introduction to practical facilities diego romano l.
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Introduction to Practical facilities Diego Romano PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Practical facilities Diego Romano

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Introduction to Practical facilities Diego Romano - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Practical facilities Diego Romano. Network Connections. Lecture Room Switch-Switch: 1Gb WS-WS: 100Mb. Internet. Servers Room/ Registration Desk. 8Megabit. 4Gigabit. Internet connection and workstations sponsored by. Servers sposored by. LAN sponsored by.

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Introduction to Practical facilities Diego Romano

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    1. Introduction to Practical facilities Diego Romano

    2. Network Connections Lecture Room Switch-Switch: 1Gb WS-WS: 100Mb Internet Servers Room/ Registration Desk 8Megabit 4Gigabit Internet connectionand workstations sponsored by Serverssposored by LAN sponsored by

    3. Local Network Services • Low Level Network Service: • DNS • DHCP • NTP • NFS • NIS • Other services: • Web • FTP • SMTP

    4. Local Web It’s a replica of the official web site. Contains: All the information about the school Material (slides + exercises) Announcements

    5. FTP server Linked by the web page Curriculum Could contain: Your pictures made during the School /pub/pictures/make-your-own-folder Username: anonymous Password: any

    6. SMTP server Use this if your email client needs an outgoing SMTP relay to send email. Works only locally, needs no password No incoming mail server

    7. Firewall WARNING: No firewall between local network and the Internet. If using your own private laptop, for your security set your local rules properly !

    8. Obtaining access to the network Italian law asks ISSGC06 to record users identification data digitally before giving them access. This is done by scanning passports or ID cards. (More details are on the leaflet you received during registration, if needed ask the registration desk to obtain it again).

    9. Setting up the connection using your laptop • Provide MAC address of your network interfaces to the STAFF • Wired network: • Connect and try to obtain configuration information automatically by using DHCP protocol • Wireless Network: • Configure your laptop to connect to ISSGC06 network using the hidden ESSID: gridschooland without any encryption • Connect and try to obtain configuration information automatically by using DHCP protocol

    10. 10.17.17.some-number cases • You did not provide us with your ID document or the right MAC address • Something went wrong with the registering procedure In any case: Please contact the STAFF

    11. 10.0.0.some-number case • You are connecting to Jolly Hotel Wireless Network. It is not for free, and it is quite expensive. Change ESSID to: gridschool If you have still problems: Please contact the STAFF

    12. IN ANY CASE Do not try to use a static hard coded IP address by assigning it arbitrarily by hand!! This would not assure you a better connection… …and in any case, the police could complain about that (In our records we are linking addresses with IDs digital copies)

    13. Obtaining access to the workstations You have been provided with a document explaining all the rules and some FAQ. On that document there is also your username and password. Due to a change to our security policy, we changed passwords on Saturday. Check if it works, otherwise talk to the STAFF

    14. Operating system • Workstation and Practical Servers run Scientific Linux CERN versions 3.0.4. • Decision was made due to compatibility restrictions from some supported middleware.

    15. Software configuration • Software you are supposed to know about already (partially) • Middleware you will learn about at the School

    16. Software you are supposed to know about • Sun J2SE Software Development Kit (j2sdk) version 1.4.2_11 • GNU gcc C compiler version 3.2.3 • GNU g++ C++ compiler version 3.2.3 • GNU glibc standard C Library 2.3.2 • GNU libstdc++ C++ Standard Library v3 version 3.2.3 • GNU Make version 3.79.1 • Apache Ant version 1.6.5 Ant and j2sdk binaries are in users PATH. The following environment variables are set: • ANT_HOME=/usr/java/apache-ant-1.6.5 • JAVA_HOME =/usr/java/j2sdk1.4.2_11

    17. Software & Middleware for practicals • Tomcat version 5.0.28 • Gnuplot version 3.7.3 • Condor version 6.7.19

    18. Software & Middleware for practicals • Globus toolkit version 4.0.2 • gLite 3.0 • OMII 2.3.3 client

    19. Condor • Workstations and run master, startd and schedd daemons • also runs collector and negotiator.

    20. Globus Toolkit (GT4) • GT4 installed on each workstation and on:, • gLite and GT4 use the same GLOBUS_LOCATION environment variable. Default is for gLite. • More information during GT4 tutorial

    21. gLite • User Interface on workstations • WMSLB+BDII on • Storage Element DPM on • Will use Gilda testbed remotely for LFC,Computing Element and Worker Nodes

    22. OMII • OMII client on workstations • OMII server on

    23. OGSA-DAI • On each workstation • More details during tutorial

    24. Printer • • It’s already configured on the workstations • It’s a PostScript printer • The name of the queue is pizza