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Ford Fusion

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Ford Fusion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ford Fusion. Chevy Volt. Nissan Leaf. Toyota Prius. Lowballing : 9 percent EV and hybrid share by 2020 Still a wild card A long road ahead for plug-ins and hybrids

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Lowballing: 9 percent EV and hybrid share by 2020

  • Still a wild card
  • A long road ahead for plug-ins and hybrids
  • By 2020, Nissan believes electric cars could achieve up to 10 percent marketshare, while Ford and Toyota believe their hybrid cars could make up as much as 25 and 30 percent of share, respectively.
  • Automotive supplier Bosch, however, expects just 9 percent global share for hybrids and EVs.
  • Every year Bosch is investing over $500 million in electrification technologies, and the automotive supplier now offers a complete product portfolio for hybrid and electric vehicle powertrains, including a growing focus on lithium-ion batteries. Nonetheless, by 2020, Bosch believes hybrid vehicles will make up just 6 percent of global market share, while plug-in hybrids and EVs will make up 3 percent of share, although the company also suggests that “future legal requirements, rising fuel prices, and progress in battery technology” could alter this prediction.

Hybrid/Electric Cars:

  • Do they Make sense for you?
  • How many miles a year do you drive now?
  • Typically, how many miles do you drive on a daily basis?
  • How many years do you drive the same car?
  • When making a car purchase, are you more concerned about price, mpg or the environment?
  • Considerations to make when purchasing a Hybrid/electric car