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The Ultimate Guide to Change of Status from L1 to H1B

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The Ultimate Guide to Change of Status from L1 to H1B - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interested in L1B to H1B change of status? Check out our ultimate guide for L1 to H1B change of status

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The Ultimate Guide

Change of Status - L1 to H1B

Differences and Similarities

Between L1 and H1B

If you’re seeking an L1 to H1B change of status, there are some factors that will remain the

same once you receive your new visa. The similarities between L1 and H1B status include:

Because of dual intent, you do not need to prove ties to your country of citizenship in

order to apply for a green card from your L1 or H1B visa status.

L1 and H1B both offer premium processing for a fee of $1255 USD. This ensures that

your case will be reviewed by USCIS within 15 days of being received. If USCIS asks for

any additional paperwork, such as an RFE (Request for Evidence), the 15 day period will

begin after those documents are received.

Advantages of L1 to H1B Change of Status

If you you wish to change your status from L1 to H1B, there are a variety of

advantages. For starters, the L1 to H1B process is much easier compared to

other change of status options. Also, if you do apply for H1B status and you are

denied, you may still remain in the U.S. for the duration of your L1 status.

Finally, H1B offers more flexibility when changing jobs. The L1 visa does not

allow you to work for any other company than the one through which you

applied for your visa. Conversely, you may change positions with the H1B

visa--it is important to note that you are required to alert USCIS of your

employment change prior to your last day.

How to Apply for L1A to H1B Change of


Before you can apply for a change of status, you

must first find a qualified employer to sponsor

your H1B status. Your employer will need to

include the following with your application:

Name and title of person filling the


Name and address of the company

Brochures and other informational

resources about the company

Completed visa filing forms and fees

Job title and description

Proposed salary

Federal Tax ID number

Minimum requirements for the position

A competent and experienced immigration

lawyer can be a valuable asset throughout

this process. For more information on H1B

visas and other immigration information,

contact the experts at Katz Law Office, Ltd.

today for a free consultation.


Contact us:

Katz Law Office, Ltd.

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