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Laying the Foundation PowerPoint Presentation
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Laying the Foundation

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Laying the Foundation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Podcasting in the Classroom Lisa Shears 4 th Grade G/T Teacher Woodbridge Elementary Website: Blog : Laying the Foundation.

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Laying the Foundation

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Podcasting in the ClassroomLisa Shears4th Grade G/T TeacherWoodbridge Elementarylshears@comcast.netWebsite:

laying the foundation
Laying the Foundation
  • Introduce the concept of podcasting to students.
    • Visit Wikipedia and read definition.
    • Internet research
    • Play different podcasts for students.
  • Students listen to student-created podcasts and critique podcasts.
    • Discuss what makes a good podcast:
      • Voice – rhythm, tone, pitch, clarity
      • Content – interesting, relevant, flow, length
      • Music choice/Sound effects
  • Name, Logo, Tagline:
    • Let students take ownership by letting them think of name, design logo and write tagline.
    • Decision based on student vote or teacher choice
    • Tagline Resource: How to write Taglines
    • Logo Example: Woodbridge Waves Logo
    • Tagline:
          • Radio WillowWeb – “Radio for Kids, by kids”
          • Woodbridge Waves – “Bridging our World to Yours…You listen you learn”
pre production
  • Brainstorm Segment ideas:
    • Great Resource: Radio WillowWeb
  • Assign segments and roles:
    • Host
    • Recorder
    • Editors
    • Loop creators
  • Schedule segments for podcast: students are continually working on a segment
  • Writing:
    • Integrate Podcasts into writing workshop.
    • Use the writing process: planning, pre-writing, editing, presentation
  • Practice Presentation: Students practice presentation in front of peers for critique.


Audacity – downloadable free program from:


Microphone – USB microphone will provide better quality.

Teach one or two students how to record using the program. They will then train the next students who will be recording.

post production


  • Use Audacity to edit: Train one or two students to train the others
      • edit content
      • add “bumper music”
      • sound effects

Creating Music Loops:

        • Super Duper Music Looper ($10-$15)
        • Search for Podsafe music on iTunes Music Store

Adding Sound Effects:


Save project and export as an MP3 file

Post MP3 Project to your host Website/Blog

Submit to iTunes – others can subscribe to your podcast.


Learning in Hand– Good introduction and outline to Podcasting for teachers

Radio WillowWeb – The pioneer in student-created podcasts.

Audacity – download program and access online help.

Super Duper Music Looper – easy program for students to create music loops.

The Recordist – free sound effects

Find Sounds – free sound effects

Apple Education – podcasting in education

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