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Environmentally Preferable Purchasing and Green Resources from Premier PowerPoint Presentation
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Environmentally Preferable Purchasing and Green Resources from Premier

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Environmentally Preferable Purchasing and Green Resources from Premier - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Environmentally Preferable Purchasing and Green Resources from Premier. Premier – Yes to Green. Corporate. Advocacy. Tools-Resources. Supply Chain. Training. Office –recycling Paper Bottles, cans Printer cartridges Computers Energy savings “Green Team”. RFI – green attributes

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Presentation Transcript
premier yes to green
Premier – Yes to Green




Supply Chain


Office –recycling


Bottles, cans

Printer cartridges


Energy savings

“Green Team”

RFI – green attributes

SCA Catalog: Standard terms Searchable

“Champions Team”

Latex catalog

Support for

CleanMed - Food Med Conferences

Partnerships with


Global Health & Safety Initiative

Educational tracks at Breakthroughs


CDs of case studies

Conference Services - Green

Safety Institute Web

Topics A to Z:

green buildings, mercury,

PVC-DEHP, recycling

CEO Scorecard

Case studies

Green Link Newsletter

In partnership with our members to improve the health and safety of patients, workers, environment, and communities.

yes to green environmentally preferable purchasing epp
Yes to Green—Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP)
  • The goal of Premier’s Yes to Green initiative is to promote health care that is safe and healthy for patients, workers, the environment, and the community.
  • The Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) program, a component of Yes to Green, involves collaboration with our members through our committees to identify and contract with suppliers for products and services that are healthier and less damaging to the environment or human health when compared to competing products and services that serve the same purpose.
environmentally preferable purchasing
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

EPP: What is it?

The act of purchasing products and services for which the environmental impacts have been considered and found to be less damaging to the environment and human health than competing products and services that serve the same purpose.

Premier position statement available


why do we care about epp newborns show evidence of toxins
Why do we care about EPP? Newborns – Show evidence of toxins
  • CDC study of newborns:
    • 287 chemicals per child
    • 180 known to be cancer producing
    • 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system
    • 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development
why do we care about epp a few examples
Why do we care about EPP?A few examples…
  • Why mercury-free?
    • Mercury is toxic to brain, kidneys & liver
    • Persists in the environment for decades
    • Premier’s goal: mercury-free contracts
  • Why DEHP-free?
    • DEHP used to soften PVC/plastic medical devices
    • Linked to birth defects in animals
    • FDA warning: risk to infants and nursing mothers
  • Why latex-free?
    • Latex exposure can cause severe/fatal reactions
    • FDA requires products & packaging labels
    • Latex products must be identified
why do we care about epp a few examples7
Why do we care about EPP?A few examples
  • Why products with less packaging?
    • Hospitals generate 6,000 tons of waste a day
    • Half the waste is cardboard, paper and packaging
  • Why computer recycling and take back programs?
    • Computers contain toxic materials like lead & mercury
    • 95% of computers are not recycled - end up in landfills
  • Why energy-efficient?
    • Energy efficient products (eg, energy star rated) save electricity and green house gas emissions
    • Slows global warming
why do we care about epp a few examples8
Why do we care about EPP?A few examples
  • Why organic foods?
    • 70% of US chickens fed arsenic as growth promoter
    • 75% of antibiotics are used as feed additives in animals & promote antibiotic resistance
  • Why safer flooring?
    • Flooring, floor coverings and floor-care products may contain substances that negatively impact indoor air quality and human health.
    • Can be carcinogens or cause asthma-like reactions
the role of premier committee members
The role of Premier committee members
  • Help identify additional EPP criteria by product category
  • Consider EPP criteria when reviewing supplier proposals and making contract award recommendations
  • Recommend products that are safer for patients, workers and the environment
most importantly
Most importantly……
  • With our committee members, Premier is able to make a difference and provide an opportunity for members to purchase products that promote the safety and health of our patients, workers, the environment, and our communities.

Premier’s Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Program

is a collaboration between

Group Purchasing


the Safety Institute

premier h2e champion for change award winner five consecutive years 2003 to 2007
Premier - H2E Champion for Change Award Winner five consecutive years, 2003 TO 2007

H2E = Hospitals for a Healthy Environment

  • First GPO to win award
  • In recognition of its environmental leadership role in helping hospitals:
  • Eliminate mercury and other toxic substances
  • Reduce volume of waste
  • Purchase environmentally preferred products

highlights of premier s epp program
Highlights of Premier’s EPP Program
  • Mercury Elimination
    • 2001 – Pledged to eliminate mercury from contracted products; launched web site on mercury elimination
    • 2002 – Developed list of pharmaceuticals with mercury to assist in identification, management and disposal of drugs with mercury
    • 2006 – List of Mercury-free pharmaceuticals under contract
  • DEHP
    • Support DEHP product labeling
    • List of DEHP-free contracted products
highlights of premier s epp program14
Highlights of Premier’s EPP Program
  • Reuse of single use devices
    • Presented testimony to US FDA urging an evidence-based approach to any reuse of single use device policy
    • Web site devoted to reuse
    • No position for or against reuse of single use devices but support member efforts with contracts
  • Led industry in standardizing EPP attribute terminology – now used in SCA to enhance product searching
    • LATEX-FREE for products without latex
    • DEHP-FREE for products without DEHP Di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate)
    • MERCURY-FREE for products without mercury
    • PVC-FREE for products without polyvinyl chloride
  • Latex-free product catalog
    • 2008 published latex-free catalog for members
    • Includes 16,675 items in 250 product groups from 445 suppliers
epp integrated into the sourcing process
EPP Integrated into the Sourcing Process
  • EPP questions included in standard RFI sent to all suppliers
    • Corporate environmental and “green” initiatives
      • Energy efficiency
      • Impact on indoor-air quality
      • Recyclable/takeback programs for products and packaging
      • Availability of “green” product and/or packaging options
    • Environmental attributes of products including Mercury, PVC, DEHP, latex
  • EPP information requested as applicable to product category
    • Additional product content such as hazardous chemicals and persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic pollutants
    • “Green” product / packaging details
      • Post consumer recycled content
      • Reusable
      • Biodegradable
  • EPP info included in supplier-product matrix for committee members to use in selection process
epp product attributes in standard rfi
EPP Product Attributes in Standard RFI
  • Included in item level spend data request
  • Described in RFI instructions
  • Detailed rationale in supplier disclosure

Information on EPP Productsavailable for members in Supply Chain Advisor catalog and Safety Institute Web site

ability to search sca catalog for latex dehp pvc and mercury free items
Ability to search SCA Catalog forLatex, DEHP, PVC, and Mercury – free items

View Master Contracts: Item Search

greener safer environmentally preferred products supplier lists
Greener, Safer, Environmentally PreferredProducts, Supplier lists
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Back injury and fall prevention equipment
  • Hand hygiene products
  • IV systems - product specific information
    • PVC
    • DEHP
    • Latex
  • Latex-free products
  • Medical device reprocessing
  • Mercury-free products
  • Mercury-free and latex-free pharmaceutical report
  • Personal protective attire (PPA)
  • PPA (masks, respirators, gowns, gloves, etc.) contracts and suppliers
  • Pesticide management - environmentally preferable
  • PVC-DEHP-free products
  • Recycling and waste reduction products and services
  • Sharps injury prevention devices

Safety Institute Web site

product supplier list examples
Product, supplier list examples
  • IV Systems Product Specific Information
  • Product cross-reference includes content information for:
    • Latex
    • PVC
    • DEHP
latex free product catalog industry s most comprehensive
Latex-free Product CatalogIndustry’s most comprehensive
  • Latex-free medical products, devices, equipment
    • Premier latex-free product catalog – February 200816,675 items; 250 product categories; 445 suppliers
      • Located on Safety Institute Web site OR
      • Supply Chain Advisor, Premier Reports


      • Search SCA – item search for “latex-free”
  • Latex-free pharmaceuticals
    • Download Latex-Mercury-free pharmacy portfolio 2006-09


    • Search Supply Chain Advisor (SCA) by individual drug
product supplier list example25
Product, supplier list example

PVC-DEHP-free product

lists include:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • IV bags, solutions, nutrition, pumps, tubing
  • GI –enteral
  • Respiratory, ventilator, humidification, chest drain devices
  • Wound care
  • OR – urologics, neuro, trocars, catheters, ports
safety institute web site
Safety Institute Web Site
  • Safety resources, tools for
    • Patients
    • Workers
    • Environment
    • Green purchasing
    • Green healthcare

highlights safety institute web site all safety topics a to z
Back injury prevention

Bar Coding and UPN

Cell Phones and EMC

Clostridium difficile

Computerized physician order entry

Computers and electronics

Construction – ICRA

Culture of Patient Safety

Emergency Preparedness

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP)

Environmental-Safety Product Lists

Evidence-based practices-bundling

Fall prevention

Green, Safer Products, Suppliers

Guidelines-Infection Prevention & Safety

Hand hygiene guideline

Healthcare Associated Infections

Influenza resources

Latex Allergies

Mercury Pollution Prevention

Occupational TB Risks

Patient Safety

Pharmaceutical waste management

Recalls and product notifications

Reuse of Single-use Devices

Surgical Care Improvement Project (SCIP)

Sharps Injury Prevention

Tubing Misconnections

Highlights- Safety Institute Web siteAll Safety topics A to Z
highlights safety institute web site green safety topics a to z
Computers - electronics

Safer Green design -construction

Environmentally preferable purchasing


Safer cleaners & Pesticides

Green, Safety Products

Latex allergies

Mercury pollution prevention

Pharmaceutical waste management

Reuse of single-use devices

Highlights- Safety Institute Web siteGreen - Safety topics A to Z


highlights executive scorecard
Highlights Executive scorecard

Download at

Use Quick link: Environmental safety

highlights premier s greenlink newsletter
HighlightsPremier’s GreenLink Newsletter

Subscribe on line at

highlights computers electronics in healthcare
HighlightsComputers & Electronics in Healthcare
  • Environmentally conscious purchasing
  • End-of-life solutions
    • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Searchable database- recyclers
  • Sample procedures and tools
  • Premier Contracted suppliers
    • Environmental initiatives
    • Asset Recovery Services
premier in the news for our computer contracts
Premier in the newsfor our computer contracts

July 17, 2007 In January, President Bush signed an executive order requiring all federal agencies to buy only EPEAT-registered products in its computer purchases. Case cited Premier Healthcare, a major purchasing organization for hospitals and health care facilities, as an example of a company that took EPEAT to heart from the beginning. "They actually take the Hippocratic oath, which is 'First, do no harm to your patients' very seriously, they specify EPEAT products because they see the connection with their patients' health."

member education safety store
Member Education -- Safety Store
  • On-line catalog
  • Safety and environmental products
  • Items available include:
    • Audio files
    • Books
    • CD-ROMs
    • DVDs
    • Premier co-sponsored conference materials
    • Presentations
    • Safety tools

advocacy at premier
Advocacy at Premier
  • Sponsor of national EPP Programs
    • CleanMed, FoodMed
  • Public position statements
    • DEHP labeling of products
    • Reuse of single use devices- science based approach; contracts to support member choice
  • Partnerships
    • Hospitals for a Healthy Environment / Practice

Green Health

    • Healthcare Without Harm
    • AHA
    • Global Health and Safety Initiative
premier s internal corporate yes to green initiative
Premier’s Internal CorporateYes to Green Initiative

Corporate Operations Goal

“Green” and environmentally preferable considerations will guide the acquisition, use, maintenance, reuse, recycling and disposal of all products and services throughout Premier Corporate offices and business operations.

yes to green charlotte office
Office recycling

Cardboard, paper

Shredded paper

Small batteries, cell phones

Printer ink cartridges

Printing on recycled paper

Default double-sided printing

Conference services

Green Hotels; reusable/ recyclable supplies

Staff Communications on Green

Monday Minutes

Web site – Inside Premier

Special Email for suggestions

Yes to Green …. Charlotte Office

Examples of what Premier is doing

summary available downloads
Summary – available downloads
  • Safety Institute Overview Slides
  • Safety Institute Flyer
  • EPP Program Summary Flyer
  • Selected EPP products List
  • Green Link Newsletter
  • Hurricane resource List
  • Influenza Resources Fact sheet
  • Influenza overview Slides and audio file
co sponsorship environmental safety conferences
Co-sponsorshipEnvironmental -Safety Conferences


  • National Patient Safety Foundation – Annual Congress

May 14-16, 2008 Nashville

  • Clean Med – Pittsburgh PA

May 20-22, 2008


  • Food Med 2007
    • June 28-29, 2007 Boston
  • National Patient Safety Foundation- Annual Congress
    • May 2-4, 2007 Washington DC


  • Clean Med – Environmental Purchasing and Green Health Care
    • April 19-20, 2006 Seattle
  • National Patient Safety Foundation- Annual Congress
    • May 10-12, 2006 San Francisco
contact us
Contact us
  • On the Web:
  • Email:
  • Voice mail
    • Safety Institute: 704 733 5865