involved with project, running time and name of project.
public file
Public File
  • All licensed radio and television stations are required to maintain a public inspection file.
  • Contents include licenses, technical data, community affairs programming, underwriters supporting programs.
  • KTSW public file maintained in Dean’s office, Old Main 112.
  • Public file fines can go up to $10,000!
station logs
Station Logs
  • Station logs are located in the filing cabinet just outside of the GM’s office
  • In the case of an FCC inspection, the FCC field inspector may ask to view the station logs as well as the public file
  • Be familiar with the location of the public file and station logs
mail boxes
Mail Boxes
  • All directors and assistant directors should have individual mail boxes.
  • Some Program Producers will have their own mailboxes.
  • Check your mailboxes daily.
phone list
Phone List
  • Staff telephone list should be posted in both control and production.
  • Should include who to call in case of emergency.
  • Should a staff member call you with an emergency, it is your responsibility to take the call.
  • Responsibility - Program Director
maintenance support contracts
Maintenance/Support contracts
  • Scott Studios of Dallas
  • Natural Log
  • Music One
  • Campus computer repair shop
nce service
NCE Service
  • Because we are required to provide a noncommercial, educational service, we are prohibited from engaging in many cross-promotional activities commonly heard on commercial radio stations, i.e. remote broadcasts from commercial establishments
political broadcasts
Political Broadcasts
  • KTSW does not sell time to political candidates
  • Any requests for time on the part of political candidates should be referred to the General Manger
  • KTSW accepts underwriting donations from political candidates
  • KTSW and air talent are forbidden from endorsing candidates
studio scheduling
Studio Scheduling
  • Production Director schedules studio use
  • All Production Assistants and Program Producers assigned time
  • Maintenance time scheduled
  • Other times open for signup
  • Keep copies of all spot production
  • Produce spec spots
  • Learn to use music and SFX elements
  • All spots should strictly adhere to standard times—:10, :15, :30 & :60
music licensing
Music Licensing
  • BMI
  • Sound Exchange

* We are also paying $1,000 a year for a production library from Manhattan Production Music

source elements
Source Elements
  • BMI, ASCAP, SESAC licenses do not cover production
  • Must use licensed libraries for on-air work
  • Clips from television and movies prohibited
  • Personality sound-alike spots prohibited
user accounts
User Accounts
  • IS manager maintain accounts on the KTSW server for each department head and assistant director.
  • Station Manager and General Manager single user.
  • Other work stations on the network shared use.
user accounts90
User Accounts
  • The IS Manager shall disable accounts for students not returning to the station the following semester no less than three days prior to the last student work day of the semester.
software manuals and documentation
Software Manuals and Documentation
  • One copy of the manual for each version of software used and a copy of the manual or documentation for each piece of hardware used in the system shall be maintained in a secured file cabinet. This file also will include a copy of the license or authorization for use (purchase order).
point to ponder 1
Point to Ponder #1


How to maintain a professional operation while preserving the carefree, easygoing atmosphere a college radio station should have?

point to ponder 2
Point to Ponder #2

Work Ethic/Self-Motivation

How do we maintain a laidback atmosphere at the KTSW offices while still maintaining a high level of productivity? All directors/managers need to do more than the minimum requirements of their jobs!

point to ponder 3
Point to Ponder #3

Creating and Reinforcing a Positive Image:

How do we get more people—students, ASG/SSFC members, faculty, administration, community leaders, and opinion leaders, in general—to realize how important and essential KTSW is to the campus community and San Marcos?

point to ponder 4
Point to Ponder #4


How do we become more effective in our communication with our various staffs?

when it seems like you have nothing to do
When it seems like you have nothing to do…
  • Don’t just idle and surf the Web
  • Check your goals for the semester
  • Ask yourself , “Am I working toward reaching my goals?”
  • If not, what can you do to help reach your goals?
  • Are there other “maintenance” tasks you can busy yourself by doing? (cleaning your area, updating KTSW manual, etc.)
random thoughts
Random Thoughts
  • When will we have weekly Executive Committee meetings?
  • Recycle whenever possible
  • When will we have the summer mixer?
  • Find things for the work study student to do!