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Top 7 H1B Visa Sponsorship Companies in Chicago

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Top 7 H1B Visa Sponsorship Companies in Chicago - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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H-1B allows U.S. companies to hire temporary, non-immigrant workers for positions that require specialized knowledge or training. You will be permitted to work in America for three years so long as you maintain H1B visa sponsorship.

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Presentation Transcript
Navigating the H4 to H1

Conversion Process

H4 to H1 Conversion Process


The H4 visa was designed to allow dependent, immediate family members of H1B

workers to come to the United States. Before the new H4 EAD rule became effective

in May of 2015, H4 visa holders were only allowed to attend school in the U.S. and

could not hold a job. However, even though you may now apply for work

authorization with an H4 visa, there are still other reasons you may want to convert to

H1B status.

H4 to H1 Conversion Process Requirements

Form I-539 (Application to Extend or Change Nonimmigrant Status)

Other supporting documents including:

Employment offer letter

Labor condition approval (LCA)

Letter of support

A valid passport

Any and all expired passports

Form DS-160 confirmation page (the Visa Application Center must stamp

this document)

Requirements for the H1B Sponsoring


Provided you meet the requirements above, you

may apply for H4 to H1B change of status. It

should be noted that your intended employer will

have to file this change of status petition on

your behalf. When filing the petition, they will be

required to submit the following evidence:

Job title and description

Proposed salary

Federal Tax ID number

Minimum requirements for the position

Name and title the person filing the


Name and address of the company

Brochures and other informational

resources about the company

Completed visa filing forms and fees

You cannot claim discrimination if your U.S. employer

decides to withdraw your employment and replace you

with a qualified U.S. employee.

Restrictions of the

H1B visa

You cannot begin working until your H1B work

authorization is approved.

If you are approved for H4 to H1B

change of status, there are some

restrictions for the H1B visa that you

should be aware of:

Including the allowable amount of extensions, you may

stay in the U.S. with an H1B visa for a maximum of six


You can only work for whichever employer is listed on

your H1B petition. Should you desire to change

employers, you will need to file a new H1B petition and

have it approved prior to your last day of employment

with your original employer.

For more information on the H4 to

H1 conversion process, contact the

experts at Katz Law Office Ltd.

today for a free consultation.


Contact us:

Katz Law Office, Ltd.

4105 West 26th Street Chicago,

IL 60623

(773) 321-6651/ (773) 321-6708