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HIRLAM-A status and plans

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HIRLAM-A status and plans - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HIRLAM-A status and plans. J. Onvlee EWGLAM meeting Dubrovnik, 20071008. HIRLAM organization. Members: Dk, Est, Fi, Ic, Ir, Nl, No, Sp, Sw, (Fr) Estonian met service EMHI joined 1 Jan 2007 Latvian, Lithuanian met service to become acceding members soon

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HIRLAM-A status and plans

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hirlam a status and plans

HIRLAM-A status and plans

J. Onvlee

EWGLAM meeting Dubrovnik, 20071008

hirlam organization
HIRLAM organization
  • Members: Dk, Est, Fi, Ic, Ir, Nl, No, Sp, Sw, (Fr)
    • Estonian met service EMHI joined 1 Jan 2007
    • Latvian, Lithuanian met service to become acceding members soon
  • Management Group: Programme manager, 5 PL’s for System and Applications (Yang), DA/UO (Gustafsson), Ph (Tijm), Dyn (Hortal), Prob Forecasting (Iversen)
  • Staff: ~80 researchers, ~25 fte, 6fte core group
  • Budget: ~550 kEuro
  • Reference System: basis for developments
  • Full code cooperation with ALADIN/AROME:
    • Planning jointly with ALADIN/AROME;
    • common ASM/workshop;
    • “mirrored” organizational structure
a h organizational relations

ALADIN Assembly

HIRLAM Council

UpdatedCSSI: 2 RC LACE 2 Météo-France 2 ALADIN-n-n

Management Group

1-2 joint sessions/year => scientific plan for common actions

HAC (1 M-F, 1 ALADIN-n)

Common maintenance

(following ECMWF-MF agreement)

All staff meeting

ALADIN Workshop

‘Consistency check’


A-H organizational relations

LACE Council



Work plans

overview model suites
Overview model suites

hor res. Vert.levs nr.points version

Dk: 0.15 40 610x568 7.1

0.05 40 550x378 6.3+

Est: 0.10 40 114x100 6.1+

Fi: 0.15 60 582x448 7.1

0.08 40 582x448 6.2.1

Ir: 0.15 60 438x284 7.0

0.07 60 438x395 7.0

Nl: 0.10 60 816x650 7.0

No: 0.20 40 468x378 6.4.2

0.036 60 300x500 6.4.2

Sp: 0.16 40 582x424 7.1

0.05 40 606x430 6.1.2

Sw: 0.20 40 306x306 6.3.5+

0.05 60 294x441 6.3.5+

Lith: 0.10 40 7.1

nh mesoscale suites
NH mesoscale suites
  • HARMONIE cy31, 32 at 2.5km hor. resolution in DMI, FMI, SMHI, KNMI.
  • Implementation at INM, Met.no, MetEireann ongoing.
  • Several types of mesoscale models available at met.no down to 1km
  • 3km NH HIRLAM mesoscale model at EMHI
  • Monitoring of NRT suites on hirlam.org
mesoscale modelling
Mesoscale modelling
  • System aspects:
    • HARMONIE reference repository created (presently Cy32t2; code,scripts,namelist setup, monitoring & evaluation tools).
    • Aims: full cycling system, build/job submission tools with HIRLAM “look and feel”.
  • Physics:
    • Combined TKE/convection scheme EDMF integrated, implemented in ECMWF/AROME SCUM for extensive validation (Cabauw)
    • Training week for all HIRLAM physics staff on HARMONIE, kickoff for experimentation and optimization
    • Suitable physics required for mesoscale (AROME) but also “grey zone” (ALARO-1, HIRALD)
  • Dynamics/Nesting/LBC:
    • Direct nesting in HIRLAM/ECMWF made possible.
    • VFE discretization
    • Possibility for transparent LBC in spectra model (Termonia) under discussion; alternative (more frequent LBC coupling) under study.
mesoscale modelling8
Mesoscale modelling

Data assimilation:

  • Starting from ALADIN 3D-VAR, 4D-VAR in a nutshell. Port experiences/methods for HIRLAM 4D-VAR to this.
  • Assimilation of hi-res obs: radar reflectivities/winds; GPS slant delays; SEVIRI clear/cloudy radiances; IASI; binary cloud; hi-res AMDAR, RS. Common obs operators defined for most of these.


  • Port snow/forest/sea/snow on ice/lake models to SURFEX
  • Interface SURFEX to HIRALD
  • Work on mesoscale surface DA starting this fall.
synoptic model
Synoptic model

Assimilation and use of observations:

  • 4D-VAR preparation for implementation as default scheme
    • Tuning of background error statistics
    • Experimentation with large scale and lateral boundary constraints, new moisture variable, …
    • OpenMP parallellization efficiency improvements
    • Future: hybrid ensemble assimilation techniques
  • Use of observations:
    • Coherent impact studies: for N Atl, Arctic, convective parameters; 3+4DV, syn+meso
    • Upgrade in RTTOV and AMSU treatment package
    • New types of obs included: AMSU-B, OSI-SAF SST/sea ice, scatterometer, MODIS winds, AMSU-A over land and sea ice.
synoptic model10
Synoptic model


  • Surface scheme and orographically related parametrizations: snow and forest, MSO/SSO, sloping surface radiation.
  • Optimization/tuning to improve description of stable boundary layer (fog over sea, GABLS)
  • Intercomparison STRACO - KF/RK convection schemes


  • Snow and forest scheme additions: readied for RefSyst.
  • Sea ice, SST assimilation
  • Lake model; snow on ice parametrization
coupling with chemistry
Coupling with chemistry
  • Before 2007: activities in coupling HIRLAM one-way or two-way to atm. chemical transport (ACT) models started in several HIRLAM countries
  • May 2007: HIRLAM side meeting at COST-725 workshop first attempt to create integrated plan for common activities
  • Short-term: one-way coupling: improve usefulness of HIRLAM as input for ACT models
    • Provision of relevant input variables
    • Mass-conservation => more accurate advection scheme
  • Longer term: two way coupling
    • HIRLAM-CHEM branch

Joint multi-model EPS system for HIRLAM & ALADIN. Present status:

  • GLAMEPS initial laboratory setup (version 0) implemented at ECMWF. Meteorological testing ongoing.
  • HIRLAM components of met.no, INM, KNMI:

ECMWF EPS/TEPS, physics perturbations,

HIRLAM SVs as baseline for HIRLAM EPS

  • ALADIN contributions from ZAMG (LAEF),

met.hu (ALADIN SV)

  • Development of new ensemble generation

and postprocessing techniques on track

  • End 2007/begin 2008: determine configura-

tion for prototype distributed GLAMEPS

system (v1). Continue parallel experimenta-

tion in laboratory

  • Continue pursuit of Eur. LAMEPS coopera-

tion in TIGGE-LAM


Model domain (for

HIRLAM components)


targeting areas

for Northern,

Middle and Southern


hirlam reference system
HIRLAM Reference system

-Reference System repository is basis for HIRLAM developments

  • Two reference platforms: FMI RCR, ECMWF.
  • Routine monitoring of RS on Hexnet, together with national versions
  • 2007: RS extended to include HARMONIE and EPS components
  • Aim: Integration of syn/meso/GLAMEPS system environment (build, scheduling, monitoring and verification tools)
  • Present versions: HIRLAM 7.1, HARMONIE Cy32.
  • HARMONIE code maintenance and updating together with AAA partners
  • Common pool of computer resources at ECMWF for testing Reference System, GLAMEPS
reference system
Reference system

Release of HIRLAM 7.2 planned end 2007.

New features:

  • 4D-VAR (as default)
  • RTTOV-8/ATOVS upgrade
  • New snow and surface scheme
  • Improved openMP parallellization
  • Assimilation packages for AMV/MODIS, scatterometer, OSI SAF sea ice, SST
  • Extended postprocessing package, incl “chemistry-relevant” parameters