3 1 role of the un in the standardization of geographical names n.
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3-1 Role of the UN in the standardization of geographical names PowerPoint Presentation
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3-1 Role of the UN in the standardization of geographical names

3-1 Role of the UN in the standardization of geographical names

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3-1 Role of the UN in the standardization of geographical names

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  1. 3-1 Role of the UN in the standardization of geographical names Helen Kerfoot Natural Resources Canada

  2. Background • 1950s - need for clear unambiguous names in UN cartography and communication • 1960s -first UN technical meetings; first UN conference (1967) • 2000s • names at core of communication ... maps, census, search & rescue, postal services, etc. • UN continues to provide focus and forum • 8th Conference 2002; 21st UNGEGN session 2002

  3. Some major goals/dreams • Every country having some form of authority for geographical names • Standardized (“authorized”) forms of names nationally recognized and used • All authorized names easily available and accessible for international use • All languages/writing systems having a standardized conversion to Roman orthography

  4. Some areas of common interest • Field collection of locally used names • resolving questions of recording and writing • Names authorities and standardization processes • Disseminating data - gazetteers, digital files, data transfer standards, world wide web ... • Developing national toponymic guidelines for international cartographic use • Conventional names and exonyms

  5. How the system functions • UN Conferences (every 5 years) • UNGEGN (~ every 2 years) • UNGEGN Divisions (22) • geographical and/or linguistic groups of countries • UNGEGN Working Groups • Publicity and funding; Toponymic terminology • Gazetteers and toponymic data files • Country names; Romanization systems • Training courses

  6. UNGEGN tools and Berlin Conference • Available references • UNGEGN and Conference reports • individual papers • UNGEGN web site • Glossary of terms • UNGEGN brochure • UNCSGN Conference • Where, time, how it functions

  7. UNCSGN resolutions

  8. Linguistic/Geographical Divisions • East Central and South-East Europe DivisionAlbania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, Ukraine, Yugoslavia(Chair: Milan Adamic, Slovenia)Web site:

  9. 16th SESSION OF THE EAST CENTRAL AND SOUTH-EAST DIVISION OF THE UNGEGNMEETING OF THE WG ON GAZETTEERS AND TOPONYMIC DATA FILES April 18-20, 2001, Ljubljana, Slovenia • The aim of the meeting will be focused on establishing national database system on geographical names and giving answers to the following questions: • How to create a national toponymic database? • What are the data elements required in the database? • What are the data formats required? • What are the data transfer standards required? • How to maintain collected data?

  10. UNGEGN WORKING GROUPS • Under the umbrella of UNGEGN, several working groups have been created to follow up topics and issues which cut across the divisional structure of UNGEGN.

  11. 1. Working Group on Country NamesConvenor: Sylvie Lejeune (France) sylvie.lejeune@ign.fr2. Working Group on Gazetteers and Toponymic Data Files Convenor: Randall Flynn (USA) flynnre@nima.mil3. Working Group on Toponymic TerminologyConvenor: Naftali Kadmon (Israel) Working Group on Publicity and FundingConvenor: David Munro Working Group on Romanization SystemsConvenor: Peeter Päll (Estonia) peeter@eki.ee6. Working Group on Training Courses in ToponymyConvenor: Ferjan Ormeling (Netherlands) toponymy@geog.uu.nl7. Working Group on Evaluation and implementationConvenor: Ki-Suk Lee (Republic of Korea)

  12. 8. Working Group on ExonymsConvenor: Milan Orozen Adamic (Slovenia) milan@zrc-sazu.si9. Working Group on PronunciationConvenor: Donall Mac Giolla Easpaig (Ireland) dmacgiollaeaspaig@pobail.ieOther UNGEGN Working Groups that have beencreated, fulfilled theirfunctions, and have been disbanded, include:Names of undersea and maritime features Extraterrestrial topographic names