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    Serious Eats Media Kit Erin Adamo 212.488.6303 A network of sites dedicated to the pleasure, culture, and the business of food and drink: Serious Eats A Hamburger Today Slice SE New York Monthly Stats: 1.8 Million Unique Users 7.4 Million Pageviews Fresh content: SE publishes 20 blog posts a day on average Community: 158K Eaters Google Analytics August 2010

    Slide 3:60/40 Female/Male 25-49 Years Old Food Savvy/Influencer Married/Engaged $60k+ HHI Educated Prepares 5-10 meals at home Loyal user; reading 7 days/week Dines out 4-10 times/week Attends and Purchases Tickets for Live Entertainment and Events

    Serious Eater Profile Quantcast, & Comscore May 2010;,, &

    "I've said it before and I'll say it again: The members on this forum are quite extraordinary. I moderate other boards, and this one has by far the best sense of community and camaraderie of any I spend time on. I love it here, and never cease to be amazed at what I learn. I'm especially astonished that I've come to think of people here as my friends, in spite of never having met. It's very out of character for me, and I think it says so much about what a special website Serious Eats really is. A Passionate Community SE is a fabulous trove of information for the food-obsessed- sometimes serious, sometimes, trivial, often very useful, but always entertaining and informative. SE is a fantastic site and the topics are always so interesting. Beware to any new visitors- this site is addicting! I am IN LOVE with Serious Eats because it gives me an outlet to learn more about food, cooking and can exchange my views with food lovers just like me I happened upon SEs back in the fall, and I check it daily for entertainment, recipes, and just to relate to my love of food and cooking with others! Thank you. Quotes from Serious Eats Members NEW Section: Recipes! Serious Eats now has over 3,700 trusted recipes, so we have launched a Recipe Tab on the main navigation. Section: Serious Eats New York SE NY Homepage Serious Eats New York serves up NYs tastiest news! Ed Levines Restaurant Reviews Restaurant Posts by Neighborhood Community discussions about all things food in NY Week in NYT Food News post series Stats: SE NY Monthly Uniques: 199K SE NY Monthly Pageviews: 794K *Google Analytics, Mar 2010 Section: A Hamburger Today AHT Homepage Want to be in the know about burgers? Check out A Hamburger Today: Recipes Burger Reviews Grilled (Interviews) Recommendations Stats: Monthly Uniques: 300K Monthly Pageviews: 638K *Google Analytics, Mar 2010 A Post Page Section: Slice Slice Homepage The best pizza blog on the web! Slice covers all pizza, all the time. Pizza Maps Pizza Recipes Pizzeria Reviews & Owner Interviews Videos Stats: Monthly Uniques: 216K Monthly Pageviews: 460K *Google Analytics, Mar 2010 A Post Page User Generated Content: Photograzing & Talk Sections This is where our community shares! Photograzing: User Photo Sharing/Uploading Talk: User Submitted Questions and Recipes Sub-Section: Eating Out Dining review content can be found many places on Serious Eats, but it is aggregated in our Eating Out section on the main site. It reaches an audience that is passionate about exploring new places and new food! Sub-Section: SE Columns Cocktails The Food Lab Fresh Food on TV Gadgets In Season Market Scene Serious Beer Serious Cheese Serious Chocolate Serious Grape Serious Green Serious Heat SE Original Video Taste Tests Sub-Section: SE Recipe Columns Cakespy Cocktail Concoctions Crisper Whisperer Dinner Tonight Eat for Eight Bux French in a Flash Gluten Free Tuesday Grilling Healthy and Delicious Meat Lite The Nasty Bits The Serious Ingredients Seriously Asian Seriously Italian Seriously Meatless Sunday Brunch Weekly Serious Eats eNewsletters Advertiser Opportunities: Sponsor any of our 3 eNLs with a Tower Unit, Logo (100% SOV!) Send a custom blast to our users (42K subscribers unduplicated) Recipe eNL 40K Subscribers Delivered Wednesdays Weekly eNL 40K Subscribers Delivered Mondays New York eNL 8K Subscribers Delivered Thurs/Fridays Advertising Opportunities High Impact Units Homepage Brandscape Skins the homepage with brand imaging 100% SOV per day Roadblocks & Site Ownership 100% SOV of homepage, main pages or sections on a daily basis Homepage Advertorial Nestled into homepage content Includes logo and copy Advertising Opportunities Standard Ad Unit Sizes served through out 728x90 300x250 160x600 Flash, rich media, and gif/jpegs accepted Max size: Initial load 50k Subsequent load, 100k 18 frames per second Sample layout Advertising Opportunities High Impact Units Super Leaderboard 970x120 Lives between navigation bar and content 300x600 unit Runs in place of 300x250 600x300 unit Runs amidst content Advertising Opportunities Sponsorships Existing and Custom Content Sponsorships 100% SOV within sponsorships Ad units and logo Highly relevant context Weekly Sponsored Giveaways Sponsorship of weekly contests or Second chances to win Quiz Sponsorship Integration into featured quiz Media targeted to all quizes Newsletter sponsorship Advertising Opportunities Sponsored Videos Sponsored Original Videos Custom created content that reaches your audience through the Serious Eats lens in an entertaining and compelling way 1-3 minutes in length Link to Haagen-Dazs custom video Advertising Opportunities Targeted Media We can target according to: Section Homepage Talk SE: NY, Slice, A Hamburger Today, Eating Out Columns Photo galleries Geographic Country (US, Canada) State DMA/City (major) and more! Reasons to Partner with Serious Eats Serious Eats Combines community and authority to deliver relevant and trusted content locally and nationally Is seen as a food insider, staying deeply connected with global industry talent and power players Has both quality content and quantity Engages an active user base Centralizes an online destination for food entertainment, community, and information * As of 3/1/08 * As of 3/1/08 For a rate card, proposal or more info contact: Erin Adamo Ad Sales Director 212.488.6303